Josh Gordon suspended two games


The “attacking” that has been vowed by various members of the Browns offense will have to unfold for the first 1/8th of the 2013 season without Josh Gordon.

According to Tony Grossi of, Gordon has been suspended two games for violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy.  He also has been fined four game checks.

It’s not clear at this point whether the four game checks apply over and above the two-game suspension.  We’ll assume based on our knowledge of the policy that it’s a two-game unpaid suspension plus a two-game fine.

It’s also not clear what Gordon, a second-round pick of the pre-Haslam regime in the 2012 supplemental draft, did to trigger the suspension.  The standard suspension under the substance-abuse policy is four-games, resulting from multiple violations of the policy.  Lesser suspensions apply when the infraction arises from a violation of the law.

In Gordon’s case, the four-game fine matches the financial penalty of the standard suspension.  However, the final outcome apparently has been adjusted — possibly on appeal — to allow him to play in two games of the four games.

Gordon had reportedly failed three marijuana tests at Baylor.

UPDATE 4:18 p.m. ET:  The NFL has announced the suspension, explaining that it’s a two-game unpaid suspension plus a two-game fine.

34 responses to “Josh Gordon suspended two games

  1. Just a thought, but could you please mention what position a perp plays in the future? Not being a Browns follower, I don’t know who he is. Thanks!

  2. So he has to play in two games, knowing he won’t be paid for them? Sounds like an incentive plan in the Roger Goodell style.

  3. where is all the sarcasm and sensationalism?? i suppose pft saves all of that for the Seahawks. I’m sure you’ll find a way to link this to pete Carroll.

  4. Marijuana is not a Ped and if its listed affects are all true its the opposite of a ped. If anyone’s noticed most of the players that get caught are really good. Just let these guys be unless they are caught breaking the law by law enforcement. Roger Goodell put a stop to these dumb things and let the players play. I can’t believe players can use PEDs and get away with it but can’t smoke some extremely non threating trees.

  5. Lmao nice to see the clowns are starting early. The last thing this team needs is their best WR gone.

    Cleveland is a miserable city, it’s great that they suffer in sports.

    Rather see charles ramsey sing dead giveaway.

  6. So, while the browns were loading up the team with WR’s this offseason, Gordon was loading up his bong! What a freakin idiot! How many chances does this guy get! SMH

  7. This kid is an underrated, supremely gifted physical WR who was one of the top selections in last year’s supplemental draft. He runs a fast 40 time, is tough to bring down, and is capable of hitting a home run play. If he can stay out of trouble and work with a good QB, he’s capable of scoring 10 TDs and putting almost 1000 yards receiving.

  8. Tony Grossi is a miserable human being.

    Grossi is a Browns fan. All Browns fans are miserable.

  9. I would like to say I’m surprised, but….I’m not. He has a history of this and he was a bright side on a very dim Cleveland Browns team; doesn’t surprise me at all. Dang it!!!!

  10. Wow, just read he is being suspended for taking cough syrup that contained codeine so he could get over strep throat. WTF? Wow, I understand his history, and I would’ve assumed the same as everyone else posting witty comments, but this is ridiculous. There is a black cloud over Cleveland Sports. Someone needs to bring us some sunshine, soon!

  11. Maybe if the Browns changed their colors from that dreadful brown uniform the curse would be lifted. While you’re at it, change the whole team name and move it to another city in Ohio. How about the Akron Zips?

  12. Grossi was just the messenger. Kid did the weed. And, I live in Va Beach and Cleveland fans don’t deserve your sarcasm and degradation. It’s a fine city w/good people. On the weed….yeah, it’s pretty much like a lot of beers. But, the NFL has an image to convey to the youth. And, LOL, in my opinion, for a Millon a yr, if you can’t stop the ganja habit…..maybe Lindsey Lohan knows a treatment center for you!

  13. This really is a lame ruling. I am very familiar with this medication. It is often compounded by pharmacist on site. It is simply a generic form of robitussin with codeine added. To any casual observer it looks like another version of the same med sold over the counter. Warnings of drowsiness, operating heavy machinery, etc,, would be there if it were Benadryl. My children have been prescribed the same stuff. I don’t know what kind of guy he is, but this is an honest mistake.

  14. Why does every pity the Cleveland fans? Because they Lost the ravens ?

    Were they pitied when they lost the rams? If they were such great fans am a great football town they would not have lost 2 NFL franchises.

    So stop with how great Cleveland is … Anyone who says that has not been there.

    Best thing about Cleveland is Dead Giveaway on YouTube

  15. Small Guy syndrome I’m guessing^^. Three posts and not one reply, it probably ruined this guys whole day.

  16. There is the reason RG3 didn’t lobby Shanahan to sign this guy. Drug problems in college, drug problems in the NFL. And for all the pot-heads trying to make this about weed, put down the pipe and read…it’s codeine so stop playing the doper victim BS. Maybe he can get a BS med card for scoliosis.

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