Vonta Leach hopes he can remain with the Ravens


The Ravens gave a Harvard Law School alum a jersey with fullback Vonta Leach’s number earlier this week and Leach is hoping that another product of the Cambridge school doesn’t force him off the Ravens roster.

President Obama got a No. 44 jersey during the Ravens’ visit to the White House because he’s the 44th President of the United States, which likely is less of a concern to Leach than the presence of former Harvard fullback and Ravens fourth-round pick Kyle Juszczyk on the roster. Leach won’t have to compete with Obama to remain with the Ravens, but he will have to compete with the younger and cheaper Juszczyk and that explains why he sounds open to adjusting his contract for the 2013 season.

“We’re both still here, so we’ll see how it goes,” Leach said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “Hopefully, it can work out for both of us. If it don’t, I feel like I still can play in this league and I’ll have a job somewhere.”

Leach is set to make $3 million in base salary in 2013 and has a cap figure of $4.33 million, numbers the Ravens would like to see come down and Wilson reports they are crafting a proposal along those lines because they’d like to keep both fullbacks. Leach obviously sounds open to it, although the final number would have to be enough for Leach to forego the chance to do better elsewhere.

17 responses to “Vonta Leach hopes he can remain with the Ravens

  1. Oh please. Keep this guy.

    There is no excuse not to have Leach on the team next year. They have lose enough players. Leach is super dependable. Who knows if whatshisname is.

  2. If he really wants to play in the league, he can, he’s the best at what he does and he’s a strong locker room guy, but he has to be realistic about his value as offenses change their philosophy. FBs aren’t as critical as they were a few years ago, no matter who you play for.

  3. Leach is a good FB with good hands but it’s hard to justify paying him that much when he only plays about 1/3 of offensive snaps. Maybe he’ll see more snaps with Caldwell calling plays.

  4. Prediction on how this plays out- Both the Ravens, Vonta, and virtually the entire NFL knows that a full time FB is not apart of most offensive schemes these day’s BUT as a balanced offense the Ravens do still have that need and Vonta is pro’s pro with RB’s like Rice and Peirce praising the guy constantly. Here’s the issue though, with the fading need of FB’s in football, the Ravens can basically reduce his price to whatever they feel based off the lackluster market for full time FB’s. For Vonta it’s a very small market for his services in general so he has no ground to negotiate. This of course is no knock on his game as he his arguably the best at his job, but it’s 100% about the demise of offensive schemes in which FB’s are needed.

  5. The Ravens have a fullback on the books for over $4M this season?! Now that’s some smart contract management. Must have used the Flacco “put it on the credit card” approach.

  6. Crown here’s the top 4 cap hits for the Ravens next year, explain how Flacco is the guy who gets the “Flacco took all the money” crap from uninformed ignorant trolls like yourself…

    Terrell Suggs 13,020,000
    Haloti Ngata 11,500,000
    Marshal Yanda 7,450,000
    Joe Flacco 6,800,000

    Men lie women lie numbers don’t. Your hatred blinds your from reality and it’s quite sad. P.S. That’s what it’s like to write actual FACTS and not just spew hatred for a rival team.

  7. There’s a voicemail on Ozzie’s phone from Jim Harbaugh offering a 6th round pick for Leach.

  8. steeler fans should never pop off about how other teams spend money

    Just like Raven fans should never comment on personal conduct or ethics….that would seem fair.

  9. Steelers are BROKE! Everybody knows it. They were waiting for June 2 just to pay their outstanding bills.

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