Reid focusing more on coaching, less on personnel


Yes, Andy Reid has renewed energy.  But it just doesn’t come from a change of scenery.

Reid, who ran the show in Philly for 14 years with extensive involvement in personnel, is focusing more on coaching and less on collecting players.

“I was a little more involved with the personnel [with the Eagles],” Reid told reporters on Thursday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “It’s good to have [G.M.] John [Dorsey] here doing that.  I have ultimate trust in him.  Not that I didn’t in Philadelphia, that’s not what I’m saying, but I also trust that he has it under control and is rolling.”

Reid was careful to point out that this isn’t a slap at the men assigned the task of helping him set the table in Philly.

“I had a lot of trust in Howie [Roseman], so I don’t mean that, and Tom Heckert before that,” Reid said.  “I trusted him.  Those guys, I trusted.  I was just asked to do a little bit more there.  For that part of my career, it was great.  I’m glad to be doing this.  I’m enjoying this.”

Implicit in Reid’s remarks is the possibility that the personnel duties were keeping him from fully enjoying his job, since he wasn’t doing the thing he enjoys the most — coaching.  For now, he is.

It helps, of course, that Reid and Dorsey inherited a roster with six Pro Bowlers and other players who are far better than their 2-14 record in 2012 would indicate.  Quarterback struggles had a major impact on the team’s fate, and now that Alex Smith has teamed up with Reid, a noted signal-caller Svengali, the Chiefs can improve, quickly.

So, yes, it helps that Reid trusts Dorsey.  It also helps that they aren’t running a team like the Jets.

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  1. I sincerely hope that Coach Reid can move forward and be successful.
    This man had his world come crashing down towards the end of his tenure here in Philadelphia.

    Hope this new chapter serves him well.

  2. seriously,

    KC has a stacked squad.
    Their GM did a good god compiling this roster, they just never had a captain that could lead the ship.

    Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see KC flip the coin just like SanFran did..

  3. It also helps to finally have a classy organization to work for, and intelligent, football wise fans who have class.
    Mr. REID is 95% complete with assembling a dynasty team that will win multiple titles, while the FILTHadelphia low class fans and owner will be regretting ever letting Andy go in 3 years.

    ok now time for all the Filthadelphia trolls to post the same, played out fat and bbq jokes. The pain of listening to your-mama-so-fat burns while back in school still eats away at the immature, low self esteem fans that Andy told to eff off.

  4. Andy had more power in Philly because he DEMANDED more power or he would walk away. He wasn’t very good at assembling talent so if he just coaches he should be fine.

  5. I always thought that despite his rough ending in Philly, Andy Reid was a solid coach. As a Chiefs fan, I’m glad to have him on the team, and he seems reenergized by the change in scenery.

    Coming off a 2-14 season my expectations aren’t real high, but this team has a lot of talent and added a lot of depth this offseason. I think they easily have to potential to be a .500 team this season.

  6. The minute you have to qualify your statements as not meaning something else, you cast doubt that your words mean what they appear to mean.

  7. Reid’s problems in Philly began when he first gained control over personnel after the 2002 season. Until then, the team was on a rapid upswing; afterwards, they began to underachieve especially in the playoffs, due in part IMO to Reid’s limitations as a game-day coach, and due in part to Reid being stretched too thin (pun intended) with personnel/GM work upstairs.

    As if not more important, after 2002 there was no effective counterbalance to Reid’s biases on the field (e.g., who needs a power running game?) or in personnel (e.g., who needs decent WRs or LBs?), resulting in the Eagles’ ascent stalling, and then a modest but noticeable and steady decline for the better part of a decade – before the reach for Vick and the inevitable cratering at the end. Reid has his strengths as a coach, particularly as an offensive strategist and QB coach, but he is a very stubborn man who needs hefty organizational counterweights (pun intended) to be most effective.

    Yet Reid is now in as good a situation as could be hoped for in KC – an underachieving team with better than average talent, but the worst record in football due largely to horrible QB play. KC has the #1 draft choice at LT, a top 10 QB in Smith for next to nothing, and a very good QB coach in Reid – who can now focus on making the O go on the field without being distracted by personnel and related upstairs issues.

    That’s good for Reid, and good for KC. If Reid can learn game-day and situational game management, or learn to defer or to delegate these things to a better equipped OC or other sideline coach, he will have taken care of his most glaring weaknesses from his Philadelphia days, and have a very good chance to build on his considerable strengths in planning and QB play as a HC. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see KC have a winning record this year, and maybe even challenge for a WC spot.

