LaMarr Woodley: James Harrison is the nicest guy you’ll meet


James Harrison has been called many things during his NFL career, but “nice guy” is not one of them.

At least, “nice guy” isn’t what people observing Harrison from the outside called him during his NFL career. But Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who played alongside Harrison for six seasons in Pittsburgh, says the perceptions of Harrison are not reality.

“James looks mean and tough, but he’s one of the nicest guys you’re going to meet,” Woodley told

Woodley was speaking at the fundraising event he organized for the schools in his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan — an event at which Harrison spent time speaking to children and to parents. Although Woodley is sorry not to be Harrison’s teammate anymore, he said he’s looking forward to playing against him now that Harrison is in Cincinnati.

“We’re going to beat the Bengals twice, and Harrison will say they’ll beat us twice,” Woodley said.

And when those games are over, Woodley will exchange a handshake with one of the nicest guys he’s ever met. Even if during the game, Harrison isn’t very nice to Ben Roethlisberger.

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  1. Cut twice by the Steelers and once by the Ravens, a stint in NFL Europe and he never gave up. A great story of a quiet guy who kept improving his game to become one of the premier linebackers in the game (DPOY).

    Best of luck even if its with the Bengals.

  2. Why is this surprising? Often times on-field personalities are different than offifield personalities. Take Troy Polomalu for instance. One of the quietest nicest guys off the field, but you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him on the field.

  3. ““We’re going to beat the Bengals twice, and Harrison will say they’ll beat us twice,” Woodley said.”

    And then he woke up

  4. Cant really say i disagree,other than criticizing goodell haven’t heard anything negative from or about him off the field

  5. DeBo plays real football — the way it always was and and the way it’s always been …. until very recently, anyway.

    You’d hear legendary Hall of Fame caliber coaches from Lombardi to Noll preaching about physicality and warping another man’s will to win. DeBo was and remains the real deal – to borrow a tired phrase. The guy brought it – he was no blow-dried nancy boy with spray-painted abs. He was real, and was an undeniable presence in Pittsburgh’s locker room – and in the huddle of every team we’ve ever faced.

    We’ll miss him — he looked awful good in the Black and Gold. Gosh, he’d still look good lining up – but all the best to James. Damn good football player. Damn good man in my book.

  6. Nice guy off the field, ferocious on it. He did great things for the steelers including the best defensive play in superbowl history. I was hoping he wouldn’t go to a division opponent and he did but I only see him in cincy for a year, tops two, then he will officially retire.

  7. Harrison isn’t dirty, he plays like every other front seven guy…he was just great, so people took notice.

    I’m a Browns fan. He was a beast

  8. my son and hid friends met him at kennywood park when he was with his family. he took the time to shake all their hands and ask their names. great guy. and that is from a browns fan

  9. The difference is that Polamalu comes across as a nice guy in interviews. Harrison is an idiot

  10. I don’t think Colt McCoy would agree with that. Nobody wants to meet a dirty player.

  11. Some of the greatest LB’s in the history of the game were dirty by today’s standards. Buttkiss, Bednarik, Lambert, LT, would all have been fined and/or suspended several times in today’s NFL.
    It was said by more than one person who knew Ray Nitschke personally that if it weren’t for Football, he’d have gone to prison!
    The point is- one doesn’t have to be nice to be a great football player, and that’s exactly what Harrison is.

  12. You should all check out his facebook page; it’s really hard to not like him after seeing his page. He posts pics of when he was a kid; he posts videos of him fishing and bowling–just being a regular dude (not clubbing or driving a sports car).

    He’s always taking pictures with fans. He just recently toured Cincinnati and was meeting a lot of the fans out there.

    I always thought he was kind of a hothead until I saw his page. He’s got a really dry and self effacing sense of humor.

  13. It’s interesting that nobody remembers him slapping around the mother of his kid a few years ago.

  14. Didn’t Woodley say before the 2012 season that the Ravens would never win a SB with Flacco? So much for his opinion or predictions!

  15. “Take Troy Polomalu for instance. One of the quietest nicest guys off the field, but you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him on the field.”

    When was the last time Troy was on the field?!
    It certainly SEEMS like it’s been a while…

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