Keller thinks Sanchez will get back on the right track

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Tight end Dustin Keller opted to ditch the Jets after the expiration of his rookie deal, signing a one-year contract in Miami.  But he’s not ready to write off the quarterback he left behind.

Even if everyone else is.

“I think the times that Mark [Sanchez] has always been the best is when the most pressure’s on him,” Keller tells Jim Miller and Ralph Vacchiano of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “He’s the guy who got the team to the AFC Championship two years in a row.  So he’s definitely capable, and I think he’ll be able to pick things up and get back on the right track this year.”

Keller also believes that the efforts to supplant Sanchez in recent years, most recently via the decision to draft Geno Smith, will help.

“I think he definitely doesn’t like the fact that those moves were made him,” Keller said.  “I don’t think those are things that made him happy. . . .  It definitely lit a fire underneath him, I think.  I’ve talked to him a couple times this offseason, and he’s been working.  So I think you can expect some good things from him.”

Not many do.  The only thing on which most will agree is that, if he doesn’t get it done now, he’ll likely be out of chances to do it again, in New York or elsewhere.

18 responses to “Keller thinks Sanchez will get back on the right track

  1. Yeah right Keller, what did Sanchez give you to make that insane statement, he never had it in the first place. He was on a pretty good team the first few years he was there, then he got exposed for his lack of play making,(butt fumbles, fumbles, and interceptions ) because the Jet team was starting to lose strength. Sanchez never has been, and never will be a good starting quarterback in the NFL, his best bet is a number two or number three quarterback, that’s as good as it’s going to get for him, if the Jets bring him in as a starter this year, for as long as that last, you watch the fans at the Meadowlands, they will boo Sanchez back to California.

  2. Lets get this straigt. Sanchez was never on the track to begin with. He came to a team deep with talent and made it to the playoffs regardless of him the first two years. That talent left via free agency, retirements and injuries and his true colors of not being very good got exposed. So why do some people have this idea he can turn it around. Nothing to turn around.

  3. So he “ditched” the Jets even though they never made an attempt to sign him and he said many times that he wanted to re-sign with the Jets.
    This site can’t help themselves when it comes to taking shots at the Jets. Regardless of the facts.
    It’s unprofessional and a mockery to journalism

  4. I was ticked because every time Sanchez had a poor game, he’d say, “next time we’ll work harder and do better”.


  5. Nobody ever said this was journalism. Its “reality” journalism. You don’t report stories, you create them. And the trolls all fall in line.

  6. ” Nobody ever said this was journalism. Its “reality” journalism. You don’t report stories, you create them. And the trolls all fall in line.”

    Yeah but every once in a while Florio shakes a topic out that has some meaning yet may not have gained the same momentum without it. Even it is is 1 out of every 200 🙂

  7. Again, More misleading stuff from the media. First off right or wrong, The Jets opted to “ditch” Dustin Keller after his rookie deal not the other way around. Jets didn’t franchise nor did they attempt to extend his deal or even make an offer but hey let’s start off posts with negative slants towards the Jets just for the sake of sticking with the perceptions.

    In some circles, this story is being pushed as if Dustin Keller stated that the Jets were nonsensical last year. If you listen to the interview, Keller refers to the media as the “nonsense” in New York. The interviewer ignores the answer and just runs with a different slant when comparing Keller’s new home to his old one.

  8. Except Sanchez didn’t get them to those championship games. Good defense largely did. Sanchez just stayed out of the way and let opposing teams give away victories. As soon as Sanchez had to carry this team, he buttfumbled his way to a losing season.

  9. Sanchez certainly rose to the challenge and excelled when the team challenged him by signing Tebow

    I’m sure he will respond just as positively with Smith nipping at his heels

  10. Sanchez is similar to Henne. With the right talent, he can flash but you have to have the right talent to hide his flaws. Franchise QBs make the team around them better. Guys like Sanchez and Henne need to team to make them better.

    Miami at least was smart enough not to extend Henne or throw money at him a second time.

  11. Love how everyone just keeps pulling in this guy, last I checked this team hasn’t had a playmaker on offense since he’s been there and hey dirtdawg how good was that defense in the first half against the Steelers ???They couldn’t tackle me that why we lost, you may want to look at Sanchez postseason numbers they’re very good.
    Now let the bashing begin on me for being one of the few Jet fans who doesn’t have a short memory or let the media joke that is New York tell me what I see on film.

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