Report: Gabe Carimi will show for minicamp next week


Bears offensive lineman Gabe Carimi is apparently choosing open arms over opening his wallet.

According to Jeff Dickerson of, Carimi will be at the team’s mandatory minicamp next week.

If he didn’t show, he’d be subject to fines, but that might be a moot point.

His roster spot wasn’t secure anyway, even though he was a first round pick in 2011. Perhaps recognizing that, he stayed away from OTAs, a moved described by an adviser as betting on himself.

Through it all, the Bears have taken the high road, with General Manager Phil Emery saying he’d be welcomed back with “open arms.”

“We’ve talked to Gabe and the individual who’s training him. So yes, we’re talking to him,” Emery said this week. “We’d like all our players to be here, but Gabe made a decision that was best for Gabe so every individual player has to make those decisions. [OTAs are] voluntary, and we’re going to respect that and we’re going to respect Gabe in his decisions.”

And Carimi is making the fiscally prudent decision, as well.

7 responses to “Report: Gabe Carimi will show for minicamp next week

  1. The Bears appear to be taking the high road on the whole “voluntary” OTA business, not making waves and not blathering to the pack of unfed hounds called the media. They’re trying to keep things cool and work them out in private.

    Giants, take note.

  2. When he gets to Chicago Emery should cut him right then and there
    cause he cant play. and somebody tell Webb he can go with Carmini. Cutler has to be protected and these bumbs cant do it

  3. I’ll never understand why all the issues? He has to be there or he would get fined. We know that. I just hope he is healthy and a lot stronger than he was. He got pushed around like a rag doll last year. I thought all these Wisconsin O linemen were supposed to all that. I hope the “Hebrew Hammer” can get it together. Would hate to see a first rounder get bounced.

  4. “Bumbs”? You should not be allowed on chat boards if you cannot spell basic three-letter words. Give Carimi a chance, I say. He was hurt last year, and the year before.

  5. I’d be okay with Carimi and Webb as backups, and possibly Garza too, if Lonergan beats him out at center…An o-line of Bushrod, Slauson, Lonergan, Long, and Mills would be a tremendous upgrade over last year.

    (Of course, an o-line of Moe, Larry, and Curly would be an upgrade over last year, but never mind.)

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