Early returns on Geno Smith not overwhelming


The Jets quarterback competition may not be as competitive as they were hoping.

While nothing would be more convenient than for rookie Geno Smith to walk in the door and make the job his own, that apparently hasn’t happened so far.

According to Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com, the second-rounder “hasn’t blown anybody away, the way Russell Wilson did last season when he walked into the Seahawks’ facility.”

Without Smith making an immediate impact, the Jets might have little choice than roll Mark Sanchez out there again for the opener against the Buccaneers.

And while that might not inspire confidence, it would at least give Smith the benefit of time to learn (or simply to avoid games with an offense that lacks firepower, which would make it harder for him to look good).

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  1. If he can’t beat out Mark Sanchez.. It should be back to the drawing board for the Jets. Didn’t Sanchez toss 3 picks in 11 passes at OTAs? How is he still getting the chance to start?

  2. I think we set our standards to high for rookie QBs after last years QB draft class.. Not every rookie is gonna come in on there first year and lead a team, remember this was a weaker draft class then last year so I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Geno Smith sat out for a year. Even Chad Pennington sat for a year and he turned out to be a good QB when healthy.

  3. I am curious from the Jets fans, will there be a full blown riot if Sanchez is rolled out as the starter this year? Seems to me that in these days and times, if you draft a guy to be your starter then he should be ready game 1. Gone are the days of holding a clipboard for a year or two unless you were drafted in the 6th or so as a developmental guy.

  4. All of the QBs who have started immediately and had success in recent years (Ryan, Flacco, Stafford, Newton, Griffin, Wilson, Luck, and even Sanchez) has raised the expectation for rookie QBs entering the league and gives them less time where they need to begin to perform or get labeled a bust.

  5. Wait! Wasn’t he the obvious best QB in the draft? Sure first-rounder? What were the Bills thinking when they passed him over? Lovin’ it…

  6. So they fired the GM but not the coach and QB. Then go out and draft a QB in the 2nd for the sake of drafting. And as we all read from Dec till the draft–tops–he’ll be decent.

    Now the lame duck coach and his lame duck QB get to try one more time to make it click? Its pretty clear that the owner isn’t interested in winning on the field only at the register.

  7. The consensus I read predraft was that Smith’s transition to the NFL was going to be rocky.

    This supports that.

  8. While Smith obviously has talent, he is not going to be another Wilson, Luck, RGIII etc… If they were to throw him to the wolves right away, it will only speed up his demise. Even Sanchez did OK his first two yrs with the Jets because their team overall was much better than it has been the last two years. Now, the Brady’s and the Manning’s are able to elevate even crappy teams, but Sanchez cannot. But he did OK with a good team. The Jets aren’t a good team now and they will get a rookie QB who isn’t in the Wilson, Luck, RGIII category buried… Wilson had a fantastic year, but the rest of the Seahawk’s team wasn’t chopped liver either. Even if the start Sanchez, whenever they give Smith a shot, the team still won’t be good whether it’s wk 6, 12 or next yr. Hope Jay Z can get him millions within a few yrs because he might need it to soften his landing…

  9. If Smith can’t beat out one of the worst QB’s in the NFL, then the Jets should start McElroy. The fans will revolt if they run Sanchez out there again, enough is enough. The only place for Sanchez is on the sidelines carrying a clipboard as the third QB.

  10. The Jets released the one QB who, unconventonal as he may be, could have ignited this team and really added some excitement in the league for The Jets. Instead, they played it safe and will suffer for it.

  11. Regardless of the impact other rookies have had starting from Day One, some rookie QBs are better off watching for a while. Smith may be one of them.

    We’re not even in training camp yet, but some people want to label Smith as a bust already!

    (I have no horse in the race, I’m neither a Jets fan, Sanchez supporter, nor Smith supporter)

  12. I could have sworn everybody on here were laughing loudly when the Bills passed up Geno Smith for EJ Manuel. Now, Geno hasn’t blown anybody away, and the Bills are reporting EJ isn’t there yet, but he is improving fast. Go figure, eh?

  13. The sooner the Jets cut Sanchez the sooner they get on the right track. I’m not even a Jets fan and the thought of him starting another game bothers me.

  14. I don’t remember Geno Smith being considered an NFL ready prospect. His 2nd round draft position owes more to the weakness of the QB draft class than to his upside.
    He’s honestly probably more of a third or fourth round talent.
    The fact that he’s not lighting up OTAs should surprise nobody.

    A realistic assessment would be that it will take a year or two before he’s ready to start. And, the fact is, he may never be ready to start.

    He was never a sure thing pick.

  15. He hasn’t blown anyone away because of expectations. The Jets expect him to start next year, yet he didn’t live up to those expectations in OTAs.

