Birk elaborates on White House no-show


Former Vikings and Ravens center Matt Birk created an unintended stir last week, skipping without notice the Super Bowl XLVII champion’s visit to the White House.

After the fact, Birk attributed his decision to President Obama’s recent address to Planned Parenthood.  Birk objects to that group because it facilitates and performs abortions.

Birk, who sporting a JaMarcus-style body reduction from 300 to 250 pounds threw out the first pitch at Saturday’s Orioles game, appeared on Friday’s PFT Live from Baltimore to elaborate on the decision.  Birk addressed among other things whether he considered showing up and communicating his concerns directly to President Obama, along with the inherent conflict between a two-party political system and religious views that don’t fully mesh with the platform of either.

Now that Birk is moving on to a new phase in his life, Birk said he possibly will do something that will get him invited again to visit the White House, presumably when a different President is in office.  The Harvard-educated (like Obama) Birk, however, has no aspirations to ever be the man who lives there.

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  1. I wonder how he handled sharing a locker room with people who have different views than him for all those years if he can’t handle being around 1 guy who does.

  2. Matt Birk doesn’t want poor families to obtain affordable health care. Obviously, if he’s going to conflate PP with strictly abortions, then he can’t possibly have a clue as to what else they tend to do.

  3. How does this egotistical idiot get all of this space? Did anyone follow his antics in Minnesota – aka the great backstabber! always thought he knew what was best for everyone– Seldom practiced what he preached – kissed managements butt on a regular basis-ratted his teammates out …… please move on to something more mainstream football…..

  4. He has every right to think whatever he wants, but it’s cowardly to not show up. It’s the President and the White House. Does he treat others who are pro abortion or pro gay marriage like that? Planned Parenthood does a lot of other things as well.

  5. To add to nyyjetsknicks comment, we will likely never have a conservative president again. We have arrived at the point where the amount of people dependent on “entitlements” seem to outnumber the people who actually want to go to work and earn what they want.

  6. Of course the Liberal Haters will never give Birk his due for standing up for his beliefs cause the Liberals cannot tolerate anyone who does not blindly follow their fantasyworld beliefs.

    BTW, nyyjetsknicks, your teams will keep sinking into the cesspool of NYC corruption and habitually failing teams. Can’t see either one being over .500 next season.

  7. Love how all the liberals cry because this man is taking a moment to stand up for his beliefs in a peaceful way. I personally disagree with him but respect his courage to stand.

    Then again Liberals use to be for civil liberties when Bush trashed on them, but all of a sudden since a D is in office: the IRS bullying citizens, drone policies allowing targeting Americans , NSA data spying(Hi NSA =D) , sending guns to Mexican Cartels, targeting Whistleblowers with espionage act from the 30’s, targeting reporters, expanding executive power drastically don’t mean anything.

    Obama = Bush 2.0 have a backbone and admit you got duped.

  8. Why anyone would want to meet a lying, America-hating man that wants to ruin this once great country is beyond me. Finally, an athlete that thinks with his brain instead of his, well, you know..

  9. All this religious ruckus from a guy who worked on the Sabbath his whole career, violating the 3rd Commandment every time.

  10. I applaud you sir. Regardless of what else you see on this site – I commend you for sticking by your convictions. Most liberals would do the same – until it means that you disagree with their position – then all their liberal attitudes go out the window. You have a right to your views/opinions, and the right to not compromise those values. If childish fools don’t see it that way – then let them cry all the way home. So, be content in your values – you did the right thing -let the detractors, with limited mental abilities, stew.

  11. first of all had he gone to the white house do you think he would have had that chance to express his views to the man in charge? and if he did you and your friends in the mainstream media that push the gay left wing agenda would have killed him for doing that. I think he did the right thing, he did not want to be a hypocrite so did not attend and good for him. now he is not forced to issue a fake apology or be forced to attend a re-education camp…er sensitivity training over it.

  12. The right to abortion isn’t even absolute. Once a woman gets to the third trimester, it is illegal to have an abortion (this may vary by state).

    So essentially, after 6 months of pregnancy, no abortion.

  13. I don’t get anti-abortion people whose views are carved in conservative doctrine. They want everyone to have kids, but don’t to assist anyone who’s poor. Then they turn around and call themselves “Christians.” Isn’t that what Jesus Christ did—help the poor?

