It’s Packers Mt. Rushmore time

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We’ve been dreading this one.

With multiple waves of championship teams and a storied history dating back to 1921, it’s virtually impossible to narrow the Packers’ franchise down to only four.

But we’ll do it anyway.

So will you.  Vote below, narrowing the 12 finalists to four winners.  Somehow.

The winners will be unveiled Wednesday night on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.

140 responses to “It’s Packers Mt. Rushmore time

  1. Deserving of a couple mountains (from a fan of a rival.)

    Some of those names are the origins of the NFL as we know it.

  2. Very tough – Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, Don Hutson I think are locks. Than the final spot comes down to Brett Favre or Bart Starr. I think I gotta go with Favre. After Reggie White’s retirement in 1998 the Packers consistently won for another decade because of 1 guy Favre. Bart Starr was awesome but his teams were loaded and had the best coach in NFL history.

  3. Not as hard as one would think to nail this:

    Curly Lambeau
    Duh, the field is named after him.

    Don Hutson
    Arguably greatest WR of the first 50 years.

    Bart Starr
    More championships behind Center than any other Pack QB

    Vince Lombardi

    Three Icons of the game and the greatest winning QB in franchise history. So, what was so hard about that?

  4. Lambeau, hutson, lombardi, toss up between favre and starr. I go with favre to have a represenative of the 90s and 2000s.

  5. Hutson, Lombardi and Starr were easy choices for me. The last one is a eight-way tie. The only one that is not (yet) worthy of consideration is A-Rod. Another 5 years like he’s had puts him in contention, maybe even separates him from the group. But today, there is not much to distinguish Favre, Gregg, Adderly, Hornung, Lambeau, Nitschke and White. I picked Reggie White to get another era on the Mt.

  6. I voted Lambeau, Lombardi, Hutson, and Starr–and feel lousy for omitting Favre and all the Lombardi Era players.

    And I’m not even a Packers fan, just giving credit where credit is due.

  7. Anyone who doesn’t say Favre is just mad and needs to get over it. Even all these years later and with another great QB at the helm with his own ring, when I think Packers the first thing I think about is still #4.

  8. Definitely difficult, so many great players to choose from, but when I think of Mt. Rushmore i think of iconic figures that change the way things were done and left their, mark in history that still stands today. With that in mind I vote for: Lombardi (no brainer), Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Ray Nitschke.

    Close 5th and 6ers: Forrest Gregg, Reggie White. But when I think Reggie White I think of Eagles, Gregg could be in the top four but again I think it comes down to icons here that change the game.

  9. I voted with the names listed.

    However, Ron Wolf not being listed is *wrong*.

    Plus, I’d agree with the above statement that some teams with too damned much history should get an extra Mount Rushmore. Kinda like the HoF votes in some ‘extra’ senior and non-player types every year.

    From 1921 to now is too much for just 4!

  10. Favre did more with less, much less, for last 10 years. He carried many teams …. Add Curly. Lombardi and Hutson

  11. Lambeau, Lombardi, Favre, Hornung

    Lambeau – The founder, and record for most championships won by a coach.
    Lombardi – He’s Vince Lombardi.
    Favre – Greatest QB in the team’s history.
    Hornung – The most versatile player to EVER play football. He probably played every position at some point. His season points record – which he set in 12 games – stood for like 5 decades until LT broke it in 16 games.

    This is a hard list for me to compile, so I can’t imagine how hard it is for actual Packers fans to squeeze their entire history into 4 people. But I think it has to be those four, no matter how compelling Starr and White and Rodgers and other modern players might be.

  12. I went with Vince Lombardi, obvious choice.

    Next I pick Bart Starr, the only Packer QB to lead the packers to two Straight Superbowls.

    Brett Favre was next. One of the Top 5 QBs of all time.

    For the final spot, I decided to go with Doneone whose career isn’t done but is on the fast track to do great things. I went with Aaron Rodgers. As great as Favre is, Aaron Rodgers have the ability to surpass him.

  13. You could make a case for pretty much any combination on that list.

    But I went with Lombardi – Lambeau – Favre.

    The best coach the NFL has seen, the man that founded the Packers, and arguably the best player to wear the uniform in Green Bay.

  14. From a Bears fan:
    So many great, iconic figures.

    Lombardi is automatic, of course.

    Only room for one QB; any of them would be superb choices-I decided to wait on Rodgers for now and chose Favre over Starr.

    Current fans, including me, never saw Hutson play; the old-timers rave about him, refer to him as the first of the modern-day great wideouts and compare him favorably with Jerry Rice

    White vs. Nitschke for the final spot; Reggie was better; Ray played a lot longer and only for the Pack; I chose White.