    The last 10 years (!) Reid was in Philly were good (not great) years, by and large, but also frustrating years, as Reid seemed repeatedly to overestimate his strengths, underestimate his weaknesses and blind spots, and so ultimately to underachieve relative to legitimate expectations for his team, in most of those years. With a fresh start in KC, he can remedy those errors without apology or recrimination (he’s a good man, but also a very proud man) and become a better coach, with the potential of finally doing what he couldn’t before.

    Good luck to him, and to KC.

  8. As one of the many classy and knowledgeable Eagles fans, I wish Andy the best of luck but will never regret wanting him gone even if he wins it all in KC. It was time for it to end in Philly despite his success here and all of the real fans who follow the team win or lose knew it.

  9. Iknoweverything says:
    Jun 7, 2013 9:46 AM
    It also helps to finally have a classy organization to work for, and intelligent, football wise fans who have class.
    Mr. REID is 95% complete with assembling a dynasty team that will win multiple titles, while the FILTHadelphia low class fans and owner will be regretting ever letting Andy go in 3 years.

    ok now time for all the Filthadelphia trolls to post the same, played out fat and bbq jokes. The pain of listening to your-mama-so-fat burns while back in school still eats away at the immature, low self esteem fans that Andy told to eff off.

    Eagles fans don’t need to do any of that, we just need to say it was best for Reid and the Eagles to start over apart from each other.

  10. Fans and John Dorsey beware….Andy is a power hungry maniac that is willing to throw anyone under the bus to raise himself. See Tom Modrak, Sean McDermott, Juan Castillo, Tom Heckart, Howie Roseman. His agent will push for total control if the team has any success. Bob Lamont handles every coach by a structured script. When Andy was hired in Philly, they had a strong structure and I believe the success that they achieved was in part to the strong foundation that was put in place by Tom Modrak. Andy will play nice for a while and then Dorsey will be shown the door. Beware the Walrus is a sneaky snake.

  11. slow your roll guys. sounds like you’re predicting a playoff berth for KC this season.. andy reid doesn’t have much experience clinching one of those in the second half of a season

  12. As a diehard Chiefs fan I’ve heard this all before. I’ve tried hard not to get my hopes up… But this feels different. From the way Hunt approched the changes to the big names that were brought in to the big names that have chosen to stay. Everyone seemed to want to be in KC.

    I just want the season to start so all the speculation can be ended.

  13. If Smith maintained his play throughout the season last year they would have a pro bowl QB as well. Bowe > Crabtree and Charles > Gore. Of course SF is > than KC’s D but with 5 pro bowlers KC’s D is pretty good. I fully expect KC to compete in the west with Denver. SD and Chokeland will compete for 4th with SD taking over the celler.

  14. This Eagles fan, living in Georgia, thinks Andy will have the Chiefs in the playoffs this year. I’m happy for Andy, Clark Hunt and my friends in KC. As for the Birds, the defense could be bad.

  15. Good for the Cheifs!
    Andy’s player pickings utterly sucked!!!!!

    Danny watkins, the 1st round 27 year old fireman is about to get CUT!! Thanks for nothing Andy~!

    He thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, but simply is NOT!!!!!

    Good luck KC, you need it with this tool running the show!!!

  16. “Not that I didn’t in Philadelphia”

    It’s okay Reid, you can admit it. You didn’t trust the FO when it came to personnel, and that’s fine because even though we complained about some of your moves, we still don’t trust the front office in Philadelphia.

  17. he is still fat, lose some weight you look
    disgusting, have you no respect for yourself.
    turn down a meal every now and then.

  18. So since Andy in concentrating on coaching more I guess we’ll see more horrible clock management, misuse of timeouts, bad challenges, zero in game adjustments, and an insane pass to run ratio. Good luck KC

  19. This is really great news. Anyone who really thinks he can handle personnel and coaching is fooling himself and leaving too much on the table on both sides.

    Reid is an outstanding coach who got excellent training from Mike Holmgren — he should focus on coaching.

    Only coaching.

  20. Dennisund…..judging by the predicted posts, your fellow”fans” obviously didnt get your memo…
    so funny

  21. By the time Andy Reid left Philly he had his meaty paws in everything and was given far to much power by ownership. Hopefully for his sake he has learned his lesson. Chip Kelly is the polar opposite of Reid as all he wants to do is coach and teach.

  22. No way Eagles fan base getting attacked. That never happens hahaha. The fact of the matter is everyone in philly liked Andy, but what we saw for 14 straight years never changed. And you can go back and watch the games he coached. He can’t make in game adjustments, he is the single worst coach with timeouts I have ever seen, he constantly has a terrible run to pass ratio, and runs a very predictable offense. With that being said I wish him all the luck and wish he could of won in Philly but the facts are facts. At least when he was in philly he made the same mistakes over and over and after 14 years we couldn’t watch him make the same mistakes year in and year out.

