Chicago mayor wants the Super Bowl and the NFL draft

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said in the past that he wants a Super Bowl at Soldier Field. He still does. And he also wants the NFL draft in Chicago.

Emanuel’s spokesman says the mayor and the commissioner talked recently and discussed having both NFL events in Chicago.

The mayor and Roger Goodell spoke last week on a number of matters,” spokesman Tom Alexander told “They speak or see one another on occasion. The mayor spoke with the commissioner about several things that would allow Chicago and the NFL to expand their already wonderful relationship. Chicago is a great sports town and a great football town, and the mayor wants to build on these strengths.”

The NFL will have the draft at Radio City Music Hall through 2014, but after that it’s possible the event could move out of New York City.

If next year’s New Jersey Super Bowl goes off without a hitch, Chicago may be one of several cold-weather cities with outdoor stadiums that bid for future Super Bowls. Soldier Field’s small seating capacity of 63,500, however, makes it a long shot to get a Super Bowl even if the NFL is willing to play in the cold again. The Super Bowls have been awarded to Arizona in 2015, San Francisco in 2016 and Houston in 2017, so the earliest Chicago could host the game is 2018.

91 responses to “Chicago mayor wants the Super Bowl and the NFL draft

  1. Yeah, hold the NFL’s two biggest events in murdercity USA, where only Cops and criminals have guns… GREAT IDEA!!! The silver lining here is that maybe Roger “I am god!” Goodell would take a plugs of lead to the chest.

  2. To award this particular mayor with anything is the same as accepting a bribe!

  3. Hey Rahm…don’t worry about the small stuff how bout doing something to stop the daily murders in Chi-town.

    What’s he gonna tell the people during “Fan Fest week” leading up to the Super Bowl, “those pops you here are just fireworks don’t worry about that” as for the draft moving to Chicago? Why?

  4. Well then they better threaten to move the bears like every other NFL team that wants something.

  5. I would return to Chicago for a Frozen Tundra Super Bowl game. It will be a cold day in hell before the NFL owners will allow it.

  6. If you think New York/New Jersey’s winter weather is unpredictable, wait until you get a load of Chicago’s. One blast of “The Hawk”, Chicago’s winter wind, and all the corporate tents will be down and all the pretty people will run screaming back to their hotels.

  7. All of Chicago’s other issues aside for just a moment…

    The odds of it being 5° with 20 mph winds in East Rutherford NJ next February are relatively low.

    The odds of it being 5° with 20 mph winds in Chicago in early February any year are relatively high.

    No one will make that trip just to sit in their hotel room all day (because it’s too cold to do anything else), then freeze their [blank] off in Soldier Field on an ice-cold Sunday night in February. Chicago natives wouldn’t go.

  8. It’d be cool that the team w/ the 1st pick hosts the draft. Its always revolving and, as they claim w/ super bowls, brings money into the cities.

  9. It almost sounds like a holdup:

    “Put the Super Bowl in the bag! That’s right! And the Draft too! Put it in the bag with the Mount Rushmore, see?? Myeahh!!”

  10. And all the profits would benefit the city of Chicago. . . Of course! Just ask Mayor Daley. . . Or Al Capone. . . Or . . . (fill in your own name)

  11. I’d like to know how many of you idiots commenting about “murder city” USA actually live in or have been to Chicago recently. My guess is very few. The crime in Chicago is very isolated, and due in large part to broader macro-economic issues. You folks should go back to worrying about whatever it is you do in Knoxville or Des Moines or wherever it is you’re from. Chicago really is the greatest city in the world.

  12. .

    Why is no one pushing for Anchorage, Alaska? They’re one of our 50 states, yet are excluded from consideration. It seems unamerican.


  13. I don’t know about the Super Bowl . But, the draft should be held some place other than New York. Now, all you get is the Jets, Eagles, and Giant fans making fools of themselves every year. It’s about time for some changes.

  14. Given Emmanuel’s relationship with Obama, Goodell and the NFL can look forward to endless audits if they refuse. Not to mention phone taps, computer hacking, etc.

  15. Goodell opened this can of worms by putting the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey. Now every sub-arctic, non-dome city in the league thinks they are Pasadena in February. I am hoping next year’s game is a white out, so we can return some sanity to this discussion.

  16. I know the Packers wouldn’t mind since they haven’t lost on that field in quite some time.

  17. They will never allow the super bowl to be played on that ghetto sandlot field. It’s garbage, just the city it resides in.

  18. If Emmanuel was involved, I’m almost positive a large case of money and threats were included, you know, an offer Goodell can’t refuse.

  19. Yes…..let’s give another communist something he can complain about and change. Obama will have him preach using a flag instead of tackling. That’s just where this is going!

  20. Toll booths, traffic gridlock and forty mph winds off Lake Michigan in February blowing right into that big giant bed pan. Yeah, I think I’ll watch on television. Just like Da Bears.