    Lombardi, Hutson, Favre and White

  15. Lambeau (franchise founder), Hutson (arguably the greatest wide receiver of all time), Lombardi (the name is first you think of when talking about coaching excellence), and Starr (unrivaled postseason stats).

  16. I go to Woodman’s supermarket in Kenosha every now and then where I see a lot of Packers fans and let me say…your women are huge! They look like buffalo herding through the store! Not only that, but by the looks of the way they dress, it seems Packers fans were never told that 1995 ended!

  17. Just make all 4 heads Brett. 1 for when he played, 1 for each retirement (twice from them), and 1 for him begging his way back for a number retirement celebration.

  18. I voted Lombardi, Starr, Favre, and Nitschke.

    I have seen far fewer people trying to troll the Packer fans, even though that is always their justification for troll on the Viking and Bear versions. Not all, but FAR too many, Packer fans are low class, crass individuals that only know how to knock down others and can’t just leave the other fans alone. Packer history deserves better than too many of their current fans.

  19. Curly

    Sorry but mr Lombardi gets his own mount rushmore all by himself , carved into the bedrock of a lonesome imposing hill in the center of wisconsin. He also should be on the all NFL Rushmore.

  20. how about the all-time nfl Mt. Rushmore

    Halas, Brown, Lombardi, and Rozelle

    with Rooney and Landry nearby

  21. Lombardi

    Lombardi, Starr and Hutson are no-brainers. Favre deserves a spot as the NFL’s all-time leading passer and the guy who revived the Packers.

  22. Mt #1


    Mt #2
    Ron Wolf

    Mt #3
    Ted Thompson

    3 generations of greatness and Trophies.

    But, since there’s only one, my vote:


    Packer fans know that if there is no Favre in GB, there likely is no Rodgers. The franchise was revived by Brett, Wolf, and Holmgren. The revival gave way for Thompson and McCarthy, having a solid foundation and recent success to attract a few key free agents.

  23. This will be the hardest franchise from which to choose just 4 people, with such a rich, storied history.

    That said, you almost have to go:


    Jim Taylor, Don Hutson, Brett Favre, Reggie White are all really close, but you go with Greatest Coach, Founder of the team, Best QB (Starr wins with 2 SB championships), and best defender … Reggie White loses because he was a transplant; Nitchke was synonymous with Green Bay.

    In five more years, Rodgers *should* have another SB to add, and he would supplant Starr at that point, if he keeps playing at this rate.

  24. Jerry Kramer was the second most important person to the Lombardi offense. The first being Lombardi himself. How Jerry Kramer is not on this list is a travesty, and i will not vote because of this.

  25. Btw, anyone who says Reggie White over Brett Favre or anyone else on this list needs to know the facts. White only played 6 seasons for the Pack. How could you place him on the Packers’ Rushmore over someone like Favre who played 16 seasons as an elite QB for them??

  26. Lombardi…..for obvious reasons.
    Starr……precision under pressure, great leader.
    Nitschke….the first NFL defensive beast.
    Hornung….run, catch, pass, kick….he did it all, and was the best doing it.

  27. Lombardi, Starr, Nitschke, Taylor.

    One per position has been my take (so no Lambeau though very deserving) and no Favre. Toughest choice was Taylor or Hutson. Went with Taylor because I saw him play, never saw Hutson.

    No wrong answers on this list.

  28. Brett Favre is the NFL all time leader in passing yards, Passing Touchdowns, and completions. Not adding him on the Mount Rushmore is insane.

  29. This is really not that hard.
    Lambeau, Lombardi, Hudson, and STARR. For those even thinking toss up between Farve and Starr, are you forgetting Starr won 5 NFL CHAMPIONSHIPS?

  30. If you don’t have Hutson with Lombardi, and the Lambeau (the George Washington of the Packers) You don’t know anything about the NFL history or the Packers. Hutson still holds receiving recorded today and led most of the major top receiving categories until the late 80s. The guy was decades ahead of his time. The 4th spot would be Favre or White.. As of now.

  31. Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, Jerry Kramer, Ray Nitchkie, Brett Favre, Reggie White, Don Hudson, Bart Starr, Hourning, Sterling Sharpe, and probably a few more. How can you leave any of these guys off the mountain?

  32. I’m a lifelong Packer fan and I studier of their history. I picked Lombardi, Hutson, Lambeau, and Favre. I little piece of me died inside by leaving Bart Starr off the mountain, but I felt Favre’s revival of the team in the 90’s was worthy of inclusion.