    Wilson blew everyone away at Seahawks camp last year because of low expectations. Nobody expected him to be ready to compete for the starting job coming into camp.

    The Jets have extremely high expectations of someone that has been part of their organization for less than 2 months. Seattle had low expectations, thinking that Wilson would be a good backup or compete to start in a couple of years.

    Until training camp comes around, I expect he’ll compete for the starting job, with having a bit more familiarity with the playbook and teammates.

  16. Geno can’t be compared to Wilson. Wilson went in hungry to earn the job. Geno thought the job was his before he was drafted. Geno’s attitude will be the downfall of his pro career.

  17. If the Jets refuse to go with Smith, McElroy or Simms, I think I’d go with Jeremy Kerley over Sanchez.

    Call me a hater but every rep sunk into Sanchez is a wasted rep. He would have to be possessed by the ghost of Johnny U to make it to the end of the year.

    If I were the coach, I’d pick the most ready of Smith, McElroy or Simms and run with it.

  18. No way Sanchez starts for the Jets week 1. He’ll throw an interception or fumble the ball guaranteed, and that will be the end of that. Jet fans will be screaming for everyone’s head the whole season. They thought Tebow was a circus, just wait. Sanchez is toast in NY, and Rex will be to if he rolls MS out there. Paper bags are coming early.

  19. But Rex Ryan says he’s impressed, and he’s a QB guru right? If not him, who is the QB guru on the Jets and what does that person say? They do now have somebody who understands QBs at a high level right?

    But forget about Smith, I don’t want to hear about Smith until the Jets can explain how they intend to get their money’s worth out of Sanchez. Let’s examine this some more, because nobody from the Jets has answered this question properly since the moment he was drafted. All we heard were lies and bogus evaluations, and I want the truth, or for them to admit they were wrong.

  20. Lol…they just finished 11 OTA practices n only 3 open to the media and somehow Dick Cimini says/knows Geno is a bust after bout 4 hours of watching him in a new offense with no healthy WR’s. Can we at least wait til TC or how bout even minicamp to declare he sux. Talk about hack reporting.

  21. I don’t know what Rex has on Woody, oh, there is that one year left on his contract and not wanting to pay him for nothing. Don’t forget it was Rex who blew up the team. After Sanchez’s first year, he tweeked the offense a lil’ bit (letting players walk) after the second year, in his quest for Asum…(whatever his name the CB from Oakland) he let damn near the ENTIRE offense walk. Last year, signing Tebow and it became a circus that no one wanted to be a part of. The Jets became to be “anywhere but here”. Last year, they were signing players on a weekly basis. Heck, Brady couldn’t have won with what the Jets had last year. At first, I was a staunch supporter of Rex. After seeing him distance himself (trying to) from Sanchez by throwing him under the bus every chance he got, dude’s gotta go. Surround Sanchez with some halfway decent players and not just players you can get, and he may have a chance to redeem himself.

  22. Amazing that a Cimini report is being given this much weight, clearly a lot of these people don’t know Dick and his ways. Don’t be so quick to dismiss Geno or celebrate your new QB, Bills fans… this guy speculates with little intelligence. He also wrote about Tebow 3 times in his latest Jets article and has surprisingly little football knowledge after covering the sport for decades.

  23. The worst fear of Jets fans should be that Wrecks Ryan, in an attempt to save his job, starts the QB drafted by the new GM and proceeds to stunt his growth as he did by starting Sanchez too soon

    The second worst fear of Jets fans should be that Sanchez wins the starting job

  24. Rich Cimini doesn’t know anything – ANYTHING – about football. He just loves to make up stories, and he shouldn’t be read by anyone who actually knows a damn about the game. That you constantly link to his stories should embarrass you.

  25. Geno has always been considered a development project – that’s why he fell to round 2. Letting him hold the clipboard and run the practice squad (against the Jets starting defense) sounds about right.

    And throwing a good (but not amazing) kid into the role of starter while the team is still trying to acquire weapons is a recipe for disaster. Ask Joey Harrington.

  26. Camp just started guys, each day is a new beginning. Geno will win the job with his arm strength and pin point passing. Rex Ryan praised Geno four days ago.

  27. When E.J. Manuel end up starting for the Bills this season, this will send Jets fans into the depths of depression… keep telling yourselves it was just a weak draft class. I think it is simply a case of you got the wrong man for the job! Any team who needs to evaluate 5 quarterbacks after the draft obviously has no clue. I’m a huge Mark Sanchez fan… GO BILLS!

  28. No one said that E.J. Manuel cannot turn into a good NFL quarterback. That still doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to draft him with the 15th pick. No other team was taking him. That’s why it was a bad move.

    That said, best of luck to the Bills and the Jets this season and beyond. They’re both going to need it.

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