Terrell Owens: I think I can still play, but it may be time to retire


Terrell Owens will turn 40 during the 2013 NFL season, and he still believes that’s an age at which he can contribute. But he’s starting to come to the realization that it may not happen.

Owens told Mike Freeman of CBS that he understands it might not happen.

“If I play this year, that’d be awesome,” Owens said. “If I don’t play this year, I’m retiring. . . . That’s just me being realistic. I want to play again. I want to go out on top with a team. I think I can still play, but if I don’t sign with a team, it would be time to retire. I have to be honest with myself.”

Realistically, there’s almost no chance that Owens will play in the NFL again. It’s been two and a half years (and one ACL tear) since he last played in a regular-season game, and he couldn’t cut it in Seahawks camp last year. Throw in the fact that he has a reputation as a headache in the locker room, and it’s hard to imagine why any team would want him around.

But Owens thinks he can play.

“I’m not chasing a dream,” Owens said. “I can still play football. If you’re a team looking for a wide receiver and don’t think I can play, tell me why. If it’s because you don’t like me, then that’s fine, but don’t tell me I can’t still play.”

Actually, by not signing him, all 32 NFL teams are doing exactly that: Telling Owens he can’t still play.

76 responses to “Terrell Owens: I think I can still play, but it may be time to retire

  1. These comments should be funny.

    My 2 cents: His ego is too big to understand that he’s not the player he use to be.

    Maybe if he didn’t have such a bad attitude, teams would actually give him a chance.

  2. I saw a picture of him recently and he still looks like he’s in incredible shape. As a just-turned-40 year old, I’m jealous. That said, TO should concentrate on speaking to rookies, especially WRs, cautioning them on being divas and being a cancer in the locker room. GMs and owners have long memories and know who the cancers are.

  3. I personally bet he probably can still play and be more productive than a lot of players. He’s always kept himself in unbelievable physical condition.

    His problem is teams view him as a locker room problem, and they won’t bring him in.

    However if there is a championship caliber team that’s short on WR (think San Fran), it wouldn’t hurt to bring him in for a try out to see if he has anything left. He wouldn’t cost much money (veteran’s minimum).

  4. I’d at least give him a tryout with my Panthers. Despite his rep he has behaved in his last few stops.

    We need all the receiving help we can get and Smitty needs a complement next to him.

    Besides, look at Randy Moss reputation. Even with all that he played in the SB last year.

    Realistically, anything can happen.

  5. Heaven forbid these GMs swallow their pride and give the guy a chance. There are several teams out there with drek for WRs. Why not see if he still has it? Could he be any worse than Tim Brown or Rice who were given chances as late 30 early 40 somethings? The whole media/lockerroom distraction is way overblown in this case. The guy is 40. If he makes a peep, you can cut him like the Hawks did and he’d be yesterday’s news. By now, T.O. should know this.

  6. Really T.O. again? He is like a form of herpes that you just cant get rid of.

    Cant wait to se how many delusional posters will say their team should sign him.

  7. I can probably play too…….I’m 6’3″….255lbs…..and used to be a pretty good TE…….oh, wait a minute……I’m 54 years old…….nevermind!

  8. Dude — go marry a Kardashian and forget about the phone not ringing. It’s your one ticket back into the limelight. In hindsight, Google the phrase ‘burning bridges’ to understand why you are where you are.

  9. Owens obviously has kept himself in great shape and can still physically play. However 32 teams don’t want him. Reasons? There are at least 32 of them. Bottom line its time for him to retire and move to the next chapter.

  10. I always hoped TO would turn it around…it looked like he might in Dallas. Too late for that now

  11. I think he’d rather spend his days on twitter. Seems to be doing too much of that for his own good lately. Getting into twitter fueds with any/everyone can’t be too good for prospective employers to see.

  12. What is it about wide receivers? Why can’t they just go away like other players? It’s annoying.

  13. The sad thing is that there are plenty of teams with worse Wide Receivers than T.O. They just don’t want to admit that by signing him, even if he would help the team.

  14. Amazing that at 39 he’s better than 80% of the WR’s in the NFL. As a Browns fan I’d take him in a heartbeat, one year contract, nothing to lose

  15. I don’t fault the guy for thinking he can still play.

    Football is all he knows. He has eat, breathe all things football related since he’s was teenager. So its going to be hard to let go.

    We see in all sports. Some guys just never thought of life after the game.

  16. As an Eagles fan, I have relished the opportunity to see this cancer of a human being crash and burn. Good riddance. There’s an interstate underpass with TO’s name on it.

  17. I think sometimes the veteran minimum salary hurts older players. For TO it’s probably upward of 800k. I bet there are teams out there that would bring him in if it would cost a little less.
    For that price they could get 2 or 3 younger and hungrier WRs.

    For the record I think TO is a dirtbag and don’t want him near any team I’m a fan of.

  18. Errrr…. TO, I saw you in camp with my Hawks last year. you are in great shape. too bad you couldn’t CATCH a cold in an elementary school.