    The great coach, 2 members of the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team and the quarterback of all those great NFL Championship/Super Bowl teams

  34. This is ridiculously hard but I think there are a few that are locks.

    Lombardi because…well, duh.

    Favre because he holds the most records in the NFL for a QB. He played 16 seasons. He took them to 2 Superbowls and won one. He single-handedly pulled the franchise out of the muck and set the stage to be a perennial power that still exists.

    You can’t really go with Reggie. He was awesome but he belongs just as much on the Eagle Rushmore as the Pack. 6 seasons just isn’t enough to rise to the cream of this list.

    And Aaron Rodgers. If he keeps up what he has been doing for another 5-7 seasons then he will be worthy of his own Rushmore. At this point, though, he doesn’t quite rank with this group. If he got injured in training camp and never played another down he would go down as Great but not The Greatest. One day though…

  35. Starr – 2 SB Wins
    Lombardi – 2 SB Wins and “The Trophy”
    Favre – 1 SB Win
    Rodgers – 1 SB Win and potential for more

    It is about championships and the most important player “IS” the QB.

    Second mountain will have Ray Nitschke, Reggie White, Don Hutson, and Forrest Gregg.

  36. I understand Brett Favre is beloved by Packers fans. He certainly was fun to watch and quarterbacked a championship team. But with all the great players/figures in Packers history, does the guy who threw 336 career INTs — by FAR the most in NFL history — and lost so many games in reckless fashion REALLY deserve to be on the Packers’ Mt Rushmore?

  37. First 3 are easy: Lambeau, Hutson, Lombardi. After that, it was a tough choice between Starr and Favre. I chose Favre because of the impact he made on bringing the Packers back to respectability, and for some of the teams he played on that might not have had a winning record if not for him.

    However, I still believe Bart Starr to be the greatest quarterback in Packers history.

  38. “I have seen far fewer people trying to troll the Packer fans, even though that is always their justification for troll on the Viking and Bear versions. Not all, but FAR too many, Packer fans are low class, crass individuals that only know how to knock down others and can’t just leave the other fans alone. Packer history deserves better than too many of their current fans.”

    Waaaaaah!!!! Mom, Packer fans are saying bad things about my team!!

  39. Favre should NOT be on there. The guy bailed on the franchise and Rogers is 100x better. Brett ruined his legacy in GB and should never be mentioned in the same sentence w/the word packers

  40. A Raiders fan chiming in here.

    Lombardi and Favre are locks. I think currently Starr is in over Rodgers but that could change when all said and done, we will see how that plays out.

    So many great players and coaches have passed through this historic organization someone who deserves to be up there will get left out. It’s a good problem to have I guess.

  41. Had to go with Lambeau (duh), Hutson (invented the modern receiving game, had records stand for 50 years), Lombardi (duh-er), and Starr (most winning QB in the post-season), although I can’t fault those who select Favre, Nitschke, or a handful of others for that fourth slot.

  42. It’s a shame that so many posters have forgotten or fail to recognize the impact that Don Hutson had on the Packers and the NFL. No knowledgeable fan of football would choose Favre or Rodgers over the incredible Don Hutson. What other player passed, received, rushed, returned, punted and kicked the way he did. He played in an era when the passing game was in it’s infancy, yet he put up Jerry Rice like numbers. It would be shameful if Don Hutson were excluded from the Packer’s Mount Rushmore.

  43. I also say Lombardi, Lambeau, Hutson and Starr.

    We often judge QBs by championships, (Montana over Marino, Aikman over Fouts etc)
    so I went with Starr over Favre in that aspect as well as leadership and playoff performance. A life long Packer fan who doesn’t hate Favre or worship Rodgers, but just can’t make either one a granite figure. Not with this team’s history.

  44. Have people Forgotten Favre’s behavior toward the franchise?
    I mean–Younger people don’t remember Starr, and I can forgive that, but putting Favre on this list is committing the Same kind of Treason He Actually Committed against the Packers.

    As a Boys fan who dies at the Cotton Bowl and then a year later during the Ice Bowl, I’m thinking Lambeau, Lombardi Starr and either Hutson or Hornung–but probably Hutson.

  45. I think the only two that are a given are Lombardi and Lambeau – two of the most important men in NFL history

    The other two spots should come down to Nitcshke, Starr, Hutson and Favre.

    Favre represents the second greatest era in Packers history and a modern player needs to be represented. Anyone who says Rodgers needs to wake up and remember how great Favre was and realize rodgers’ resume is only half complete.