  21. If only he could somehow get a well known rock star to issue an executive order….let’s watch and listen, shall we?

  22. Sure, why not…with their mild climate, gangs of roving carjackers, extremely high taxes, and highest murder rate in the country, etc……why shouldn’t they get to host a SuperBowl?

  23. Make a deal with Chicago, if they agree to re-institute the 2nd amendment for their citizens, then give them the draft.

    Chicago will immediately become safer and then they can at least talk about hosting a Superbowl. Now the reality is, this will never happen because Chicago is similar to China in that its a one political party town. The difference is that in China, there is only one party on the ballot whereas in Chicago there are two but the good citizens of Chicago only vote Democrat.

  24. I want Rahm to resign and go away.

    Also, New Orleans will win the bid to host in 2018. Book it.

  25. toybkshr says: Jun 8, 2013 9:30 AM

    The Chi residents elected this “Tool”? LOL

    Chicago and election in the same sentence? I laugh.

    Isn’t that the city that has a higher vote count from the cemetaries than any other group? Unless you count the ones that are paid and brought in by the bus load.

  26. I hope the Super Bowl in New York is a weather disaster. Has no business being in northern cities during that time of the year.

  27. He will have as much luck as Obama did getting the Olympics. Soldier Field footballing January……don’t think so.

  28. It’s amazing that according to the comments on this site that every city in the US is a dump. I guess we can’t all live in whatever paradise all you people live in. If you judge from the daily comments on here you’d think the US was a third world country with most of our cities crime ridden wastelands that no one would ever live in.

  29. Tebow first, then a dome on the field, and then the Superbowl. Pass me some more Wild Turkey please. My glass is empty again.

  30. I think the super bowl should be held in out door cold weather cities. The most legendary games you can think are and were held in adverse conditions. As for Chicago it’s self they have all the instructor to host both events but so do most other nfl cities. I say rotate the super bowl and draft to all nfl cities. If a afc team host the super bowl then an nfc team host the draft. The only place the nfl shouldn’t be sending these events is overseas. They should not support out sourcing we need jobs and revenue here in the states to hell with help other countries.

  31. Jeeze all you Chicago experts really got things down, don’t you? Do you think the draft and Super Bowl will be held in the south side projects or Gary? Downtown Chicago rivals any cities downtown.

  32. All Super Bowl visitors will be given a free bullet. If you ask nicely, they’ll even install it for you…free!

  33. “You folks should go back to worrying about whatever it is you do in Knoxville or Des Moines or wherever it is you’re from. ”

    I know you meant this to take a shot but have you ever been to Knoxville?

    I live in the northeast but my family tries to make a trip there every year to spend time in the absolutely breathtaking smokey mountains.

    I’d rather live in Knoxville over Chicago for sure. Hell, probably rather even live in Des Moines!

  34. Chicago is an amazing city. The people writing derogatory comments about Chicago have never been there, nor have they ever been anywhere else more than 50 miles away from their own trailers.

  35. Something’s wrong when Chicago has 10 times the amount of murders than Toronto every year, and they have the same population.

  36. The BEARS were one the founders of the NFL under GH they should hold the NFL Draft there and a Super Bowl if not for George and the Bears there would be no NFL.

  37. I agree that the Draft should be on some sort of rotation, But every NFL would be a stretch..
    I would propose a rotation of 6 locations..

    In no particular order –
    SF – Denver – Dallas – Atlanta – Chicago –

    NY/Philly/Boston – would rotate each other

    Geographically it would be as fair as possible to give everyone a chance to go with just a short trip..

  38. We get it

    Obama’s from Chicago.
    Rahm’s from Chicago.
    Rahm was Obama’s chief of staff.
    So you go on Drudge, and hate Chicago.

    You don’t see anyone slagging on your 3rd world red-state fly-over dump.

  39. Nothing wrong with the city of Chicago its a great city.

    As far as the whiners go, it should be played outdoors in the elements like it was intended to. Instead we have the fair weather fans crying it will be too cold. Like any of you can afford to go anyhow.

  40. Yeah, that’s what the NFL needs a rash of murders during those two weeks. Just stick to mailing people dead fish Rahm!

  41. Hey, Chicago wouldn’t be bad! We could have deep dish pizza and Chicago hot dogs on the game’s menu plus the Blues Brothers as the halftime show.

    Ah-oh well- nevermind!

  42. The crime in Chicago is very isolated? Isolated to innocent children standing at bus stops? I live less than 3 hours from Chicago. In fact, your refuse come here because they think it’s easier to get public assistance. I have visited your city hundreds of times. There is no way a Superbowl should ever be played there. The weather, crime and the fact that it’s freaking Chicago should end that nonsense immediately.

    Also, the idea of adding more guns to the rampant violence and crime in Chicago is patently ridiculous. Dead kids don’t have a preference when it comes to being murdered by registered or unregistered guns.

