At age 51, Herschel Walker wants another MMA fight


Herschel Walker is 51 years old, but he’s still in good enough shape to do thousands of pushups and situps a day, as he did when he was an NFL player. And Walker is hoping to do something else to show what kind of shape he’s in: Step into the cage and win a mixed martial arts fight.

Walker, who has a 2-0 record as an MMA fighter, winning a fight in January of 2010 and again in January of 2011, said he’d like to fight once more in 2013.

“I’m still trying to fight. I hope to do one more before the end of the year,” Walker told TMZ.

Both of Walker’s previous fights were against hand-picked opponents who didn’t offer much of a threat to him, and those fights were also in an MMA organization that no longer exists, having since been folded into the sport’s top promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Realistically, Walker would have no chance of beating any fighter in the UFC. But when asked about Walker, UFC President Dana White wouldn’t rule out giving him a chance. So it’s possible that Walker will step into the Octagon, and that the UFC would sign another novice fighter just to give Walker a fair fight.

Even if he’s fighting against low-level opposition, the mere fact that Walker is seriously talking about an MMA fight at the age of 51 is a testament to his toughness.

28 responses to “At age 51, Herschel Walker wants another MMA fight

  1. Why not? George Foreman boxed into his 50’s. Randy Couture fought almost to 50 I believe. Age is just a number, if he feels he can and wants to compete, more power to him!

  2. Im down for that, do your thang herschel. More power to you.theres alot of young cats and old cats in the nfl today that could use the heart and passion that you have. Who cares if your over 50, if u still feel like u can do some damage than do it. Who cares what any1 says or thinks!

  3. Shouldnt he be referring to himself as we?!?! Which walker will be fighting or are they going to let all of them in the ring at once ?!

  4. Met him a few weeks ago when he came to do an interview at my radio station in DC. He looked maybe 35 years old. And he ain’t broke- owns a poultry/meat company that’s doing really well. Probably has tons more going on as well. He’s a smart guy.

  5. I’m in pretty good shape & know that he could kick my ass…I can only bang out 50 pushups at a time (not bad for 57)….can’t imagine what it takes to do 1,000

  6. Good for Hershel, half the people on here who are hating on him are just miserable that at 51 years old he’s in better shape than they were at 21 years old.

  7. I have seen him fight. Trust me, there are plenty of UFC fighters that he can not only compete with but also beat. Sure there are holes in his MMA style but he is a “tough out” in the octagon.

  8. Dale Earnhardt was younger than that when he got his eggs scrambled with basically a hit to the noggin…probably not a good idea for old Herschel…

  9. Nowhere near broke guys. Not by a long shot. The accurate statement however is that he would have no chance against anyone in the UFC. These guys that make the UFC have to have serious resumes before getting there in other “semi-pro” organizations. The one guy who didnt was James Toney (due to his boxing resume). We saw how he did, and he would kill Herschel. I am sure Herschel would even agree to that.

  10. Nor would an undercard fight in the UFC be a way to change your financial hardships. They make about 3-6k for their first fight in the organization

  11. All I wanna say is that herechal walker is an amazing person and complete beast. Just need to say that before all the whole fans who do t even follow walker talk be for no reason. There will never be another rb in his group.
    Embrace it

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