    My 4th spot has to go to Nitschke . He was as instrumental as anyone on the 60s Packers (apologies to Starr). And look at his face. It says football history.

    Huts on did amazing things for the pack and so did Starr. But someone has to be cut and its not fair for everyone.

  46. As a fan since i can remember… I dunno. I vote starr lombardi favre white rodgers hornung nitchke and lambeau, like most wisconsinites its 4pm on a sunday and im drunk and seeing double, there is 8 heads.

  47. Sure is a bummer going on our 22nd year in a row with a first ballot HOFer under center, wish i was a vikings fan… Not only do i look good in purple but think of how much extra space my team could have in its facility without having the inconveniance of having a trophy case, then you gotta pay someone to dust it off and stuff… Ugh, just sounds like work.

  48. Do people really not remember Reggie White’s career? He played longer in Philly and was better there. It’d be one thing if Green Bay didn’t already have a plethora of candidates, but given the other names available there’s no way White can even be considered. He absolutely belongs on Philly’s Mount Rushmore, but to put him on Green Bay’s would be absurd.

  49. Sterling Sharpe may not be a Mt. Rushmore guy, but he deserves recognition as well. And, there’s no reason to leave Donald Driver off that list either. Heck, while you’re at it, throw Chester Marcol on it too!

  50. GB has been around 39 years longer than Dallas but has only 6 more players in the HOF.

  51. I have to go with:

    Lombardi – Greatest coach in NFL history

    Starr – Delivered in the clutch. Only 3 interceptions in playoffs and 5 championships.

    Hutson – Can be argued is the greatest player in Packer history. One of the great Wide Receivers ever.

    Lambeau – Without Lambeau there are no Packers.

  52. I would say Lambeau, Lombardi, Starr, and Hutson.

    Its amazing some of the players that have to be left off. I am sure people will have different combinations but the likes of Favre, Gregg(Lombardi’s guy and one of the best linemen of all time, Nitschke, White, and so on will have to be left off various lists. Pretty fortunate to be a fan of this franchise.

  53. lombardi,lambeau,hutson,starr.
    favre only won 1 sb,and reggie white was not there long enough.i would have put driver on before each of them.

  54. Hutson
    Starr (in the place rightfully due Bob Harlan)

    While Favre was a Foutsian caliber HoF, and I allow that, depending on one’s opinions, he should be on the Packers mountain, I simply cannot tolerate the meatball assertion that Favre alone saved the franchise. It took Favre several years to get it together, years that the Packers weren’t all that much better than the decade prior (i.e. in the middle of The Dark Years) and whatever betterment there was was due more to the DEFENSE than the offense. By the time Favre had developed into an elite QB, after three years of tutoring and patience, the Packers had been nearly completely changed over by Ron Wolf. There were only three players left from 1991 team on the 1996 Super Bowl team – Ken Reuttgers who barely played in 1996 as his career was all but over, Chris Jacke the kicker who was fungible (the very next year the Packer replaced him with Ryan Longwell, one of the best kickers ever), and Leroy Butler, the only down to down player involved pre and post 1992.

    The implication that “Favre saved the franchise” is that there was some sort immediate change due solely to Favre, and that simply isn’t the case. Favre’s HoF career was more about time and stat gathering, and the slow climb out of The Dark Years can hardly be imputed to mean that Favre single handedly did it all. The Packers’ Dark Years were mostly due to not being able to put an offense and defense on the field at the same time. Something that was rectified as the Packers, through the 90’s, had a top quarter of the league defense and one of the best offensive lines in the league from 1994-2004, and Favre got to enjoy the fruits of that reality. A reality not enjoyed by very many QB’s during The Dark Years. A reality I have no doubt Lynn Dickey could have exploited to high end team success.

    Favre had a lot going for him, once he learned how to read defenses on not override what he saw – circa 1995, and he parlayed the opportunities the Packers afforded him into a HoF career, but to believe that Favre single handedly and instantly did it all for the Packers is a discredit to all the other people who had a hand in The Turnaround. So this isn’t to discredit Favre for a fair share of the turnaround that he is due, just that the rest of the team, players, coaches, and scouts effectively have to be rundown and discredited to make the false narrative that Favre was a demi-god work. It’s more of the resentment of the under appreciation everyone else has to suffer living under The Shadow of Favre than the over crediting Favre.

