Colston moonlights as indoor football team owner

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Plenty of NFL players would love to get into ownership after their careers end.  Saints receiver Marques Colston has decided not to wait.

While Colston doesn’t hold a piece of an NFL team (yet), Gary Estwick of the Baton Rouge Advocate explains that Colston is now the majority owner of the Harrisburg (Pa.) Stampede.  Colston, who recently turned 30, bought the team as part of his preparations for a post-football career.

“As I continue to put years into [the NFL], there’s some point where you’re going to transition out of it, whether it’s on your own terms or not,” Colston told Estwick.  “So when the opportunity presented itself, I felt like it was a pretty good one to take advantage of.”

Not surprisingly, the player is a player’s owner, visiting the local mall with players and staff to sell tickets, carrying portable bleachers into the arena, and assisting with installation of the team’s playing field.  ”

You wouldn’t even know he’s a millionaire and starter in the NFL,” receiver Scorpio Brown told Estwick.  “It’s humbling to know he’s so down to earth.”

So far, Colston is off to a great start.  On Saturday night, the Stampede won the American Indoor Football championship, defeating the Cape Fear Heroes, 57-42.

It’s a great example of a player realizing that every current NFL player eventually will be a former NFL player.  And that mindset surely makes it easier for any NFL player to accept when it’s time to trade the “current” label for “former.”

20 responses to “Colston moonlights as indoor football team owner

  1. Something tells me he will excel at whatever he chooses to do after his football career is over.

  2. That’s a pretty cool achievement. And it’s great to see any kind of business owner that shows a lot of pride and genuine enthusiasm and willing to roll up his or her own sleeves and put some real sweat equity into the biz while also connecting with the public. Congrats to Colston for making a positive headline off the field instead of a negative one.

  3. I wonder if the players in the league have a union and get a percentage of the revenue. If not maybe he will introduce those concepts into the league now that he is an owner. I am sure he would not hessitate to do it. Or would he????

  4. Alright let me just remind people… These leagues and there owners never make money in these minor league arena leagues. 20 players x $300 per game=$6000 + liability insurance and rent…. + travel and hotel accommodations for 30 people. Only draw revenue on half the games. $12000 a game basically. You would need to put 2400 in seats just to break even. No chance in hell.

  5. NFL should hire Colson full time about 10 minutes after he retires to work with all rookies on how to deal with post NFL life. He got skills. game of life skills.

  6. I’m sure he is nice guy and has a great career, but he would be better off putting his millions with JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs than investing in a minor league football team – no offense.

  7. He’s a fierce competitor who will catch the ball and rock you if you try to pitty patty him out of bounds.

    but if you try to talk trash to him he won’t say anything, literally NOTHING in return.
    He doesn’t talk that noise.

    That’s just what kind of man he is.

  8. Good for him. It’s great that he’s involved in owning the team, although I wouldn’t consider it much of a money making investment. Owning a indoor football team is more of a labor of love, but it sounds like he finds it rewarding and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

  9. Is it hard work paying off for him or drew Bree’s throwing him the ball that’s paying off lol

    But very cool to own it plus great tax deduction for him

  10. Absolutely great for him. I mean, really. I love to hear about players who have done it the right way and he has his entire career. If you don’t prepare for the end of your career when your career begins you are in trouble because as soon as you become a player you are 1 day closer to becoming a former player. Colston obviously knows that.

  11. Good for him – great player and great guy off the field too…

    Now it’s time to get you in the Pro Bowl.

    Long overdue

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