Aaron Rodgers eyeballs seven more seasons, maybe more


It Aaron Rodgers learned anything from Brett Favre, the 2011 NFL MVP knows never to engage in an annual game of public angst over retirement.  But while Rodgers isn’t, and surely won’t, play a game of will-I-or-won’t-I?, he has begun to openly discuss the end of the road.

In a recent interview with Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Rodgers addresses his long-term plans.

“I said [in the past] eight more [years],” Rodgers said.  “I played eight [seasons], I think I can get eight more.  But this contract, the way it’s set up, it’s not comparable to some of the other similar contracts where the cap number becomes so large at the end of three and four and five [years] where they might have to re-do it.  I think we can legitimately see this all the way through seven years.  Now that would take very consistent play from me, for me to be worth those numbers for the next seven years.  But I fully expect to play well and if I can play seven more good years and we can have some more success and win a couple more [titles], then it might be time to hang it up.”

There are a few qualifications lurking in that answer.  A “couple more” titles.  It “might” — not will — be time to hang it up.

Even then, Rodgers could continue:  “I’ve always said as long as I can be [a] 100 percent offseason contributor and be here for the OTAs and want to be here and continue to want to put in the time in the offseason, then I’m going to be playing.  As long as I have my legs and that commitment to the team, then I’ll keep playing.”

Intentional or not, that’s a subtle slap at Favre, who reached a point in his career where he wanted to play but didn’t want to prepare to play.  For Rodgers, he’ll play as long as he has the passion to prepare.

Still, as Rodgers moves toward his 30th birthday, he has spoken at length about retirement for the first time.  Unlike Favre, Rodgers won’t be keeping the Packers or the team’s loyal fans in the dark about when he finally will be calling it quits — at least not for the next seven years.

After that, it looks like Rodgers will slide onto the year-to-year plan.  In each given year, however, it sounds as if the Packers will know very early in the offseason whether Rodgers will be back — and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll change his mind in July.

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  1. Bears, Vikings and Lions fans love to say Brett Favre is waaay better than Aaron Rodgers. But what they cannot deny is so far Rodgers has been the much better QB in division games than Favre ever was. It took Brett years to beat the Vikings in Minnesota, the last few years he could not beat the Bears and he lost quite a few times in the Silverdome. These are facts.

  2. As a Packer fan, it is strange to read or hear about retirement talk for Aaron Rodgers, albeit being 7-8 years away. I feel like he just got here, but in reality he’s almost 30.

  3. I respect his answer, but he really won’t be able to say until he gets there. Seven years in football is like dog years, he could have a lot of issues down the line that he is not dealing with today. He may not get back to the big game, or he may get there and lose. Talking like you know what you will be doing years from now is silly.

  4. Always nice to hear what someone says they will do in 7 years. Let wait until that time comes and see what happens.

  5. why is this a story? why did someone even ask this? hes not quite 30 yrs old yet. this story is a good 4 years too early.

  6. Cool. He’ll have seven more seasons to wonder why TT and Co. keep surrounding him with crap talent. Oh wait, his franchise-sinking contract could have something to do with it.

    Packers =Last.

  7. Rodgers has lacked protection for much of his career, but has missed very little time due to injury, so I’d predict he’ll remain play at an elite level for at least another 3-4 years, then play at a reduced, but starting-caliber level for another 1-2 years before beginning his backup career or retiring. There’s no way he’ll be worth the $20 million per the Pack agreed to pay him those final two years, so he’ll either accept a substantial pay cut or go the way of Favre.

    It IS a strange question to ask one of the leagues best current QB’s, who’s clearly in his prime, but I guess its slow time of the year for the sports media.

  8. Also love that he’s throwin’ up the horns in the pic. ROCK ON in Green ‘n Gold!

  9. “Aaron Rodgers eyeballs one more $100 Million contract.”

    Can’t we call it as we see it???

  10. Which translates into, “I think that I have another 14 concussions left behind my poor o-line”.

  11. Aaron…You will be playing as long as a billionaire owner is willing to sign your paycheck with eight zeros on it.

    Don’t play us as the fool.

  12. “These are facts.”

    They are completely irrelevant facts, if that’s what you want to call them. You might as well argue Rodgers has a better record on Sunday night games in October when it’s raining. Why would you even concede Favre is better than Rodgers? If you want to defend Rodgers than you may as well make the completely legitimate argument that he’s better overall.

  13. So you’re going to hang all over “couple of titles” and “might hang it up”……. but you’re annoyed when athletes “just answer the question”. Can’t have it both ways Florio.

  14. Aaron Rodgers is just like Peyton Manning in John Elways eyes ….

    Needs two more Super Bowls …..

    Then you have at least fans of the other 28 teams that wish they were in this conversation. To have a QB that has been a starter for five years and is honestly talking about the next eight…..

  15. Rogers is a good QB but he is a major douche. I seriously can’t stand him. Good luck trying to win another super bowl little man. HE’S SO SHORT!

  16. I went to Cal with him and he was a dynamo. As a 9er fan, I was furious when they drafted Smith over him. He used to wear Montana’s jersey under his jersey for godssake! 9ers went full retard on that one.

  17. I will start calling Rogers instead of Miss Cleo for my psychic readings then. Anyone that can see the future of the NFL for 7+ seasons is certainly more deserving than any psychic.

