Bucs have no doubt Revis will be ready to play the Jets in Week 1


Although Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis has not been cleared to practice, nine months after suffering a torn ACL, the team says there is no doubt at all that he’ll be good to go for the start of the regular season.

Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik said on Pro Football Talk shortly after the trade that he was confident Revis would be good to go, and he said on NFL Network on Friday that he’s positive Revis will be able to play against his former team in the opener.

“Fully confident,” Dominik said. “He’s in great shape right now, he’s running full speed, he’s cutting, he’s doing all the things we want him to do from a training standpoint, a rehabilitation standpoint.”

Dominik said the team may slow Revis down if necessary, but he should be good to go when training camp starts.

“We’re going to keep him at our pace,” Dominik said. “But the whole point is he’ll walk out there the first day of training camp, he’ll have pads on, and he’ll be ready for, hopefully, the Jets in Week One. We’re expecting that.”

Revis playing against his old team will be one of the major stories of the NFL’s opening Sunday.

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  1. I have no doubt buttfumble is correct, and Revis’ uncle is currently gathering all the phone numbers of local tv and news papers for his holdout next year.

  2. I have no doubt he’s not dumb enough to risk the non-guaranteed $16 mil a year he gets to just show up and suit up.

  3. Buttfumbles wants to hate because revis is no longer on his team so he has nobody to look forward to watching this season.

  4. If he does hold out (which is dumb if he does) the bucs are gonna laugh at him cause he’s getting 16 mil a year.. Good luck finding someone else to pay that at his age now.. Pro bowl or not he won’t hold out and also won’t be leaving on the bucs. We’re not the jets. He knows we will actually show him the door instead of the jets getting on the phone everyday begging and asking what they can do (hard knocks).. That show made the jets look weak in the front office in more ways than one.

  5. “No doubt Revis will be ready to play the Jets in Week 1″… Dominik didn’t say that, but hey it’s only journalism right?

  6. .

    The Bucs first 3 games :

    at New York Jets


    at New England

    They could easily start the season 3-0 or 0-3 while turning in the same performance in each game.


  7. I would think that if Revis is in a WHEELCHAIR – he’s gonna line up against the j-e-t-s for sure…

  8. I really believe that the NFC South and the NFC West will be really really tough this year. All the teams have a chance to win or at least be extremely tough to beat. This is going to be a great year for NFL fans.

  9. Media can try all it likes to hype this game, but truth is, only Jets and Bucs fans will care. Neither team is good enough to warrant any national attention.

  10. pb420 says:Jun 8, 2013 12:58 PM

    I’d hold out too if I played for the Jets.

    1. Revis does NOT play for the Jets.

    2. Your car wash pays more than the NFL minimum?

  11. @irjets:

    Thanks for the update. I must have missed that huge trade and offseason signing that was reported ad nauseum on most sporting news websites a couple of weeks back.
    You do bring up a good point though. I would rather own and operate a car wash than play for the Jets. It would be far less taxing on the body and, most importantly, the soul.

  12. The only way Revis doesn’t get a pick, is if Sanchez is sitting on the bench. If the Jets are stupid enough to start Sanchez, and allow him to throw the ball, Revis or any other Tampa Bay cornerback will have an interception, make book on that. Hopefully, Geno Smith or Greg McElroy will be the starters, and Sanchez will be carrying a clipboard on the sideline. The only way Sanchez can help the team, is by carrying a clipboard, any other role he plays other than that will be detrimental to the team.

  13. bucs24 says:
    Jun 8, 2013 1:38 PM
    Jets fans are funny he is the best when he is on your team but now he is not he sucks

    No one said he sucks. He’s a great player, but he’s also a me-first guy to a truly incredible extent.

  14. @green415- – –

    No need to explain here. The trolls and haters have creative license to interpret and spew out whatever they want.
    green, these are the same ones that said, “trade Revis”, “keep Revis”. No matter the move the Jets made, it was wrong to them.

    Facts are a pesky thing.

  15. Funny, except for some who mention a team in their usernames, the rest of the trolls here haven’t the guts to name THEIR team.

    Talk is cheap, especially talk from those who hide.

    Those who “thumb down” every post here from a Jets fan, just show they were never involved in any competitive sport.
    If Sanchez ended his career tomorrow, he walked away earning over $60 million dollars!
    Think about that when you have to decide to get a Whopper, or spring for a Whopper with cheese.

  16. The Bucs are a much classier organization as compared to the Jets. I suspect the world will see a Revis with a very different attitude.

  17. Regardless if he’s healthy or not he will get abused in the NFC South… Especially by Drew Brees… Yup, he’ll have to fake another injury just like when Randy Moss burnt him…

  18. hahaha buc fans make me laugh!!! revis is YOUR problem now and he is a huge one. 16 mill per year yup good luck with that. figure it this way, look at all of the games he missed playing for NYJ when he was young and at his healthiest. You will be lucky if he suits up 8 times per season, do the math. I’ll take the #1 CB in the draft in Milliner, as I predicted, for peanuts him and Cro and sleep well at night thank you.

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