    Of course, since there was limited success as far as championships, someone has to take the blame, but since the artificial elevation of Favre cannot be questioned that Favre was a demi-god, the rest of the team got to take the blame, when the reality is Favre tended to play as if it were 1993 when single elimination time came around. Somehow the team that had the best regular season record from 1992-2007, including the best record against PLAYOFF caliber teams played in the regular season, suddenly couldn’t progress in single elimination come the playoffs suddenly was a team filled with short bus riding dolts that plagued Favre. And the reality is Favre’s penchant for turnovers bloomed during playoff time dooming the team.

  55. Any and all refs that have given them all the calls and the NFL for allowing it!

  56. As a Bears fan who respects the Packers and their history, I will say that – like with my team’s Mt. Rushmore – picking four names that belong was the easy part…Leaving off names like Hornung, Nitschke, Taylor, and Favre was the tough part.

    Favre’s time in GB did not end well, but what he did on the field cannot be dismissed…If there was a fifth spot, he’d be on it…As for Reggie White, he terrorized us for six seasons, but I agree with those who say he belongs on the Eagles’ mountain.

    In the end I went with:

    Hutson, Lambeau, Lombardi, and Starr.

  57. Gotta go with Lombardi, Favre, Nitschke and Hutson. Although Willie Davis, Lambeau and Starr hard hard choices to leave out. Also a big fan of Willie Wood (but he’s not on the list).

  58. No Ron Wolf OR Bob Harlan?!

    It’s Lambeau, Lombardi, Hutson and Harlan. That BH isn’t listed is pathetic, Florio.

  59. The following guidelines should be used for all franchises:

    -If they are not in the NFL Hall of Fame, they cannot be on any mountain.

    -If they won less than 3 World Championships, they cannot be on any mountain.

    -They had to make a mark (a good one) on the NFL not just a local franchise area.

    Now among the deserving Packers:

    Curly Lambeau, founder of the Packers before the NFL existed won 6 World Championships as coach.

    Vince Lombardi, won 5 World Championships as the NFL’s greatest coach ever.

    Don Hutson, 2 time MVP set too many records to list here in an era when pass interference and contact down the field were not illegal. Charter member of the Hall of Fame.

    Bart Starr, league MVP, .900 playoff winning %, multiple Super Bowl MVP’s.

    That makes 19 World Championships on the Packers mountain. What franchise can match that?

  60. Lambeau

    The reason you don’t put Favre on there is that, even though he was arguably the most entertaining player in NFL history, he was without a doubt the most maddeningly frustrating player in NFL history who single-handedly kept the Packers out of more Super Bowls than he took them to.

  61. Lambeau, Hutson, Lombardi, Favre…for now. A few more titles/MVPs & Rodgers could overtake Favre. Packers have about 10 more guys that could make other teams Mt. Rushmore’s.

  62. Still can’t believe neither Ron Wolf or Holmgren made the list. You could have captured the whole rebuilding thing in the 90s with either, and comfortably not voted for White or Favre as individuals. I am still uncomfortable with White since he spent 1/2 his career dominating for another team, and Philly has a right to claim him too. Favre will always be a Packer, but he did accomplish a lot in Minnesota.

    I would have preferred to vote for Hornung, Lambeu, Lombardi and Wolf/Holmgren myself.

  63. Lambeau, Lombardi, and the two greatest faces to ever be carved into stone : Nitschke and Taylor. Imagine those two colliding back when teamates actually hit each other in practice! The impact would put ripples in the Bay of Green!

  64. Packers fans need to get over Favre. Everyone outside GB looks a Favre as one of the best Packers in our generation – and one of the best QBs the NFL has seen.

    You guys pushed him out of GB for Rodgers – he didn’t leave you guys.

  65. You have to start with the guy whose name is on the Super Bowl trophy.

    The Packers have had too many great players to just name four.

  66. My thoughts:

    1. White was great, but already made the Eagles Mt. Rushmore.

    2. Lombardi and Starr are no-brainers.

    3. I don’t see how anyone leaves off Ray Nitschke, since in 1969 he was named the greatest linebacker of all-Time, was named to the NFL 50th Anniversary Team AND the NFL 75th Anniversary Team, was named the 18th greatest NFL player (Don Hutson is No. 6), and in 1999 was named along with Lawrence Taylor and Dick Butkus the three greatest linebackers of all time. Also, I remember seeing a picture of him that was ferocious (I think he had no teeth!!).

