Ravens sign Brandon Williams, one pick left

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The Ravens signed another member of their draft class, but there’s no word as to whether they held their nose when they did it.

According to Adam Caplan of TheSidelineView.com, the Ravens signed third-rounder Brandon Williams, leaving only first-rounder Matt Elam without a contract.

Williams, a defensive tackle from Division II Missouri Southern, has been impressive in offseason work.

But more impressive is his back-story, which involves a job moving portable toilets to earn money for his family.

Sometimes you got a little poop on you,” he said of that job, earning a place in our hearts in the process.

And unless his play stinks, he shouldn’t have to worry about that anytime soon.

10 responses to “Ravens sign Brandon Williams, one pick left

  1. Huge 49ers fan, I love the Ravens’ offseason moves. Got a ton of great value in the draft and made a lot of shrewd signings (Canty, Dumervil, Daryl Smith, Huff, etc)

  2. This kids humility puts us all to shame.

    It doesn’t matter which colors you sport on Sundays. Everyone can appreciate working hard and believing in your dreams.

  3. Its always nice to see respectable fans. The surplus amount of trolls from all 32 fanbases sometimes cause us to forget that fans like jeremywflores exist. I think bot gh Harbaugh teams have had excellent offseasons and wouldn’t be surprised if a super bowl rematch is in order come february. Hope Crabtree can have a speedy enough recovery to help the Niners in another postseason run.

  4. Brandon Williams has the tools to be a stud. He weighs 330 lbs at 6’1″ yet can do hand stands and walk so to speak on his hands. He is so quick and exceptionally strong. He performed extremely well at the Senior Bowl plus he pressed 225 over 30 times at the combine. The kid is from a small college.

  5. This kid is crazy strong, a hard worker, quick & agile, and an absolute mountain. He could be an all pro nose tackle when he learns the pro game. Love his attitude & work ethic. Gotta root for him to do well.

  6. Jeez, the way you homers talk you’d think he was the first pick of the draft. 6’1″ 330lbs – I’m having a hard time choosing a short & fat joke, so you can pick your own. Dude won’t stand a chance against any Steeler o-lineman.

  7. Hahahahaha Steelers Oline? Seriously man, their oline has been weak for a few years, hence lil Ben always getting injured.

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