  19. Is the veteran minimum mandatory or optional? If he opted to play and be paid based on performance he would probably get signed.

  20. Would love to see TO as a talking head on TV. It’d be funny to see how long it would take for him to alienate his colleagues. All jokes aside, this should be a cautionary tale for the next generation. The guy had the world in the palm of his hand but couldn’t shut his damn mouth and just do his job. Now that he’s not as useful as he used to be, nobody wants anything to do with him. It’s actually sad.

  21. I believe he can still play and be a valuable contributor. He has always kept himself in good shape and he was a player that player hard. HOWEVER he has dug this hole himself with the attitude and constant problems. If he would just come out, play hard and shut up a team would give him a chance as a role player who can still help a team win. It’s not worth the risk anymore though.

  22. I bet he can still throw on the after burners when he needs to and his catching ability should still be on top. His problem is not the speed, Its the timing…
    If you watch any game film from his last few years playing, TO makes catches, but if the catch depends on timing, Its usually a drop. He’s had a rough time getting on the same page as his last few QB’s.
    Today’s Offenses are based a lot on timing and special route running. TO is probably done.

  23. GEE
    WHO wouldn’t want a Self-Centered JERK on their team ?
    It’s be GREAT for Team Chemistry !!

    Don’t go away angry, just GO AWAY !!

  24. Part of the problem is that he’d at best be a #3 or #4 receiver who couldn’t contribute on special teams. Hard to take away a roster spot from a young guy you could develop.

  25. In many ways I hope Sherman is taking note of this situation and realizes that making a big splash off the field results in this sort of snub later.

    Owens can play about the same as Rice did for Seattle in the final years – but Rice got the chance due to the type of person he was. Owens will not get a chance due to everything outside his play ability. Rule of thumb – If you are going to talk smack and be a distraction, teams will have you around as long as you are at top peak performance.

  26. Just wait, Greg Jennings is likely to start the year on IR given his recent history and then the Vikings will be looking for a WR.

    Just make sure you don’t say anything about their choice of a catering vendor once you get there.

  27. There are 64 starting WRs in the NFL, I am guessing he is easily better than 45 of them, even at his advanced (football) age. But his past antics will keep him on the street. He is not worth the potential headache he brings.

  28. WANTED:
    40-year old locker room cancer with experience in dropping crucial passes, throwing teammates under the bus at the drop of a hat, and alienating fans and coaches in record time. Please provide references.

  29. I was shocked how much separation he was getting while playing in the pre-season with the ‘hawks last year. But those hands, those hands just hold him back.

  30. Owens had a shot with the Seahawks and simply could not catch the ball consistently. He was not cut because he was a problem in the locker room. He was cut because he was less reliable than the other receivers on the roster at a time when the receiver position had less depth than any other spot on the roster.

    Pete and John were desperate for help at receiver but Owens was simply no good. There is no reason to think he has improved over the past year.

  31. Nice to see a player decide to retire before nobody wants him and he’s forced into it.

    Oh wait…

  32. A great talent in his day. A great WR who was also one of the worst teammates in the history of the NFL. A QB killer who never quite got it until it was too late.

  33. The NFL owners retired this fool 2 years ago! Teams put up with his antics when he was an elite talent, but nobody wants the drama without him being a difference maker anymore.

  34. Love him or hate him, he’s an astounding athlete. Maybe not the most humble, maybe, but hard to imagine the past decade+ of the NFL without him.

  35. When he dropped that perfectly thrown bomb from Flynn in the preseason, I have little doubt the Seahawks made the decision to cut him before he got back to the huddle for the next play.

  36. I watched every play of the seahawks last pre season. And T.O can still get off the line and get open. There are plenty of guys in the league that have trouble doing just that. Now as for catching the ball, that’s a different story. T.O looked more out of sync than washed up IMO.

  37. He was good in Cincy for us. Better than ocho that year.

    Hard to keep him when he doesn’t play special teams. But he is a no doubt hall of famer. I hope someone allows him to retire as what lever team he chooses. He has earned that chance. Good luck in your personal life

  38. I’ve always been a TO hater but he’s definitely a HOFr.

    HOF is more about stats, I doubt the fact that he’s a team destroyer will get in the way of his Gold Jacket….

  39. I can’t stand the guy but putting that aside…he definitely is a HOFer. Don’t let your personal feelings get in the way of what he did on the field.

  40. This is such a tabloid website. Out of everything in T.O’s career, suddenly because of a pre-season pass..he can’t catch?

    What?! WHAT?! Are we being serious people. Terrell Owens..cannot catch? Stop real fast and think about what you’re saying.

  41. I know its really cool to hate all athletes these days, but I like T.O. and I’ll miss him. I think he made the game interesting and fun.

  42. I’m not a TO fan, but have to give the man credit for keeping his body in excellent shape. To bad his hands aren’t that way. He drops way to many passes. Time to retire TO

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