    4. I don’t see how anyone leaves off Don Hutson who was a 3 time NFL champion, 2 time NFL MVP, 8 time first team All-Pro, named to the NFL 75th Anniversary Team, rated 6th best or 9th best NFL player of all time by various organizations, and . . . . as of 2012, still held the following records:
    Most seasons leading league in pass receptions (8)
    Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receptions (5)
    Most seasons leading league in pass receiving yards gained (7)
    Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receiving yards gained (4)
    Most seasons leading league in pass receiving touchdowns (9)
    Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receiving touchdowns (5)
    Most seasons leading league in scoring (5)
    Most consecutive seasons leading league in scoring (5)

  67. When I think of Reggie White I think of him terrorizing Phil Simms and Neil Lomax, or taking the ball from Doug Williams and running 70 yards for a TD. And people want to put him on the Pack Mt. Rushmore? That is crazy talk.

    Lambeau, Lombardi, Hutson, Favre

  68. I voted farve
    Arron rodgers discount double check put him over the top
    Desmond Howard heisman pose
    These three should be enough

  69. Redskins fan here. Gotta give respect where it’s due.

    Good luck narrowing this one down.

    This is a long & storied franchise. So many players & coaches are part of the fabric that makes up the NFL.

    Lombardi is on the NFL’s Mt Rushmore, not just the Pack’s. A strong argument could be made for 5 or 6 others.

  70. First….how lucky are we as Packer fans to be able to have conversation like this! Few other franchises in ALL sports could even begin to have such a debate. Ok, this list is as follows, with the first three being no brainer locks:

    Hudson (revolutionized and developed an entire position)

    The final spot will come down to Starr, Favre White for now (Rodgers is still writing his legacy). OR…the person I will nominate a bit later

    For those who say Starr had a loaded team he took over a team that had only 1 win before Lombardi took over. Did he have the greatest coach in history? Of course, but you can’t discount what he did on his own. He called his own plays, was MUCH more imaginative on the field then he has EVER been given credited for, (remember the QB sneak in the Ice Bowl was Starr’s wasn’t in the playbook). He won 5 championships in 7 years a record that will never be touched and he is unquestionably the most underrated GREAT quarterback in NFL history. I could easily make a case for him being just as great as Unitas.

    Favre led the team back to greatness and had a tremendous career…I don’t think you can immortalize a QB who threw that many interceptions at bad times as he did though. The more compeling case can be made for Reggie White. Without him the rebirth that occured in the 1990’s would never have happened. He showed the faith in Green Bay when no other player would, but a PLAYER should play his whole career in a city to be on their Mt Rushmore.

    SO….that prelude to the person I think should fill out the Packer Mt Rushmore. Ron Wolff. He came to Green Bay and took on an almost impossible challenge. The franchise had been down and out for decades and he almost single handedly rebuilt it into a Super Bowl winner and his leadership is still felt almost 20 years removed from his hiring.

    Lambeau is the Founding Father, Hudson was the man who took a ground it out sport and made it an aerial game, ushering in the modern game of football, Lombardi the GOAT (greatest of all time), Wolf brought pride and a winning tradition back to a team that was given up for dead. Those accomplishments are the ones to be honored!


  71. I am absolutely ASTOUNDED and appalled at the number of people who haven’t put Curly Lambeau in their top 4.

    Can we all take a second, pull our heads out of our asses, and realize that without him there wouldn’t BE a Green Bay Packers?

    Come on.

  72. This is too hard for everyone …. especially older guys like me who saw the Lombardi era up close and personal.

    I recall Lombardi once saying that his choice for best player he ever coached was Forrest Gregg. Not a bad recommendation even before you consider the source. And that offensive line was dominant during an era when the run ran the game.

    It’s only a poll off a web sit yet I’m on the verge of going weepy about the whole Green Bay Packers experience. How would a father of 12 young children pick his favorite four?


  73. You could do this question in an entirely different way. The Mt Rushmore of Packer PLAYERS and the Mt Rushmore of Packer Coaches and front office!


    A VERY strong case could be made for Forrest Gregg, Ray Nitschke AND Jerry Kramer. Realistically you could do a Mt Rushmore of the Lombardi era alone, but if you have to choose one player from that era it has to be Starr.

    Coaches/Front Office

    Frank Jonet (Look it up)
    Ron Wolff

  74. I would go with Starr, Lombardi, Lambeau, Favre. Reggie White is an all time great but IMO didn’t play long enough with the Packers. Rodgers is too early but after his career he will likely replace Favre on this list

  75. People who didn’t even make the final 12 for GB would outshine the final four for many other teams…

  76. Lambeau field Stadium.

    Hutson center indoor practice facility.

    Nitschke outdoor practice facility.

    Lombardi trophy.

    Curly, Don, Ray, & Vince!

    We’ll we what gets named in the next twenty years.

