Orakpo likes his chances of being Defensive Player of the Year


Redskins outside linebacker Brian Orakpo’s 2012 season came to an end when he suffered a torn pectoral muscle in Week Two. But Orakpo says he’ll be back and better than ever in 2013.

Defensive Player of the Year is a goal of mine,” Orakpo told USA Today. “I worked extremely hard this offseason and Defensive Player of the Year is very obtainable.”

Orakpo also said he thinks he and teammate Robert Griffin III could split the Comeback Player of the Year award.

“If we can both get Comeback Player of the Year honors, that would be remarkable, that would mean we did something special as a team,” Orakpo said. “Me and Griff worked extremely hard to not let our fans and this team down, because we know how much they rely on both of us. If we come back at full strength like I know we both will, we’re going to be a team to be reckoned with.”

When healthy, Orakpo is a pass rusher to be reckoned with. Although he’d have to come back better than ever to be the best defensive player in the NFL.

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  1. He’s got the skills. It’s all about execution, staying healthy and Kerrigan being disruptive. Gotta love a guy with goals like these. No matter what happens, he holds himself to something.

  2. If, if, if.
    When are these guys gonna drop the hyperbole and just play football?
    Trying to get you’re name in the media to bolster your advertising stock.
    Let your PLAY do you’re talking for you.

  3. Right, and I like my chances of being hotdog eating fan of the year. I also think Tebow and I could split the zero chance of being on an NFL roster award.

    On paper, my goals are a lot more attainable than Orakpo’s.

  4. Is there something in the water there that makes everyone delusional? That would explain Orakpo, logicalvoice, the other assorted Washington trolls, and congress.

  5. I like his chances for ‘best co-star in an insurance commercial’ much better!

    JJ & Aldon

  6. 20.5 sacks, 16 passes tipped resulting in 4 int’s, 39 TFL’s and 85 tackles might get it done.
    That is, unless JJ Watt decides to get even better.

  7. If offensive holding calls against him were sacks he’d be the all time leader in sacks right now.

  8. I’m a skins fan til the end but I think logical voices has more of a chance to win DPOY award. Orakpo never panned out. Kerrigan is light years past him.

  9. Maaaaan, I sure hope so. Lofty goals are great… and just having him on the field will be a huge plus. But even completely healthy I don’t think Rak was close to pulling off DPOY.

  10. The Slurs backed into the playoffs last year when all their division mates imploded. I don’t think that will happen again. RGIII is an exciting player, but let’s save the HOF laurels for a time. Cam Newton had a great rookie season too and slipped back to mere mortal last year.
    I’m not sure on what basis he thinks that Defensive Player of the Year is “Very Obtainable”. There are many great defensive players in the HOF that never won DPY. Number one it requires that you play on a great defense. It appears that the Slurs have spent most of their marbles on offense. Having DPY as a goal is laudable but to describe it as “Very Obtainable” seem like the musing of a child.

  11. RGIII for comeback player of the year? Ughhh…this needs to stop. How about that recognition goes to a guy that actually missed significant amounts of time.

  12. You know it’s refreshing to here players who think of the fans and teammates, and strive to make up for loss time due to injury. It’s these type players who when they put up the numbers you don’t mind them looking to get paid. As a Skins fan we’ve seen many a player talk a good game and don’t show up on gameday…and it’s all about getting paid.

    Thank goodness those type players and days are well behind us now…thanks for nothing Vinny!

  13. The Redskins are the hardest working team with great character and leadership. I am proud to be a fan of the most dominant franchise in NFL history. The Redskins win Super Bowls, everyone else just tries not to lose too badly to the Redskins.

  14. Point of order: if the NFL awards RG3 a Comeback Player of the Year Award after playing in his last game, it’s a pointless award.

  15. Wow! How about being the best defensive player on your own team for the full year. Living up to your hype for once would also be a good goal.

    Forget about DPOY because the real Monster up 95 is getting ready for another run at that award. Tsizzle gonna be running wild and leading the next generation of Defensive dominance in the Charm City!

    Must be tough constantly being in the local shadow of the WORLD CHAMPS so the skins need to come out with bizarre statements and minute by minute injury updates of the most overhyped player in the league.

  16. @Lions draft guy

    Lions only team to ever go 0 & 16 in the modern era

    Lions are the ONLY NFC team to not reach the Superbowl in the modern era.

    Lions have not won their division
    in over a decade.

    Lions have not beat Green Bay in Green Bay in over a decade.

    Lions have never won a Superbowl.

    Lions have hosted 2 MNF games in twenty year. ( speaks irrelevant)

    Lions have not won a playoff game since Barry Danders & Wayne Fontes roamed their sidelines.