    I don’t get Matt Birk and his ilk. Until I get a clear philosophy from them (one not based on some literal translation of an archaic Old Testament reading) I’ll consider Matt Birk and his ilk a bunch of frauds.

  14. Just the type of one-issue, no-comprise, lazy-thinking mindless automaton the republicans like. Is he such a dimwitted, slow-thinking person that he could not explain to his children that while he disagrees with the President on that one issue, the world consists of a great degree of complexity and while it is important to remain true to yourself, it is also important to maintain relationships and remembering that it is foolish to blindly disregard 99% of everything just so that you may force your own beliefs on those that choose to exercise the FREEDOM to control their own lives.

  15. Keep arguing about trivial topics and overblown issues that bare no “right” answer. Its what allows stuff like the Patriot Act to slip through the cracks and further drive us into that Orwellian 1984 world of bliss! Puppet on the Left or right, does not really matter…ultimately they want the same thing and we’re all sheeps for the slaughter.

  16. I think Birk was just looking for an excuse not to go. I wouldn’t want to meet Obama either. You might get him upset and wind up getting audited.

  17. I would personally go but I love how the liberals call him an idiot for standing up for his beliefs but would praise someone who did the same due to pro abortion and gay marriage beliefs. Libs are the epitome of hypocrites.

  18. Right. Birk really expects us to believe he planned to visit the White House right up until April 26 when Obama spoke to Planned Parenthood? Baloney. If Obama had not made that speech, Birk would have just found another excuse.

    And by the way, not showing up and then talking to the press about it is hardly what I would call, “standing up for what you believe in.” I would call what Birks did “grandstanding” or “taking a powder.”

  19. Matt Birk please just go away. As a Raven fan I am glad you retired and now we have a younger and better player than you at the center position in Geno Gradkowski. You were the main reason we lost to the Pats two years ago in that championship game as you got man handled by Vince Wilfork. Nobody cares about your viewpoints.

  20. Matt Birk is was great player that was asked treated badly by the Minnesota Vikings Mangement and deserved the opportunity play on a SuberBowl Championship team. As a general rule I don’t put much stock in the political views of professional athletes or entertainers. As millionares the decisions of polititians don’t always have the same impact on them as it would the average citizen. Matt has made his conservative viewpoints known publicly, which is his right. But, I suspect he never had any intention of traveling to Washington and shaking the president’s hand. Had the president not made the comments on PP, it would have some other actions or statements that would resonate with his fellow conservatives. Liberals did the same thing with Bush. It is just a little ingenuous when these folks claim they respect the office of the president and then act contrary to the claim.

  21. I honestly had no idea that he ever played for the Ravens. I thought he retired as a Viking years ago.

  22. What is happening in America when a man can’t make up his own mind where he will go or not?

    Matt Birk has every right to say “No Thanks”

    to Emperor Obama.

    The crap going on in the country today is grossly
    beyond reason ; one man, Matt Birk stands up and say’s “I want no part of this FRAUD.”

  23. 11inthebox,

    You’re right – you don’t get anti-abortion people and Christians. You seem to think they don’t want to help people who need it. Christians don’t take that stance at all. You’re wrong on that, but you’re right that you don’t get them at all.

  24. A lot of morons out here tonight. I realize it’s easy to group anyone who disagrees with Birks stance as some liberal who hates people with a different opinion but seriously IMO this should be about how some people just shouldn’t be forced to raise/have kids! I get that most of you are 12 and have no idea about the responsibilities of raising a child, just to put it in perspective it’s a lot more challenging than logging on to pft and pressing a thumbs down/up button.

    Are country is already over crowded in certain areas and jobs, good jobs, aren’t readily available. A lot of the people who need abortions aren’t fit to raise a child and deserve to have a choice to be responsible for themselves and their impact on society.

    Before you just thumbs down this for being longer then 2 sentences and being pro abortion, read it a few times and hopefully you’ ll have a moment of clairvoyance were you actually think for your self instead of falling back on a book written thousands of years ago which holds little relation to todays society.

  25. This is so simple. Birk was an invited guest. Either go or don’t go but don’t turn the invitation into a platform to embarrass the host who invited you in good faith . Use a different forum to voice your views. This applies regardless of the issue involved.