  77. There no option that I can see on this site for you to reply to another persons post….but I had three thumbs down on my original post…fine but I’d be very curious as to what those people disagree with. For those who put Favre up there I’m sorry but any objective look at his career doesn’t warrant his inclusion. He’s a GREAT player a GREAT Packet but no one with as many game choosing mental mistakes….which the majority of his biggest interceptions were disqualify him for this kind of recognition. Don’t just thumbs down defend your feelings!!!

  78. Carney you make it sound as though Favre was just a player who lost the big games by himself. Try opening your eyes to what Favre did for the franchise and his career, aside from the ints he holds about every major offensive record in the NFL including wins. The only reason to objectively leave him off is because it is hard to leave others off which was my case. To me Lambeau, Lombardi, Hutson, and Starr are the 4 that go up but Favre was an incredible player who I loved watching. Its easy to understand why people would put him in, its just that close.

  79. 1) How many of these guys are still alive? Seriously, if you were to gather all these nominees and present the Mt Rushmore winners live at Lambeau Field, how many would need to be represented by family members?

    2) I know it’s been said before (and subsequently mocked) but it is interesting how few people have chosen to chime in with some of the Packers monumental failures and embarrassments. That’s a little thing called respect….

    3) Why “World Champions”? Is NFL Champions not good enough? It’s kind of like calling the President “the leader of the free world.” Sure, there is some merit to such a title, but it really screams of compensating for a personal deficiency.

    Now, as to the actual winners….. If you were to ask the average, non-Packer fanatic Wisconsin resident who the first four people they think of when they think of Packer history, who would those four men be. Lambeau and Lombardi, for sure. Hutson would get my nod, because I have encountered a couple of people who don’t really know who he was or what he did who still know that he was one of the greatest old timers in NFL history.

    Which brings us to Favre. Regardless of what faults he had, he was the face of the franchise for more than a decade. Heck, he was the face of the NFL for more than a decade. You can’t say Miami without thinking Marino. You can’t say Oakland without thinking Davis. You can’t say Buffalo without thinking OJ. For better or for worse, no football fan will ever be able to say Green Bay without thinking Favre.

    Come on, the real Mt Rushmore has Washington, a slave owner, staring at Lincoln. I think the Packer’s can stomach a person who was as iconic in the league as Favre was.

    But that’s just a Vikings fan’s opinion.

  80. I agree tscarney, Favre probably threw away the chance to play in at least four more Super Bowls with his uncanny ability to choke. I was at the Packers-Giants NFC Championship game. His last pass as a Packer summed it up well. It was atrocious.

    In Titletown, the measuring stick is TITLES. Favre has one. Not enough for the Pack… but the Vikings would be happy to have that much.

  81. gbmickey….you misunderstood what I said. I agree with everything you said. I was very young at the end of the Lombardi years and grew up thru the LONG period of suffering we as Packer fans lived thru in the 70’s and 80’s. Favre was a BRILLIANT, ICONIC player and brought Packer Nation more joy and thrills than can be counted. HOWEVER, he is not one of the four men that should be recognized on a Mt Rushmore of Packer greats because while he was spectacular and holds all the records you mentioned, to be fair he also holds the record for most interceptions ever and threw SEVERAL that cost the Packers when a better decision would have seen us win the game. It’s NOT that he isn’t one of the greatest Packers of all time..he is. There are just others that deserve it more. I suggested Ron Wolff because earlier as an out of the box suggestion because he was the architect of the glory years we have lived in since the 1990’s. From the list that was given I also agree with you: Lambeau, Hutson, Lombardi and Starr.

    Starr is the most underrated quarterback in history and never gets the credit is deserves for what he accomplished.

  82. Packers Mt. Rushmore needs more then four faces, You need to have Lambeau and Lombardi for obvious reasons. You also need Bart Starr and Ray Nitchke from Lombardi’s Packers. Also hate him or love him you need that Brett fellow he did recreate “title town” after a horrible period of the 70’s and 80’s. And Aaron Rodgers needs to have his face upon the hill as well!

  83. Brewdogg you’re wrong about one thing you said. You CAN think about the Packers and not think about Favre. If anyone were going to be the kind of person you are mentioning ie Marino with the Dolphins it would be Lombardi. He is synonomous with Packers and vice versa. Favre is a great player…needs to be on the Ring of Honor this year so that Bart can attend while he’s still healthy enough to do so, and we can never thank him enough for what he did to bring the Packers back to prominence. That being said he’s not even the greatest PACKER quarterback of all time and before Rodgers is thru he may not even be number 2.

