PFT Live: Birk explains his White House no-show

Recently retired NFL center Matt Birk joins Mike Florio to talk about ending his career on a high note with the Ravens’ Super Bowl XLVI victory. The Ravens visited President Obama at the White House, but Birk was not present. He explains his decision to respectfully decline the invitation to meet President Obama.

6 responses to “PFT Live: Birk explains his White House no-show

  1. If I’m a Moslem citizen and I believe it’s immoral for a woman to show her hair in public, does that mean it’s alright for me to do everything in my power to enact public decency laws all across America to be in line with my beliefs?

    If that’s insane (which it is), then how is it perfectly acceptable for some Evangelicals or some Catholics to do everything in their power to force their moraility on the women of this country on the abortion issue?

    I hope people realize this isn’t a free speech issue for those of conviction. This is an issue of deliberate politicization of cherry-picked religious beliefs.

  2. I think I would have been impressed if Birk like let’s say Lebron was known for helping children out. If I had read that he went to a trailer park community with poor children and gave them scholarships or pledge a help pre-school through college. I find it hypocritical to protest one issue yet do not help to make lives better. WWJD, protest the abortion on one hand and healed the little ones on the other. This is a shameless ploy to get attention.

  3. To be fair Matt Birk is very chartiable with his time and does excellent work through his foundation on childhood literacy.

    My beef is with the utter inability of the Religious Right to grasp the concept that harassing, threatening, blackmailing and buying off your elected representatives to make laws out of your exlusivist morality is fundamentally anti-American and anti-freedom. Americans have died and continue to die overseas to give others that precious Human right to be protected from this kind of tyranny and yet it’s completely acceptable back home for people to force their religious maxims onto others by lobbying their way into legislation.

  4. Okay..

    The lasy prez took us into a war on false premises…
    definitely can’t support that.

    Prez before that had an affair with an intern…can’t appear to be okay with that.

    Previous prez got caught lying re. not knowing about Iran-Contra…that’s pretty unethical.

    Guy before that traded arms for hostages, sold Iran weapons illegally & let terrororist win in Beirut.

    The gut before that “lusted” in his heart in a Playboy interview.

    Previous (elected) president only one to have to resign in disgrace.

    Just imagine how different sports history would be if every time one of us disagreed with a president on an issue, we did not join our team to celebrate the team’s success?

    I don’t object to Birk’s beliefs/politics. I object to his selfish douchbaggery.

  5. Birk is an idiot!! Deciding to become self righteous and stand on your high horse when your supposed to be celebrating what your team accomplished is selfish BS! Not sure what his agenda was with the “I cant deal with it” crap. Wonder if he’d show to work knowing his boss, Steve Bisciotti, owner of the ravens, was pro-choice. How bout half the men in his lockeroom who im sure have paid for abortions. I mean lets be honest, these are professional athletes. I’m sure a large percentage of his co-workers are pro-choice by life circumstance. If your so hung up on the topic not sure how you go to work everyday. Fact is your FOS!! Do not try to hide your bigotry and then pass it off as standing up for some social belief. Your a clown Matt Birk!!

  6. Yes, if you disagree with Matt’s beliefs, go ahead and start the name calling.

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