  18. Agreed…way too early for this conversation. It’s as if the media is looking to stir up the hornet nest and evoke the same scenario we went through with Brett. Not to mention, how is it a “slap at Favre”? The guy is just stating what he wants out of his own career. Jeezus…leave it to the spinsters to create drama where there is none.

  19. That means in four years the Packers will be drafting QBs for the last three years of his contract praying they can come up with someone who will be good enough to carry the torch the way he did from Favre.a desk job in front of the ESPN cameras awaits him if he wants to stay in the spotlight.

  20. Funny how his mentioning of preparation was interpreted as a subtle slap at Favre. I think that portion of the article is another media manufactured “crisis” trying to get someone to take the bait and turn that into a whole discussion and series of interviews.

    Get people to ask Rodgers and Favre about it, and take anything they say and try to turn it into a big fight, even when there wasn’t anything there in the first place.

  21. I love the people talking smack on here… 90% of the teams wish he were their QB, God knows I do…

    There isn’t a QB in the league who couldn’t be replaced by this guy….And don’t forget , he is entering year 9 but the first 3 are almost non existent.

    I would laugh if I were a true Packers fan because of all the Bears and Viking fans who talk so much garbage… as if they have been relevant in 30 years…

  22. Aaron Rodgers is a better QB than Favre was, primarily because he is more disciplined than Favre ever was. But Favre was the better football player.

    Expect at least one of Rodgers remaining years to be wiped out due to injury, and for him to miss more games outside of that, too.

    As for a couple more championships- not gonna happen. He may be the best QB in the league, but the team around him looks like the Jaguars. Enough said.

  23. Boy, this sounds very reminiscent of Favre’s “I’ve thought about the end of my career” comment to Peter King of Sports Illustrated … when he said it way back in 2004. That’s how all of this started with Favre.

    All these people that say “there’s no way” will Rodgers pull a Favre at the end of his career with the “will he, or wont he” come back, you cannot predict the future, and as evidence of such, I present exhibit A.

    Plus by the end of the 2004 season, Favre had already started for the Packers for 13 full seasons, Rodgers, as of now, has started just five !

  24. As a Viking fan that has to watch him cream us twice a year, I really, really, really think he should just retire now.

  25. So the QB the Packers draft to succeed Aaron Rodgers may still be playing high school football!

    I am positive that Ted Thompson already has his eye on the guy.

  26. I agree with most people who say Rodgers probably learned a lot from Favre his first 3 years in the league. So why would it be a slap towards Favre if he learned what not to do when it comes to retirement.

    When you lose the desire to prepare 100% for the season then its a pretty good sign the end is near.

  27. jhein23 says: Jun 9, 2013 10:51 PM

    Bears, Vikings and Lions fans love to say Brett Favre is waaay better than Aaron Rodgers. But what they cannot deny is so far Rodgers has been the much better QB in division games than Favre ever was. It took Brett years to beat the Vikings in Minnesota, the last few years he could not beat the Bears and he lost quite a few times in the Silverdome. These are facts.
    But the Bears, Lions and Vikings are all middling teams right now. I’d say they were better when Favre was playing.

  28. Seriously people… Rodgers is a hell of a qb, is a great team mate, does a ton in the community and is worth every cent the packers are paying him. The people that complain that he doesn’t have any talent around him seriously don’t know football. Thompson does pay his own people and it shows, he doesn’t overspend on washed up or overrated players. Since 1992 the packers have only had 2 losing seasons one under favre and one with Rodgers. Why is that people?? Because the packers don’t make STUPID moves that the media and general public want them to make. The team is set up for success now and well into the future? Most of these people that complain or trash Rodgers and the packers have no fricking clue what they are talking about. If you look back the past 20 years I believe the packers made the playoffs 13 times, that’s pretty damn good! Do some research, become educated and stop being a idiot, actually don’t because you people supply the entertainment for the rest of us! Haters got to hate, your just butt hurt that your team flatt out sucks year in a d year out for the most part!

  29. I know this take won’t be popular with Packer fans but…

    Didn’t he just take his first step down “Favre’s Yellow Cheese Road to retirement/unretirement/I’m not sure if I’ll retire,” by making these comments? Stating that he’ll play out this contract for 7 years and maybe quit. Could have said, “That’s not something I’m even thinking about. I need to focus on bringing at least one more championship to Green Bay.”

    Keep in mind that, by year 5 or 6, he likely will not be the highest paid QB in the game. I just can’t see that setting well but he can afford a way better crystal ball than this old thing I’m trying to read.

  30. Well yeah he can make it that long, all his offensive lineman have to do is keep holding and not get called for it and he wont get sacked again. Must be great being the most favored team in the NFL.

  31. Imagine Rodgers with an O line and running game like Favre had in the early 2k’s. It’s coming. Don’t like the Packers? You’re gonna hate what’s coming. Ted continues to build a superior offense. And that means he only needs a little more defense, and the guys to make that happen are already on the roster. Randall Cobb is going to be a superstar. They’ll find one good running back out of this draft. Young, talented guys on defense. Nothing but upside in Green Bay.

  32. tokyosandblaster says: Jun 9, 2013 10:54 PM

    “Which means 7 more assured division crowns…”

    Nothing in life is assured, except the arrogance of some Packer fans.

  33. Maybe if they actually acquire an offensive line he might be able to play that long. Not every player can last as long as Favre just because they’re a Packer.

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