    Some people will call me crazy and accuse me of heresy but Bart Starr is the greatest quarterback in Packer history. Five championships in seven years, second highest completion rating in NFL playoff history, behind only Rodgers, three time MVP, two time Super Bowl MVP (although I can make the case for Max McGee in SB I), his passing numbers weren’t as high but it was a different time. Starr could have EASILY been the quarterback of the Montana led 49er’s, Favre is great respect and love him for what he was and what he did for the team but Starr was the more complete…and greater player.

  84. Bender 4700 says:
    Mt #1


    Mt #2
    Ron Wolf

    Mt #3
    Ted Thompson

    Really? You make three mountains and still ignore Don Hutson, the most dominant player the team has ever had?

  85. As difficult as it is to narrow down this list to four, there is only one right answer:


    As much as I love Starr he benefitted from a truly amazing team which was able to stay consistently great during the pre-free agency era. Starr was a Packer from 1956 to 1971. During this time, he played with the following hall of famers:

    1- Jim Taylor – RB
    2- Forrest Gregg – OL
    3- Ray Nitschke – LB
    4- Herb Adderley – CB
    5- Willie Davis – DL
    6- Jim Ringo – OL
    7- Paul Hornung – RB
    8- Willie Wood – S
    9- Henry Jordan – DL
    10- Dave Robinson – LB

    That’s 10 hall of famers not counting Lombardi. Speaking of Lombardi, Starr had the great fortune to play for the best coach ever for the majority of his professional career.

    Let’s look at Favre now. He played with one hall of famer, Reggie White, who punched his ticket to Canton as an Eagle and cemented it with a few great years in Green Bay. Favre played with zero hall of famers on offense. Heck, he didn’t even have a true #1 receiver outside of Sharpe for a few seasons early in his career (no, Freeman, Brooks, and Driver do not count). Also, look at the string if joke coaches he endured post-Big Show. It’s just not comparable.

    As for being on championship teams, yes, Starr has the edge. The key word is team however. Football is the ultimate team sport. It’s not like basketball or baseball were great individual efforts often lead to titles.

    The bottom line is that Packer backers should be thrilled to have such a storied past and shouldn’t dismiss their former idol because he wore purple (it did look and feel horrible though).

  86. To do this with a team like the Packers you need to cover the 3 great eras. For the first great era you need to take either Hutson or Lambeau. Sorry for those that think Curly can’t be left off but Hutson was a better player than he was a coach and even though he was instrumental in creating the Packers he also tried to move them to LA. Hutson gets the nod.

    Lombardi has to be on the list, greatest coach of all time and would be on the NFL Mt. Rushmore. Then you choose between two iconic figures of the greatest Packer team to this day which are Nitschke and Starr. I go with Starr but there is no wrong choice.

    The next era is with 90s and 2000s. Sorry Reggie White was originally an Eagle so I leave him off. Holmgren left too early so I can’t put him on. The two to choose from are Wolf and Favre. I go with Favre because he was the face of the franchise for so long.

    Lombardi, Starr, Favre, and Hutson is the mountain for me. I really only take Nitschke as a replacement and he would have to replace Favre. Again a team with a history like Green Bay you have to represent all its eras. In 10 years we might have a 4th era to represent.

  87. Lombardi, Starr, Hudson, Gregg It is a shame to leave off players like Hornung & Nitschke, Davis, Adderley and others as spider210 mentioned. I leave off Lambeau because as a player or coach because he doesn’t measure up to the other Packer greats. I included Gregg because he’s considered the best lineman of his time,thought I consider him a poor coach. Lambeau is an obvious choice-the best coach in NFL history, and Starr, because his backround as the son of a Army drill instructor, coached by Bryant,
    made him the perfect quarterback under Lombardi.
    Four doesn’t do the Packers justice.

  88. brzfan, you can NOT leave off Lambeau. You underrate him as a coach, he is one of the 10 greatest coaches in NFL history, he is also the man responsible for the Packers existing! Leaving him off would be like leaving George Halas off the Bears Mt Rushmore. Honestly, if you are looking for a man who is forgotten by history but should not be it would be Frank Jonet. He was the secretary/treasurer for the team and is largely responsible for the team surviving. He was responsible for a fence being put around Hagemeister Park so they could charge admission. He was the man responsible for setting up the stock sale in 1950 which resulted in the Packers becoming what they are today! Starr was not just a quarterback he was the coach on the field, (he was the one who suggested a qb sneak in the Ice Bowl…it wasn’t in the playbook) he won 5 championships in 7 years…he could have easily been the QB of the 49er’s teams of the 1980’s. He is the most underrated player in all of sports (read Sal Palentonio’s book) and was deservedly named as part of the Packers Mt Rushmore

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