NFLPA, Roc Nation meet


As Jay-Z continues his assault on the sports agent industry, with new reports linking him to NBA star Kevin Durant, the entertainment mogul’s Roc Nation Sports spent time Wednesday dealing with questions regarding the recruitment of Jets quarterback Geno Smith.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, representatives of Roc Nation met with NFLPA officials in Washington to discuss the role, if any, that Jay-Z had in persuading Smith to sign with Roc Nation employee Kim Miale, an NFLPA-certified agent.

Because Jay-Z does not hold NFLPA certification, he technically can’t have any involvement in recruiting players to sign with someone who does.

The rule was implemented last year to wipe out “runners,” folks operating discreetly on college campuses to make connections between players and agents.  The NFLPA feared that runners were breaking the rules against making payments to players (because many runners were), giving agents a layer of plausible deniability.

Still, this situation remains different.  Jay-Z doesn’t work for Miale.  The previously unknown Miale works for Jay-Z.  He’s not a runner; he’s a closer.

The problem is that, if the folks close to the process opt to try to conceal Jay-Z’s role in the process (like when Smith advisor John Thornton said Jay-Z was involved and then claimed to be misquoted), the broader philosophical discussion will be lost in the question of whether the NFLPA can catch someone in a lie — and then throw the book at as many of them as possible.

Of course, the process started down this path when Jay-Z decided he was going to crash the party without regard to the rules that already were in place.  While some think it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission, sometimes seeking permission gets you to the same place, without the hassles.

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  1. I don’t see why so many people are upset about jay-z getting involved in this. Who cares? If athletes want to sign with him, that is their business, if not, that is fine too.

  2. I subscribe to the former but,in this case I can see the latter. @footballady52🏈

  3. huh?

    “Because Smith does not hold NFLPA certification, he technically can’t have any involvement in recruiting players to sign with someone who does.”


  4. i think the agents see jay z as a serious threat. They probably fear that he will have a very large client list which means less clients for themselves.

  5. Sad to say there might be a hint of bias involved. Historically, agents have been caucasian, (who made millionaires of many),and now with a pre-dominance of African-American players, some at this point might feel more comfortable dealing with this new wave of agents.

    The many multi-millionaires in the NFL and the NBA, should worry about green, not black or white.

  6. i think the agents see jay z as a serious threat. They probably fear that he will have a very large client list which means less clients for themselves.

    I believe that this is true. I do not believe at all that any sports union is really a union. I believe that it is nothing more than a collection of agents running the show. The sole purpose is to increase revenue through salary increases which means more fees for the agents. True the players have a save in certain areas but what drives any union is money. This is particularly true in baseball. The union doesn’t care about PED’s as long as the salaries increase and thus arbitration values soar.

    To say that the NFLPA and MLBPA are unions is insulting to the men who served in the mines and the assembly lines fighting to give their families a dollar an hour wage increase.

  7. I don’t think Jay-Z has to actively recruit star athletes.

    That like saying Kate Upton has to ask for dates.

  8. The problem with Jay Z here is that he owns a sports agency even though he is not a sports agent and cannot become a certified nflpa agent with his current formal education level.

    It’s like a non-lawyer owning a law firm and profiting off of his employees (who are lawyers). It isn’t allowed, and this shouldn’t be allowed either. Such rules are for the benefit of the consumer, in this case the players.

    The argument that “the players should be select who they want to be their agent” is inapt here because jay z is not an agent. They can’t pick him to be their agent because he isn’t oneself the moment.

  9. I don’t see the big deal.. If the player wants to be represented by someone then that’s his choice.. If it ends up being a bust ya’ll are going to point and laugh.. Only if it is successful, is when you’re going to be upset and let it ruin your day..

  10. It seems obvious to me that the NFLPA requires agents to be certified in order to protect players from hucksters. Jay-Z can’t break the rules just because he’s Jay-Z.

  11. Jay Z isn’t being their sports agent he is handling their marketing, but when you sign wit ROC you are getting an agent that wirks for Jay Z. I don’t see the big issue either. Although I personally can’t stand the guy, he is a business man and a smart one at that. Of course athletes are going to flock to this guy and as stated previously its their decision to do so.

  12. This is total BS. The rule is there because the union and the agents think all those dollars belong to them. But this won’t be the first time someone tried to keep HOV out of a racket.

  13. I know this is a PFT thread but does anyone else think its odd that a part owner of an NBA is allowed to have contact professionally with a player who is under contract to a different NBA team? I smell some tampering on Jay-Z’s part in the NBA

  14. The NFLPA is dreaming if they think they’ll ever have any power over Jay-Z. I wouldn’t be surprised if that meeting ending with Jay-Z pitching the NFLPA on why they should fire DeMaurice Smith and outsource all operations to Roc Nation so that they can get the job done right for a change.

  15. Yeah all the other agents know Jay Z is a BIG threat. Since starting the agency just a month or two ago, he already has some of the biggest names in all the sports. Kevin Durant just signed him a couple days ago.

    I dont even understand why he cant recruit the athletes. For the most part the agents at CAA will be the ones handling the contract negotiations. He just handles the marketing.

  16. I feel that if a player wants to have someone they trust represent them then that’s their choice.
    I don’t agree with how the system is set up with agents having to meet certain criteria set by the N.F.L. I feel the same way about my own profession I am a mechanical contractor and the codes/laws that are made by the contractors board are done so to make it very hard for the average person to do things on their own without getting in trouble so they end up having to pay a contractors price to do what someone with a little bit of know how could easily accomplish and there is much more to this but I wont ramble on. The bottom line is that you should have a right to do things your own way provided you don’t put anyone in danger or mislead anyone for your own gain and if you are not sure how then don’t do it and that would include being a sports agent. so in this case my question is why would you have to have a certain piece of paper saying you did this that or the other when you very well may have just the experience of dealing with these types of matters thru life’s experience it reminds me of the good ole boy’s loop – if your not in the loop then your left out in the cold no matter how good you may be and to me their is no better teacher than experience .

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  18. Sooo…Master P can negotiate contracts as an agent, but Jay Z can’t?

    NFLPA must like dirty south rap better than east coast.

  19. I thought the NFLPA wanted players to get paid. They probably don’t like the runners offering back deals because they can’t collect their cut of that money.

  20. Obvious question: what is stopping Jay-Z from getting NFLPA certification for himself. That seems to be the actual technicality at issue here. Miale got certified, so why can’t Jay-Z get certified? Or why is that not pertinent?

  21. OK, Jay-Z, a piece of free advice for you. Memorize this line and you will have no more problems:

    Yes, I did have a meeting with Mr. X. The only thing that was discussed was the marketing strategy we would use in maximizing the ability of said player. When we were asked if we would be able to assist Mr. X with his NFL contract, I told him that I was not a certified agent and he would need to speak with someone who the NFLPA has certified to handle such business. Mr. X asked me if there was anyone in my agency that could handle this responsibility, I excused myself in said meeting and the meeting with Mr. X and Mr. Maile continued with out me being any part of it. If Mr. X decided that Mr. Maile was the best agent to handle his NFL contract, he did so with no assist from me or anyone alse that is not NFLPA certified.

    Problem solved!

  22. Not a Jay-Z fan, but he clearly knows something about business and negotiating.

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