Cortland Finnegan: If the Rams don’t win it all, the Lions will

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If you were to rank the NFL teams in order of how likely they are to win the Super Bowl, I’m guessing you wouldn’t put the Rams first and the Lions second. In fact, you probably wouldn’t put either the Rams or the Lions in your Top 10.

But Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan would.

Finnegan is in Detroit this weekend for a charity softball game put on by some of his friends on the Lions, and he told the Detroit Free Press that he if his own team doesn’t win the Super Bowl, he’d pick the Lions to do it.

If we don’t win it, I’ll take the Lions winning it next,” Finnegan said.

The Lions beat the Rams in Week One last season, and Finnegan said Detroit has one of the toughest passing attacks he’s faced, starting with Calvin Johnson.

“You don’t have the name Megatron for any other reason other than you’re a bad man,” Finnegan said. “So that’s where it’s at. They had a lot of good things going for them. Slot receivers, [Matthew] Stafford is amazing. They picked up some good stuff this year. So [Jim] Schwartz, he’s always going to put together a good team.”

It’s a little hard to see how Finnegan can say Schwartz “always” puts together a good team, considering that the Lions’ record with Schwartz as head coach is 22-43. But Finnegan, who played for Schwartz in Tennessee and considered signing with the Lions in free agency, sees big things ahead in Detroit.

So remember those comments seven months from now, and call Finnegan Nostradamus if we’re watching a Rams-Lions NFC Championship Game.

52 responses to “Cortland Finnegan: If the Rams don’t win it all, the Lions will

  1. Those teams should be more focused on actually making the playoffs before they can win a super bowl. The NFC North has 2 or 3 teams currently better than the Lions and the Rams have to overtake the 49ers and Seahawks. I don’t like those odds.

  2. Thanks Finnegan, now I have to clean my computer screen after I sprayed it with coffee…

  3. While on the surface this is completely ridiculous, hell, under the surface it’s ridiculous, underneath that, it’s also ridiculous.

    But underneath that, he has kind of a point: the Rams and the Lions are two of the most underestimated teams in the League. And this is coming from a guy who really doesn’t like the Rams, and has a less than favorable on the Lions; after CJ, Stafford, and Titus have all screwed me over in one of my fantasy leagues at some point.

    Point is, the Rams are one of the strongest up-and-comers in the league, and the Lions last season was a fluke– with a sustainable and playmaking running game and added contrbutions from Fairley and Suh two years older and wiser (not to mention Quin at safety), Detroit is capable of making a moderately deep playoff run, and at least challenging for the division title.

  4. The NFL always has a surprise team or two. The team jells, adds new talent, has an easy schedule, whatever and frankly it wouldn’t shock me if Detroit or the Rams were that ‘shock’ team of the next season.

    Now i wouldn’t actually bet anything tangible on it. Just saying, if you had to pick a out of nowhere team to surprise like the Colts did last year. I would probably say these are two of the better picks.

  5. What CF says about Megatron is true. As well, Schwartz and Strafford are pros and SUH is a beast. However the fact is neither team has the defense to make a championship run. The Bradford-Austin connection should be really fun to watch too.

  6. Woke up this morning and needed a good laugh, hence I turn to pft to find “athlete on losing team with false expectations”…. it never fails….. I think Cortland is still feeling the effects of Andre’s haymaker!

  7. While both teams have improved this off-season, I don’t see either one as serious Super Bowl contenders…NFC teams that are better poised to make a run include SF, Seattle, GB, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, and Minnesota.

  8. Everyone laughed at Eli when he said he was an elite quarterback and look at what happened. Stranger things have happened in the NFL.

  9. I love how they make a Lions related article and it brings out the morons of PFT who all think they are so funny because they make a crack at the Lions.

  10. CF was in Detroit playing in his old DC’s charity softball game and being interviewed by the Detroit paper. It’s called believing in your own team (which is good) and playing to the audience. (Detroit)

  11. Being a life long Lions fan, those words are nice to hear. On the otherside, it kind of reminds me of a saying when a Mother calls her child “handsome or beautiful”. If they said anything else it would be demoralizing and kind of hurtful, not to mention causing a possible crapstorm.

  12. VertSkate, you beat me to it.

    All the thumbs down in the world don’t change what Johnson did against Tillman.

    Tillman made him look average.

  13. Wow you just gave the haters a golden opportunity to hate with this post. And, surprise surprise, they took full advantage. I’m sure this is exactly what you were going for. Too bad a lot of you are going to look real silly when the Lions have a great season. I will be sure to come back and remind all of you preseason champions about the things you said here at that point.
    And to the guy who said “these teams should be more focused on actually making the playoffs” are you actually implying that Finnegan saying this is somehow affecting the Lions concentration and preparedness for the season??? Seems like quite a stretch to me. Think about what you’re saying before you type it.

  14. And all of us thought that PEDs instead of other crazy drugs were part of the problems the Lions and Rams have not had winning seasons in many, many years.

    Can we now expect the NFL to launch more drug abuse investigations on the Rams players? If not, the NFL should.

  15. I get that the Rams are probably better than most of us think but they are in a division with SF and Seattle. And the Lions were 4-12 last year – they aren’t going to win the Super Bowl this year.

  16. The great thing about summer is that everyone’s team is a SuperBowl contender. It’s sort of like the girl you met at the bar at 1:00 am. When we wake up in September, we’ll know what our teams really look like this year.

    And sometimes it turns out she’s the one cringing at who she woke up next to, while you suddenly feel like a hero.

    Anything can happen.

  17. The only thing accurate about is statement is that both teams have about the same probability of winning the Super Bowl. Unfortunately that number is between .01 and .001.

  18. Remember when the rams won 4 games then won the super bowl the next year? Anythings possible.

  19. These are two teams that I could see in the playoffs, but wouldn’t be surprised if both finished last in their divisions.

    Lots of underrated talent on both squads.

  20. Both the Rams and Lions I think have the ability to be very good this season – but for both those teams they plan in divisions where there happens to be the best teams in the NFC bunched together. If Rams and Lions where in any other division I would give them a great shot at the playoffs.

    If anything I see the Rams perhaps fighting for #2 in the NFC West, ONLY due to a SB hangover effect common with the losing SB team. That could allow them to sneak by SF this year – and then who knows next year – as Rams are building a great team.

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