    Lions are a flat out joke of a team, & would anybody acknowledge them if it wasn’t for Barry Sanders???

  17. Orakpo is a good player when healthy but I don’t see him as one of the best defensive players in football. He would really have to play at a level he hasn’t come close to at this point for him to win DPOY. He’s not even the best defensive player on his team.

  18. He’s good, but he needs to do a lot more to even be in the consideration for DPOY. He’s going to have to learn some hand-swat techniques or something to get out of all those holds. Every pass rusher gets held… it’s what you do to get out of it or avoid it completely that counts. He also needs to improve against the run and in coverage.

    A little more consistency would help as well. He’ll disappear for stretches of games. It took him almost 3 seasons to get his first sack against an NFC East opponent.

    He certainly has the talent, but talk is cheap (and he does a bit of talking before each season). Show me, dude.

  19. RG3 for “Comeback” player? Let’s see he was in the final game of the year last season and he claims he will be in the first game of this season. When exactly would the comeback have occurred?

    Now as far as Orakpo–go for it. I hope you have an outstanding year.

  20. I like JJ Watt’s chances a whole lot better. I’ve never seen an interior lineman like him in 30 years of watching football.

  21. There is a lot talk/hype coming out of Washington for a team that won’t get the same results from last year. 8-8


  22. Hmm, I think JJ Watt, Von Miller and Aldon has that covered. He’s got skills though, needs to not get hurt.

  23. There is one consistent thing among all the major sports and that is the officiating…it’s never the same from one day, one officiating crew, etc., that being said if the NFL officials would actually call holding penalties…Orakpo’s numbers just might be a hell of a lot better than they are.

  24. As a rabid REDSKINS fan (hope you’re offended, signed, a liberal that can’t stand P.C. overload), I wish Orakpo would shut it. I understand that with RGIII on the team, EVERY ‘Skin has justifiably renewed confidence after years of Vinny’s ineptitude. But I think he should focus on learning a new move or three besides the bull rush and the excuse. YES, he gets held on almost every play. That’s what happens to very good players. But if he wants to be great, he needs to learn to adjust. Stop throwing your hands up like a third-grader eager to answer a question hoping the ref will save you, and MAKE THE PLAYER STOP HOLDING YOU. Feel me? Chop at his arms, knee him in the nuts, whatever you gotta do. It’s football. Get 15 sacks and maybe cause a TO for the first time EVER, then reach for the sky. I know you CAN, but only you decide if you WILL.

  25. As a Cowboys fan I think Orakpo is the 2nd/3rd best play on the Skins outside of Rg3/Alfred.
    Kerrigan is good but he can’t play the pass/run as well as Orakpo and definitely cannot rush the passer like Orakpo. He was held a good amount his rookie season but if he can stay healthy he is definitely a 10+ sack player, as much as I hate to admit that. Health is a question because I believe he had the same injury in college – Skins need to do a better job of scouting injuries, with RG3s lack knee troubles.

    Kerrigan is definitely a good player and potential pro bowler as well. Both are nowhere close to being in the category of Demarcus Ware.

  26. his body would hold together better if he got to the NFL the NATURAL way.
    this guys swollen head and ‘growth gut’ are too heavy for his tendons and joints..

    big man breaking down off the juice balls

  27. logicailvoicesays says: Jun 7, 2013 11:16 AM

    Tell you what. If the team did half of the work you do trying to convince other that they are good…. they might be on to something.

    However, in the “real world”, the Redskin remain just another wannabe middle of the road franchise. The more things change they more they remain the same.

  28. I’ll be thrilled if he simply plays in every game this year…. Otherwise , he may be let go… If Rob Jackson can stay clean, his play last season shows he can take that job… If if if

  29. I see nothing wrong with what he said as non-Redskins fan. All players should set high goals for themselves. Good luck Orakpo!

  30. I’ll speak for all non-troll, non-idiot Redskin fans when I say that we are all looking for a reason to love Rak. He’s shown flashes here and there. He’s a good player we that we all desperately want to take that next step to greatness. We like him, we want to love him.

  31. Orakpo is one of the more talanted defensive players in the NFL. Washington has one of the worst secondaries and give up big plays over and over. So can a player get DPOY if he plays on a poorly ranked defense? Looking at the list of players who have won over the years, its a long shot.

  32. fans are the ones that are stupid. look at these comments. virtually none of them even mention the REASON WHY a guy who normally doesnt talk chooses now to say something outlandish.

    and why is he?

    wait for it….

    but of course…………………he’s in a contract year

  33. Adrian Peterson just restructured the way I see guys coming off of injury, he’s still young so why not set high goals?

