Kendall Wright: Titans have a whole new playbook this year


Since the start of the offseason, we’ve heard a few different things about how the Titans offense will look in 2013.

Running back Chris Johnson has said he likes the run-first approach that offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains is installing while Loggains has discussed zone-read elements put into place to take advantage of quarterback Jake Locker’s skill set. All of that new hasn’t left much room for much of the playbook they used in 2012. Wide receiver Kenny Britt says that the team is “starting from scratch,” as does wide receiver Kendall Wright.

“It’s just a new playbook. There’s nothing left over from last year,” Wright said, via David Climer of the Tennessean.

It’s hard to argue against the Titans moving in a new direction offensively after finishing 23rd in the league in points scored and firing offensive coordinator Chris Palmer last season, but it’s certainly a gamble to go in a totally new direction for a coaching staff that’s under pressure to make owner Bud Adams a happier man after Adams admitted to overspending to get the players that General Manager Ruston Webster targeted as free agents.

That said, that pressure was going to exist with any offensive scheme. The Titans already knew the old way wasn’t working for them, so it’s hard to argue with trying something different.

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  1. This team was just plain old difficult to watch last season. I can’t think of really anything they did well. Folks are bagging on CJ for only getting 1,200 yards last season but considering how much pressure Locker DID NOT take off the running game it’s actually kind of impressive. I hope they can do something to take advantage of Locker’s skill set, because after that display last season, I am left trying to figure out what that skill set is other than a very strong arm. Jeff George had one of those too.

  2. ^^^^ moron. Locker had a separated shoulder last season. Hard to really show anything in your first season as a starter with no protection, avg recievers, mediocre run game, & a separated shoulder. But those problems should all be fixed now so he needs to prove he’s the guy.

  3. “..into place to take advantage of quarterback Jake Locker’s skill set.”

    They actually found a skill set?

  4. Last years Oline was awful. CJ got drilled taking the handoff 4 times a game. Locker was banged up and not consistent with his accuracy. CJ is a stud, Wright, and Williams are solid starters as number 2’s. if Brit can do anything positive they could be a fun offense.

  5. At titansbro:

    Clearly you have a man crush on Locker. I realize he was hurt last season but that isn’t why he had 10 TDs to 11 INTs. That’s called bad decision making. And his whopping 74 Passer Rating was 7 points lower than Hasselbeck’s with the same O-line. Hasselbeck completed a higher percentage of passes with the same O-line and receivers, and he had 7 TD’s to 5 INTs with the same players. Hasselbeck was sacked on 6% of his drop backs while Locker was sacked on 8% of his. That’s called not getting rid of the ball fast enough. So again, I am looking for a skill set to match his hype.

  6. Glad to hear that the effectiveness of RGIII, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick woke up the Titan’s coaching staff. After all, Jake Locker’s 7.1 yards per carry last year was tops among NFL quarterbacks.

  7. People (usually not Titans fans) are so quick to dog Locker and I hate it. It all starts with the line. It’s no shock to me that a fisrt year starter at QB didn’t look all that great behind a bad O line that quickly became a bad patchwork o-line after starters began to drop out with injury. Locker hasn’t started 1 full season yet. In fact he hasn’t even started an entire seasons worth of games in the two years he’s been in the league. I’m not saying Locker will or won’t be great, but damn. Let’s give him a real chance to prove himself before we start dumping on him.

    Plus, whatever happened to giving QBs time to develop? It seems now a days if a rookie QB isn’t superbowl caliber right out of the gate damn near everyone is ready to write him off! I can easily think of about half a dozen QBs that took their lumps before they became great QBs. Again, I’m not claiming he will or won’t be great. I just think he deserves another season or two as a starter before we start labeling the young man.

    I think CJ putting up the numbers he did behind that O-line last season is impressive.

    Just my opinions though. One last thing, after all the additions to the roster this offseason. I haven’t been this excited about titans football in a while!

  8. I hope CJ remembers he’s supposed to be a playmaker and RUNS this year.

    And oh, maybe not go down when the first guy puts a hand on you…..

    This “run-first” thing scares me with a ME ME ME guy like CJ. But if he wants his yards and stats more than TD’s maybe THIS year he will actually try hard.

  9. Yeah, Hass didn’t have a separated shoulder either. And you’re gonna talk about a 2% difference in sacks? Lol. It’s not a man crush, it’s letting the guy have a fair shot at it. In limited opportunities in his rookie year he was really good & showed flashes of brilliance. But he was injured on his first game last season & then separated it again later in the season. You must not understand how a separated non-throwing shoulder affects your ability to throw a football. It’s a bad injury for a QB.

  10. I wouldn’t even use a QB in Tennessee, just give CJ2K the ball every play, he’ll still put more points on the board than any QB they got!

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