  26. Wow. For a Harvard man (did you know he went to Harvard?!), this guy sure knows how to come off sounding like an idiot. Way to go Birk, keep it simple stupid.

  27. Planned Parenthood does so much good for so many women that has nothing to do with Abortion.
    Does Matt want the government to monitor every pregnancy? Please give me a break.

  28. Cant really argue with Matt Birk’s decision……but must wonder if he was so outspoken\adament\opininated when in the locker room with Dennis Green who was sleeping with the cheerleaders, some of his teamates were out on the love boat, or listening to motivational speeches from Ray(i know who killed 2 people) lewis…….nope he didnt say anything but when his team is being honored…not by Barack Obama but by the United States of America for their accomplishments…he now now cant go and stand up with his team for 30 minutes….

  29. Birk obviously has no clue what PP’s primary purpose is: providing primary health care to women. He’s just another narrow minded GOP supporter albeit with an Ivy League degree.

  30. As a man who was raised in a strict Catholic home, who left the Church decades ago because I can’t & won’t buy into “a la carte” Catholicism, I’m waiting for ONE Catholic to explain to me how you can be anti-abortion and continue to attend a Church that moved known child molesters from parish to parish for DECADES, blamed the victims, and continues to shield the Bishops and Cardinals responsible for the horrors these children were put through. A child is a sacred gift from God who we must fight to protect until the parish priest decides he or she is the next one up on his dance card? Please, any of you, tell me you see the blatant hypocrisy. BTW – how many of you follow the Church’s instruction to not use birth control? I’m old enough to remember going to Church and seeing families of five, six, and seven kids. Now, the pews are filled with families with one or two children. Some rules are okay to follow, but some are just too tough, right?

  31. Way to go……what’s his name?…oh Matt Birk, what spine you have for standing up against the president. (sarcasm) You idiot if you really gave a damn, you had an opportunity of a lifetime to actually speak with the president and voice your concerns about your stupid issue. But instead you decided to sit home and do nothing. LMAO guy tried to look noble and stand for something but it backfired and he looks like a fool.

  32. He was probably fed up with having Chris Kluwe then Brendan Ayanbadejo cramming their off the left cliff “if you dont agree with me you are a backwards hick” beliefs down his throat everyday.

    I am personally sick of this, it is ok and cool if you are down with abortion, gay rights etc, but god forbid if someone is against it they are outcast by the likes of ultra liberals and the media which has tremendous influence over many people’s perception whether we like it or not. Major news networks and ESPN, PFT included, spins all of the hot button political issue related stories (especially gay rights recently) in this way to make people with more conservative views as out of touch and uneducated morons.

    I’m not going to say I am rep or dem, because frankly nobody cares what I am, but this is aimed at people/organizations regardless of affiliation who don’t respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that does not make them backwards/stupid/uneducated. So please stop making people who dont have far left world views out as such. And besides…there are more important issues like legalizing pot which directly effect far more people than the 1% of Americans who are gay. And now you know

  33. All these posters saying PP does more than abortions need to get a clue. Their MAIN SOURCE of income is from doing abortions plus the govt funding they get which they don’t need. To parapharase the great OZ, “Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. We at PP do more than abortions.”

  34. but it is OK to support a teammate who was involved (not the guilty party) in a murder?

    and the same with Mike Florio … you make a good living talking about football … don’t give a jock a soapbox and don’t get on one yourself

  35. exboomer,

    Yes, and they started out as a eugenics based organization. I won’t remind everyone who else who was evil who was also into eugenics, but I am sure people can pick up on that. Tax money shouldn’t support purchasing birth control of any type and I am pro first trimester abortions.

    As far as Birk being able to get along with teammates with opposing views, I seem to recall he and Brandon Ayanbadejo getting along just fine though they differ on gay marriage.

  36. Thank you Matt Birk for standing up for the unboarn, And “SHAME” on those here trying to Hijack this thread about Gay Marriage and other issues. This is about abortion, the “MURDER” of the unborn!

    It always amazes me how many African Americans continue to vote for democrats who support abortion when over 300,000 African American babies are aborted each year!

    People who don’t know the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, She was a RACIST who promoted eugenics. Here are a few of her quotes.

    “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”
    April 1932 Birth Control Review, pg. 108

    “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

    Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.

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