Delanie Walker not happy he’s missing practice

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Maybe Cary Williams and Delanie Walker were arguing during the Super Bowl about participation in voluntary offseason practices.

For every player like Williams, the new Eagles cornerback who stridently views voluntary workouts as voluntary even though they’re not really voluntary, plenty of players embrace the practice sessions as opportunities.  Like Walker.

Now with the Titans, Walker doesn’t have to bust his butt for a roster spot.  But he’s aiming higher than merely keeping his job.

Walker, who tweaked a knee early in OTAs, has been unable to participate.  And he doesn’t like it.

“Guys got to see how I looked early, and I think they know that I ain’t slacking,” Walker said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “But it is upsetting not to be out there with them now.  Being on a new team, I hate for something like this to happen where I can’t practice with the guys.”

Walker is impressed with his new team, even though the Titans won only six games last year.

“It is similar to the 49ers, and that’s a good thing,” Walker said.  “That means the team here wants to win. We just have to get better, because we do have a lot of young guys. But that is what we are working on, getting better and understanding the philosophy of what the coaches want. I see us doing big things this year.”

It’s easy to say that, at at time when everyone is 0-0.  In theory, any team can do big things in the coming year.  If the Titans don’t, however, owner Bud Adams could be showing his biggest fingers to the entire coaching staff.

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  1. Delanie Walker is one of those guys you hate to lose. As a Niner fan, he’s someone I’ll miss because of what he did on the field and how he carried himself off of it. The guy never got in trouble, never complained about playing second fiddle to Vernon Davis and eventually became a key cog in the Niner offense.

    As a football fan, I’m happy that he’s getting the chance to be a true #1 TE. I think he’ll do great things in Tennessee and look forward to cheering for him.

  2. I think its good of players like Walker to go for the voluntary workouts/practices but I mean no one really cares if Cary Williams is missing them. It is voluntary for a reason and I think its unfair to Cary that hes getting criticized for that. If the team wants him there, make it MANDATORY. The guy isn’t getting into trouble with the law or getting overweight. Plus he was a good player for the Ravens last year. Just let his play do the talking and if hes falling behind, then criticize him for missing voluntary workouts.

  3. mrsingh24 says: Jun 8, 2013 11:02 AM
    Plus he was a good player for the Ravens last year.
    Cary Williams is overrated. He does have some skills, and is fast enough to keep up with most guys, but he plays scared. I can’t count the times he’d line up 10 yards off of a WR on 3rd and 4. Once Webb went down he was the best the Ravens had, but that doesn’t make him “good”.

  4. lol @raqaiw …. he seems to think that corners play off receivers because they are afraid lol Guess you dont know that there are plays coming in from the D coordinator that by design have the corners playing off coverage…..Watch more football casual fan

  5. edreedisgod:

    First,if you think Cary Williams is NOT overrated,you perhaps should watch more football. He was rated poorly on several football analytics sites such as PFO and PFF. I value your analysis far less than theirs.
    Second,I never said CB line up in off coverage because they’re scared,I said Williams does. His ineffectiveness is one reason the Ravens defense was poor last year. QBs had a great passer rating when targeting Williams last season. I expect that to continue.

  6. @raqaiw i dont know what football u been watching, because all u looking at apparently is stats, the dude was a beast for them ravens towards the end of the season n playoffs. coming from a jaguars fan u sir dont know ur s**t about ur own team. ineffectiveness, i can point out 5 games where he goes press coverage right now too u, @edreedisgod is right it depends on what the DC is scheming up

  7. You’re with the Titans now, Walker. That means work, work, and more work. Those days you spent at the Harbaugh Luxury Training Resort are over. You’ll miss it I’m sure, but what’s done is done. But late at night you can dream of those halcyon days of lounging around the SF pool and watching Vernon, get chest massages from nubile maidens, while all the while Jim the HC, serenaded you with ukulele music.

    You’re with a “real” football team now,… get to work!!!!

  8. Walker is going to be seriously missed in San Fran…..

    Titans, you got a hell of a Tight End and an even better man….

  9. I understand he is joking, but the two were probably still feeling the rivalry they had in college. Williams went to Washburn and Walker went to Central Missouri. These two D2 schools were rivals from the same conference.

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