Pete Carroll: We have to get Golden Tate the ball more

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Golden Tate’s admits that his initial reaction to the Seahawks’ trade for wide receiver Percy Harvin wasn’t an entirely positive one.

Tate finished strong in 2012 and wondered what it meant for his role that his team traded a first-round pick for Harvin and then signed him to a rich long-term deal. Tate stood to lose more than touches, as his rookie contract expires after next season, but coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider tried to put his mind at ease. They explained that Tate will often play outside with Sidney Rice while Harvin works inside out of the slot, a situation that should give everyone more room to work. Carroll also said that the plan is for Tate to get the ball more often than he did last season.

“Golden is really ready to be a terrific football player,” Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “We love what he does, and we just have to get him the ball more and spread it around to him. It took him a couple years to get going and now he’s legit for us and we love what he brings. And he does different things than what Percy does. Percy is a very unique quality guy. I think it’s going to fit together just fine.”

Everyone’s set to get the ball more and make a bigger impact in June, so we’ll see how that turns out but Carroll’s belief that everything fits together just fine is hard to argue with. Harvin’s going to be moving all over the offense while Tate plays the more traditional wide receiver role, a pairing that should give Russell Wilson plenty to work with on offense.

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  1. Memo to the rest of the league:

    You need to increase your efforts to defend against Golden Tate. Ok what other weapons do you have Pete that you need to increase over last year? It will be interesting to figure out which of your weapons you plan to get the ball less to as a result. Do those guys know in advance you are planning a lesser role for them? Or maybe they are just being deceived and told something different. What a conundrum. I think he should have just kept quiet about his strategy and said nothing.

  2. You do realize that saying you are gonna try and get the ball to a player more isnt a strategy or anything like that. Being a strategy expert you should know this. A lot of teams say they need to get certain players more touches, that doesnt tip off defenses. Cuz if it did they would almost always say “we are gonna give it to X player” then deliberately give it to Y player instead because the defense thought someone else had the ball.

    And tate was worried about getting the ball less… imagine how doug baldwin feels.

  3. Hawks were the most run heavy team last year, that should change this year with Wilson being free to pass, so Tate and all receivers should have increased receptions. This offense looks like it could be an unstoppable freight train

  4. logicailvoicesays says:
    Jun 9, 2013 1:57 PM
    More overrated receivers for a team of heavy PED users won’t make it a difference. The Seahawks remain a second team of low character. #ProudtobeaRedskinsfan

    Logical? Lets try spelling correctly first. Someone sounds angry that coach shanny left rg3 in a lil too long and blew an acl? BOOHOO Logifail voice sounds like a whiner! Enjoy the taste of that last game! Go Hawks

  5. shotgunnoblitz:

    Yes I am aware that because a coach says something that might not necessarily be the case, I’m way ahead of you on that one.

    I’m just playing off of what the coach is saying, I’m in a sense “humoring” him. If GT is to get the ball more, then somebody MUST get the ball less. What kind of message does it send to the guys who are not Golden Tate? He must in effect be saying he has a lower opinion of them now comparatively and I don’t like that.

    So why is he talking about this “strategy” that is so obviously not a strategy then? Is he being honest or trying to trick the competition, which is it? Or is it irrelevant banter that he should keep quiet about. I pick the latter. That’s my strategy opinion.

  6. “logicailvoicesays says: More overrated receivers for a team of heavy PED users won’t make it a difference. The Seahawks remain a second team of low character. #ProudtobeaRedskinsfan”

    If taking adderall is your definition of low character, you’ve lived a very sheltered life. You should be more worried about how the Redskins plan on keeping their brittle QB on the field. Also, don’t hashtag outside of twitter. It makes you look like a moron.

  7. Last I checked they can only use one football at a time. Plus, I believe they have decent RB on the PEDhawks squad that will probably want some touches as well. Someone will lose out, might be Rice, might be Tate. If it’s Headache Harvin, watch how quickly he becomes a problem for the team. (You don’t really believe his “migraines” are cured do you?)

  8. Marshawn Lynch and the RB position will lose a few touches, but that is OK since the Hawks ran the ball more than every other team in the league. Wilson will have too many weapons to chose from and will probably stay in the pocket more, also.