  34. I think all you haters are scared about this team period. Why would you haters make such stupid comments up that don’t even make any sense at all. This team is being built from the ground up and will be around for years to come so get over it and start memorize Hail to the Redskins fight song. Can Rakpo make DPOY YES he can but will he be able to do it that another question. Right now. I’ll give him about 70% chance of making it. With Kerigan on the other side that will be trouble for EVERYONE.!!!!!!! The Redskins also drafted their secondary for the future.One CB and two FF, SF that adds up to an already great defence from last year. To win 7 in a row is a great acomplishment lets go for 19 in 2013.!!!!! HTTR.!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Headline: “Orakpo likes his chances of being Defensive Player of the Year”
    Quote: ““Defensive Player of the Year is a goal of mine”
    Inflammatory journalism at its best ( and/or worst?)

  36. “Backed into the playoffs”?? Are you kidding??!! If winning 7 straight at end of year is backing in then.. Maybe so..!! Skins have always had decent defense, not last year but c

  37. Come on man… The REDSKINS have just as much a chance as having DPY or CPY than any other out there!! Stop hating .. Just comment on your teams articles and…. HTTR

  38. virtually none of them even mention the REASON WHY a guy who normally doesnt talk chooses now to say something outlandish.
    First off, nobody chooses to make these comments; it isn’t like Orakpo called USA Today, and said “Hey, I want attention, here are some quotes”. Orakpo, and all NFL starters, are interviewed by the media and, like normal individuals, when asked questions, they respond. When asked about his goals for the season, Orakpo responded ““Defensive Player of the Year is a goal of mine”.

    I’m not really clear on how that’s outlandish. Wouldn’t it be weirder if his goal was to rack up 2.5 sacks on the season and get benched on passing downs? Every defensive player in the NFL should have DPOY as a goal, and considering that Orakpo has a better shot than the vast majority, I would say his statement is anything but “outlandish”.

  39. Alot of non skins fans have been doing alot of trash talking about RAK, RG3, and Skins on this article … But you just stated facts and as a die hard Redskin, I must commend you and also agree with your statement!

  40. Surprised logical hasn’t weighed in here.

    For Orakpo to win DPOY he’s going to need to at least double the amount of sacks he had in 2011. He was injured most of ’12 so we wont look at those stats.

    59 tackles and 9 sacks ain’t getting a DPOY….

    In fact Alfred Morris may be more of a factor in the Redskins D than Orakpo. If he can build on his breakout rookie year and continue to chew up clock that will do more for DCs D than anything.

  41. Hate, hate, hate! Keep it up haters!
    Nobody hates on the team at the bottom of the standings that they aren’t afraid of. So keep on hating!


  42. Wow,Look at all the comments.It just an article about a player stating he has a goal to shoot for next season.I guess the Skins are just that popular,everyone has an opinion about the NFL’s most relevant team I guess.

  43. is it every off season the redskins are paper champs? IRG3 is a flop and so is the whole team. fail!!!

  44. Brandon Jenkins will be our OLB to replace Orakpo in 2014. Sorry dude, but you’re over hyped and will not be over paid. There’s a new regime here, in case you haven’t noticed. The skins don’t over pay players anymore. You have one move, can’t cover TE’s, and miss tackles. What has changed in your game that you possibly think you will become DPOY. As a skins fan, I’m just speaking the truth. Sorry….

  45. I love Orakpo from his Texas days, and he definitely has a shot at being defensive comeback player of the year. But how can RG3 if he only missed half of a playoff game?

  46. Im a Redskins fan, but Orakpo is overrated. I think Rob Jackson played better than him last making big interceptions. Orakpo cant cover the pass or stop the run. He has 1 pass rushing move. I would trade Orakpo or let him walk.

  47. tinbender2000 says: Jun 7, 2013 10:51 AM

    Is there something in the water there that makes everyone delusional? That would explain Orakpo, logicalvoice, the other assorted Washington trolls, and congress.

    Logicalvoice,congress and tinbender2000 are trolls but how can you say that a person that has never posted on here(that I know of)is a troll.

  48. jam111632013 says: Jun 7, 2013 11:22 AM

    his only chance to see the superbowl is from the sidelines.
    on Sept. 9, 2013
    Beagles 42
    Redskins 200

    Lets make some corrections here.
    sorry but you are wrong jamm.

  49. peytonsneck18 says: Jun 7, 2013 4:07 PM

    is it every off season the redskins are paper champs? IRG3 is a flop and so is the whole team. fail!!!

    Wow bro where have you been,have you been sick?Oh well have a nice day.

  50. Ngata doesn’t expect DPOY. He just goes out and plays football under the schemes Dean Pees draws up. Maybe best defensive player in football. How many DT’s can stop the run, get the sack, And drop effectively into coverage. Bring on your college game plans and more QB’s will get sent to the IR.

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