  23. Last I checked, coaches don’t get personell power pushed on them, they demand it. So that’s on you Andy. He got worse and worse as a coach the more power he got with personell.

    Unfortunately for KC, he’s also gotten worse and worse the further removed he got from Holmgren and the system he was raised in. As the league changes and figures out offenses, Andy wasn’t able to adapt. He was never good at adapting. KC is about to get an out of date offense about to go extinct.

  24. Big Red is my All Time Favorite Eagle Coach whose message got stale in Philly the last three seasons. Andy brought winning to Philly and changed our sad sack, loser image. Loved him as a Head Coach… I didn’t want Andy to get fired… in hindsight Reid and my Birds needed a change.
    Best of luck Big Red, just not against us… K.C will be very successful .

  25. this morning, while using no foul language at all I called florio bald and a lawyer. one of those things made him take my post down, I don’t know which one offended him more.

    I was commenting on why did he have to drag the jets into a story on the chiefs?

    I pointed out that the chiefs and their 6 pro-bowlers won 2 games last year, haven’t made the playoffs in years and one the super bowl ONCE, just like the jets. the year after the jets did, btw.

    so how exactly are the chiefs better than “a team like the jets?” someone here please explain.

    please comment quickly before the bald lawyer takes this down.

  26. “so how exactly are the chiefs better than “a team like the jets?” someone here please explain”.

    For starters they have a better coach and QB situation. They play in an easier division and had 8 Pro Bowlers. Maybe a Chief fan could give a better answer, I’m not one.

  27. Understood, officialgame, but my point was why drag the jets down in this story that has nothing to do with them?

    They won more games last year, the year before, and the two years before that almost made the Superi Bowl. Historically they’re better. Recently they’re better. Dig?

    Again, and believe me, I know the Jets stunk last year, BIG TIME, but would you rather have 8 pro bowlers and 2 wins, or none and 6?

  28. All of you who say his player picking is bad you’re blinded by his last 3 years in Philly. Before then the eagles made excellent draft choices and excellent FA choices. Yes Watkins was just a head slapper and for a while Graham but, Graham began to turn it around last season. It seemed to me someone else was getting trigger happy(owner)”Hey look at all this cap space we can get this we can get that and Andy was probably just like yea ok sure thing boss. Look at the young guys Reid brought to the eagles last year Foles, Kendricks and Bryce Brown who was a phenom until he started putting it on the ground. The posters who say his personnel decisions were terrible are blind c’mon McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, Celek, Westbrook and don’t forget signings like Asante Samuel, Jason Peters the lists if names are endless. Let’s not forget his first and biggest blunder Donavan McNabb…. You guys in Philly still would’ve rather had Ricky? C’mon you all don’t know what you’re talking about. As for coach still the best play caller in the league his opening scripts were unstoppable remind me what his percentage of scoring on the first drive was their NFC Championship game years. Enough said. Good Luck Andy and I’m positive they’ll make the play-offs this season.

  29. Doctor67 and listenupcupcake are both right on the money. Reid’s descent in Philly began whe he got rid of Modrak, the real talent evaluator and assumed for himself the dual titles of head Coach/VP of Football Operations. Reid was and is over rated as both a head coach as well as a QB guru. Please. He was gratuitously handed the position of “Quarterbacks Coach” by Mike Holmgren (presumably to pad his resume) for two (2) years in Green Bay and summarily ignored by Bret Favre for both those years prior to being named Head Coach of the Eagles. His teams were, more often than not, one-dimensional and played with one arm tied behind their backs as he handicapped them by thoroughly neglecting the run game and left his quarterbacks exposed to incessant blitzing by the opposition who also knew he’d rarely call any running plays (unless the Eagles were ahead) leading to QB arm fatique and inaccuracy as the games wore on. And even the passing plays were seldom varied with offensive formations that fooled no one. His version of the WCO was so predictable, the opposing teams always knew what play was coming next. Yet during his post game pressers he always promised to “fix it” which he NEVER did. This led to the assumption that he couldn’t, wouldn’t, or was incapable of doing so. The fans in KC will soon find out for themselves. You’ve been warned.

  30. People seem to forget that in his first few yrs in philly, the eagles were among the top rushing offenses in football,with Duce Staley, Correll Buckhalter, and Brian Westbrook. That only changed after they got T.O and started chucking 35-40 times a game. Westbrook had 1,300 yd rushing and 2,000 total. Lesean Mccoy in 2011 had 1,700 yds. I think having a game manager like Alex Smith that Andy will put the ball in Charles hands as much as possible

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