  43. My To Do List for June 8, by Rahm Emanuel:
    1. Get Super Bowl for Chicago.
    2. Get NFL Draft for Chicago.
    3. call Obama, tell him he wouldn’t be in this mess if I was still Chief of Staff.
    4. check to see if my Limo has bulletproof glass.
    5. make sure staff knows I need Blackhawks tickets.
    6. do something about all those murders.

  44. Its Soldier Field in February. The skies are overcast, snow flurries whip over the field, the sidelines resemble tent cities with the teams’ cold weather gear all bunched together. The wind is howling in off the Plains, blowing the clouds of exhaled breath up from the stadium. In the stands the people (most of them are not football fans) are huddled under furs, fake furs, stadium blankets, real blankets, tarps, etc. Flasks full of “good times” are passing around and the beer hawkers have quit, their product frozen solid in the bottles and cans.

    Down on the field the players shuffle listlessly from play to play, clouds of steam rising up, and they, wearing so many layers of thermal insulation that they all resemble “Michelin Man”.
    Its the 4TH Quarter and the score is 0 – 0. No one can run, the ball is too “heavy” to throw or kick, and snow has covered the field markings.

    But in his heated luxury booth, Roger Goodell sits in a short-sleeved shirt, sipping an extra dry martini and smiling, contemplating how much moolah this game is adding to his company treasury and thinking about next year’s Super Bowl in, Foxboro.

    This was the Chicago Super Bowl. The first League Championship decided by a coin toss.

  45. Did Rahm go to any games in December? His field was a muddy torn-up disgrace . Prove that you can take care of that for a few years before you start talking about hosting Superbowls..

  46. Eh, the murdering is mostly bangers on the same parts of the city that it’s always been happening, nothing new for 30 years. Nice to see we have some people who still believe the news.

  47. Chicago is a great city. Outside of NYC it’s the best! Go Chicago!!

  48. I like the idea of rotating the draft every year…As for the Super Bowl in Chi-town, it’ll never happen with the small seating capacity at Soldier Field.

    That said, all you whiners talking about the weather in February seem to forget, cold-weather cities host playoff games all the time, and somehow the games are played, and the world still spins on its axis.

    I was born and raised in Chicago, and have nothing but respect for the city and its residents…And any of you bashing my hometown live in Jacksonville, you’re a bunch of hypocrites.

  49. Capacity too small and no roof = no Super Bowl. Quit trying to gain our favor in something that will never happen.
    Concentrate on attracting the Draft. Thats more reasonable.

  50. I have grown tired of the ny fans booing anyone who talks at the draft.time for a change to a city that roots for our commissioner.bye bye nyc!

  51. Should be a pretty easy decision to move the Superbowl to Chicago, now that Rahm’s buddy Obama has access to Goodell and all of the owners emails, phone records and search engine searches.

  52. A Super Bowl would be sweet, so said Mayor Rahm,
    We’ll put the murder spree on hold, so Soldier Field will be calm,
    But that’s not enough, I need the NFL draft as well,
    If I can pull this off, it will be a story to tell

    A legend will grow, about the Mayor who insisted,
    He wanted the Super Bowl and the Draft, but the NFL resisted
    But he turned on his charm, and Roger Goodell just swooned
    While the Sunbelt cities, sat back and fumed

    So Mayor Rahm won, and the Super Bowl was held there
    The Windy City celebrated, it was a grand affair,
    It didn’t help the murder rate, you can’t run from the truth
    But the Mayor was impressed with himself, in his luxury booth

  53. Here’s hoping for the Mother of all snow and ice storms in New York next year to put a stop to these absurd cold weather open stadium Super Bowls.

    The VIPs, corporate sponsors, celebrities, greased politicians, money men, and entourages will just not stand to have their party interrupted by uncomfortable weather. They don’t care about the game, just the party atmosphere, camera time, and being seen.

  54. Chicago has bigger problems to tackle than hosting a SB. Any city that closes 53 public schools due to “budget shortfalls” obviously doesn’t have the funding for security and improvements to host. Oh and that murder rate could come down too.

  55. I smell crooked political chaos. If that happens, Barack Yo Mama, Shouldn’t be the only one impeached!!!

  56. This is the NFL. The president dont have anything to do with football except he’s a Bears fan. CHICAGO will get the Superbowl because they have the money and the respect of the NFL. I JUST HOPE THE BEARS PLAY IN THAT SUPERBOWL.

  57. And the Muslim, radical communist will issue an executive order demanding a Super Bowl for The ghetto city.

  58. It was actually Obama’s idea but he didn’t want to look like a fool bringing it up, so he asked this idiot to do it. plus he has enough to do trying to save his a$$ from humiliation from all of his scandals.

  59. Chicago has the highest murder rate in the USA surprising Washington and NY. Thats because they have the strictest gun-control. Apparently only criminals may possess firearms.
    Anyhow, Manny is a criminal and Obama clone.
    So how many of you NFL fans really want to attend a SB in Chicago?

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