Police refer case to prosecutors, without statement from Jones-Drew


Maurice Jones-Drew hasn’t played football in months, but he has thrown a perfect stiff arm to the St. Augustine Police Department.

Despite a report that Jones-Drew would meet with authorities regarding an incident that resulted in an alleged Memorial Day weekend assault of a security officer, Jones-Drew never showed, according to Sheldon Gardner of the Florida Times-Union.  Police have forwarded the case to prosecutors for a decision as to whether Jones-Drew will be charged with battery.

The lawyer representing the security officer has claimed that video evidence and eyewitnesses will prove that Jones-Drew is guilty.

While Jones-Drew’s constitutional rights permit him to refrain from cooperating, the filing of charges becomes more likely if Jones-Drew opts not to provide evidence that at a minimum casts reasonable doubt on the allegations — especially if the video evidence shows what the security officer’s lawyer claims it shows.

Of course, if the video evidence is indeed conclusive, there’s nothing Jones-Drew can say to change it.  Which could be why he has decided to remain silent.

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  1. evidence could show that mjd didn’t do it and was out of the country at the time and no charges will be filed against him. but goodell will still suspend him

  2. It is better to listen and let people think you are guilty than to speak and remove all doubt.

  3. “But…but…but…you sent the case to the prosecutor without interviewing me! You can’t do that! I’m a football star!”

    “We can and we did. You had a chance to convince us that what we saw wasn’t the whole story, but no. You had to be Mr. Important.”

  4. You usually only hurt yourself by talking, which is why people with means and knowledge or the means to acquire knowledge don’t say anything.

    It’s a lot easier to talk your way into trouble than it is to talk your way out of it.

  5. First Blackmon, then MJD, then an extra games in London or maybe more. Can we Jag fans catch a break already? No really, can we?

  6. So what is the truth here regarding news of MJD denying this incident happened?

    Multiple news outlets have reported that police have told them that MJD has maintained his innocence. So he can’t do that if he remains silent, he must have said something to somebody to deny it, otherwise multiple news outlets are lying or making up facts.

  7. Hey dummies, he did not sucker punch him, he donkey punched him. Now the guy is showing up at MJD’s door all hours of the night, slathered in Drakkar Noir with flowers in his hand….ugh, this could get embarrassing.

  8. Odds are that he did it. I mean if he didn’t do it then he probably would have talked to the police by now. But without much credible evidence, there probably isn’t much of a case and I’m sure MJD’s lawyers have told him as much.

    It really sounds like the video is inconclusive as to who actually assaulted the bouncer and there doesn’t appear to be much in terms of witness testimony. So I’m sure that MJD’s lawyers have told him to just keep quiet and force the prosecution to come up with a good enough case on their own.

    It really looks like there won’t be enough of a case to to charge him with anything and I’m guessing that’s what his lawyers are betting on. That if he just keeps quiet then the prosecution will have no choice but to not pursue any charges. Now the only question is, will that be good enough for first galactic emperor Goodell.

  9. Yeah, looks like the Jags could start the season without Blackmon, MJD, and Babin (recent surgery). Probably three of the five most important players on the team. Vegas had them finishing dead last BEFORE these things came up. Can they be relegated?

  10. It was reported that Jones-Drew was going to meet police and give a statement. Unfortunately, the IDIOT representing the security guard just had to leak to the press the “tape showing JD’s guilt”. Had the lawyer kept his mouth shut, authorities could have confronted JD with the tape solidifying an already strong case for the prosecution.

  11. I admire MJD for this. He is living my fantasy life: NFL star. Anyone who rubs me the wrong way at a Sea Food & Drink joint gets knocked out. My lawyer on retainer clues me in about my constitutional right to toy with the police, so the case is closed as far as I care.

    Case closed, m-f’ers!!!

  12. Can’t Ray-Ray or OJ, now that they’re retired, team up with the NFLPA to run a clinic and show these guys how get out of things like this? or do they all have to end up like Rae Carruth and Titus Young?

  13. Hell Ray Lewis is a murderer and people love him cuz he kept his mouth shut and found God. MJD just beat someone up. He’s clearly a pillar of the community.

  14. Y’all better apologize before the people from the titus young article get over here in case it turns out he has mental problems…

  15. thegreatgabbert says:Jun 7, 2013 11:17 PM

    Yeah, looks like the Jags could start the season without Blackmon, MJD, and Babin (recent surgery). Probably three of the five most important players on the team. Vegas had them finishing dead last BEFORE these things came up. Can they be relegated?

    Maybe they will lose their QB before the season and even things out.

  16. it really amuses me that people still hate godell so much that they take jabs at him no matter what the story is. the last few stories about this incident said the film on it was fairly conclusive. it doesn’t matter that maybe, just maybe a pro athlete with money thought that he was above the law and everyone should bow down to him. nope, the recurrant thing here is that godell will just unfairly suspend him no matter what. if these guys cant handle themselves and stay out of the papers, then suspend them

  17. I was at the Conch House that Sunday. Reggae night there is the bomb! But what you don’t know is that that bouncer who got bounced is a pro heavyweight boxer. It’s not as though he wasn’t throwing hands, too.
    Now that it’s in the States Attorney’s hands, that bouncer may get charged too. But when he picked Patrick Canaan to represent him, I knew he was trying to get paid.
    IMO, charges won’t be filed, way too many people were involved. The only other news you’ll hear is a civil suit. MJD may never appear at the St. John’s County Courthouse. One more thing, if SAPD didn’t arrest him, he’s not guilty. Everyone who lives in St. Augustine knows they (SAPD) are too ambitious. SJCSO are REAL police around here. Those city guys, meh.

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