  9. Tate can catch more balls simply by shoving the defender down, like he did in the Immaculate Touchception™ against the Packers.

  10. “Golden Tate’s” ? I know it’s the weekend, but write first, party second 🙂

    And logicavoicesmellsgoatbehinds, stick to worrying about your fragile little quarterback.

  11. You almost have to throw the ball to Golden Tate on every throw. He gets awarded touchdowns even when it’s intercepted by the other team.

    Then again, Harvin can be a headache if he isn’t happy.

    I guess it doesn’t matter: this team won’t make the playoffs. Probably 3rd in their division, around 8-8 if they’re lucky.

  12. Dude…people really need to get over the PED thing. Anyone who honestly believes that the Seahawks are as good as they are because of adderall is incredibly delusional

  13. Harvin will make more space for both Tate and Rice.

    Looking forward to passing situations with Tate and Rice wide, Baldwin in the slot, Miller at TE, Wilson in the shotgun with Harvin next to him. Put Percy in motion and watch the fun.

  14. Golden Tate has matured into a very good football player and is only going to get better. If I had to guess, he will be getting paid, and Sidney rice will eventually be shown the door with the ability chris harper is showing. Go hawks!

  15. Rice can’t stay healthy. Harvin can’t stay healthy. Beast mode skittle freak has a hell of a lot of wear and tear. Tate scares no one. Odds are it will be Tate /rice or harvin.

  16. Hell yeah you have to get him the ball more! The guy has done nothing but steadily improve every year since they took him with a second round pick. He’s playing for his next contract after this season…of course he wants to put up career numbers and Pete wants to take advantage of it. Plus, the guy was really coming into his own during the second half of last year. Throw in that he’s a first down machine and it’s a no-brainer.

  17. How original, a PED joke! When you have no other means to insult a team, call them cheaters. Get a life! The same stupid joke gets old, especially when it’s irrelevant. I’ll enjoy my Seahawks whoopin your teams again then ill expect the PED jokes because that’s how pathetic some are! Can’t talk football, so find something irrelevant to bring up yet again.

  18. Anyways… Love how Pete Carroll runs his show. Bring in guys to compete with the incumbent will either A) Make the incumbent a better player and having the new guy add to that or B) The incumbent doesn’t live up to the expectations and the new guy takes over that role with a better overall outcome. It’s a win win situation. That’s why Pete Carroll has been such a successful coach because he knows how to get the most out of his team.

  19. Poor Packers fans. I feel pretty sorry for you guys. You guys didn’t get every call in that one game. That is very sad. Almost as sad as getting sacked 8 times in one half. Boo Hoo.

  20. It makes perfect sense to get him the ball more. He broke out with Wilson during the second half of the season and is a first down machine. Add to that he’s in a contract year and you have a motivated, ascending player. Give him a shot Pete!

  21. Golden Tate does need to get more touches. He wasn’t targeted half as much as other WR and he had 8 TDs and 5 – 40 + yard catches (perspective Cobb had 0 40 + yard catches). He is explosive and I would like to see them give him PR duties again because his elusiveness is special. Doug Baldwin sadly will probably be the odd man out because Harvin/Tate. Seattle fans aren’t worried about Rice getting hurt because he took some of the hardest hits this season and was up to spin the ball. Even Bears winning TD he was KOed he played the next game.

  22. I said all last season that Tate needed 6-7 touches per game and that Rice needed a minimum of 8 targets every game. Unfortunately, with a rookie QB, Seattle threw the fewest passes of any team in the NFL so neither was even close. We’ll see if this year is any different now that Wilson has had the playbook opened up to him.

  23. Something that many football fans could likely deduce for themselves is that Percy Harvin led all receivers with broken tackles last year, even though he only played 9 games (19). What the passing fan probably doesn’t know is that the most RELIABLE tackle breaker in the NFL, by quite a bit, is Golden Tate. He had 45 catches and 14 broken tackles. Wow. That’s more than 30% of his catches with a broken tackle. Tate also had more than 15 YPC. With his catch rate and YPC and touchdowns per catch, give him the same targets as Megatron and he has 136 catches, for 2081 yards and 21 TDs.

    disclaimer: I am not saying that Golden Tate is in any way or form better than Calvin Johnson, because the only way that Tate is better is in broken tackles, other than that Megatron is better in every way.

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