Ravens owner wants Flacco to fill Ray Lewis’s leadership void

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On most teams, it would go without saying that the Super Bowl MVP-winning quarterback is the leader. But in Baltimore, where Ray Lewis has been the undisputed leader of the Ravens for years, owner Steve Bisciotti made a specific point of telling quarterback Joe Flacco that it’s his team now.

Bisciotti said that with Lewis retired, there’s no question that the rest of the locker room will look to Flacco.

You are the leader now, like it or not,” Bisciotti said to Flacco, via the team’s website.

Flacco and Lewis have different personalities, and Flacco will probably never be the kind of vocal leader that Lewis has been. But Bisciotti told Flacco that his accomplishments in the postseason this year have made him an undisputed NFL superstar.

“Not many guys do what you did in five years. Not many did it your way,” Bisciotti said. “Not many like the way you do it. But I said at the end-of-the-year press conference after last year’s [AFC championship] defeat, that I think the fans of Baltimore will be rewarded by your low-key presence, and it will stand the test of time. Indeed it did, and we all hope it continues to do that.”

For the money Bisciotti is paying him, Flacco should continue to play like he did in the playoffs.

74 responses to “Ravens owner wants Flacco to fill Ray Lewis’s leadership void

  1. Ray wasn’t the most gifted physically he made his mark with his mental and emotional gifts. Flacco is a physical specimen who will lead by example. Ray Rice is rah rah guy on the offense, Torrey Smith is vocal. There is a collective leadership on the Ravens as strong as any in the NFL.

  2. I’d never ask a man to fill another man’s void (especially Ray Lewis’) but for $100 million The Biscuit will get what The Biscuit wants.

  3. I don’t think Flacco is willing to commit murder. He just signed that huge contract… and he’s not a murderer.

  4. That’s definitely the question for Ravens in 2013: Where’s the leadership going to come from without veterans Lewis, Reed, Boldin, Birk etc — on top of several other starters they’ve lost on, both sides of the ball? If the only thing harder than winning a SB is repeating, the deck is stacked against Baltimore this year. They’ll do well to go .500.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see. With Lewis out of the line up last year there were struggles. Sure there were offensive play calling issues too. Rays leadership made a huge difference even with his aging. Now he’s gone and its Flaccos team. I for one see struggles ahead.

  6. While the QB has to be a leader who can tell diva receivers to shut and get open he is not respected by defensive players who view him as the guy in a skirt, above a kicker but not by much.

    Expect a “leader” to arise from the defense.

  7. uh yeah – going from a great, motivational leader to a mediocre, lucky leader – that’ll be a natural transition…good luck with that.

  8. This isn’t a knock on Flacco, but nobody will ever be able to fill the gap for what they lost in Lewis. Losing Reed doesn’t help either, but they have two other leaders with Suggs and Ngata.

  9. Flacco is not a leader other than leading people to the line of scrimmage. However, he maybe like Eli and lead by quiet example….the ravens have plenty of mouth without Flacco having to be the voice. He is under a lot of pressure to carry the team….it will be interesting to see which Flacco shows up and when. I wish him luck…he seems like a good dude.

  10. Hilarious! Can you imagine Flacco in the pre-game huddle screaming, trying to fire the team up a la Ra Lewis? There won’t be a straight face in the bunch. They’ll probably let him try it, then ask him to dance a bit and try his hand at a Ludacris rap. At least they’ll go into the games loose.

  11. Haha

    Jump ball joe. The guy that hit the lotto because of Anquan Boldins heroics in the playoffs and……Denvers inability to stop a play that is stopped 99.9% of the time.

    Hate the Ravens, but Ray Lewis was awesome. His intensity, etc. is why the Ravens teams were so tough. If Flacco is to become the Ray Lewis of the Ravens, they are in trouble.

  12. So you want the most energetic, passionate and prideful man to ever play for the ravens to be replaced by the dullest, boring, voiceless guy on the current roster, to keep the winning mentality going……..right

  13. Flacco earned his money just like Ray did, but that’s where the similarities
    end. Ravens fans enjoyed the antics of Lewis, Flacco will do it his way. Act like you’ve been there before . Let’s hope Ravens fans get what they deserve.

  14. Loving this time of year! The Ravens are the champions and all the little haters can do is pee and moan! Flacco will continue to win, and that’s all that matters.

    PS: Charlie Batch can thank Cam Cameron for his regular season “SuperBowl” win vs the Ravens, and Ravens fans can thank Mr. Batch for showing that Cameron was holding Flacco (and the team) back all these years leading to a change in Coordinators and a post season triumph for the Ravens and their fans. All Hail, the Mighty, “World Champion Ravens!”

  15. Lmao! Jacco is an overrated clown that throws rainbow passes on dumbass defenses. Clown status, 3rd at best in AFCN this year

  16. a lot of jealous people in here… just can’t get over the fact that Flacco killed it, won the MVP and hit the contract jackpot.

    Natural born leader and you all wish he was on your team. And you know it !

  17. If you read the quote correctly, it is a huge compliment to Joe. Joe already is the leader. That’s the # 1 reason they won the SB.

  18. Or…maybe professionals making millions of dollars a year can just do their job! Am I to believe the Ravens other players may now decide to just half ass it because Ray Ray isn’t there to scream from the pulpit?

  19. When Bisciotti was asked, 1 1/2 years ago, ‘How have you been able to keep winning, and winning in the playoffs over the last 4 years”. His only answer was ” Joe Flacco”.

  20. Keep the hate coming haters. Fact is the Ravens have plenty of talent to beat any of your lame teams asses…and you know it.

  21. To all the doubters out there. You’ve been hating on Joe since day 1. He’s proved you all fools. All the way to SBMVP and the BANK!

  22. flucco Isn’t gonna be any kind of leader. john is just scared once again this LOSER of a coach is actually gonna have coach a team since he was hired. handed a team in place is not coaching its called going for a ride. now that ride is over this team is DONE.!!!!!!!! ask the coach from Pittsburgh he is a copy of john.

  23. There are different ways to lead, and I think that Joe is capable. He’s become more vocal & involved, and without Ray looking over his shoulder he has more freedom to lead.
    So quit with the jealous hating and give this team & QB credit for being more competitive than ANY other team the last 5 years.
    Our O is the same and our D is better, so they have as good a chance as anyone…
    because, in the NFL, every year is a new start.
    And the Ravens will give it as good as shot as anyone – with or without Ray!

  24. And larrydavid…the Ravens & Steelers both have great experienced coaches who are obviously better than you, who sits in his mom’s basement stealing someone’s name to feel important.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…wait, yes there is…nerd!

  25. Flacco can’t fill Ray’s role (leadership) because there isn’t the fear that Flacco might stab you if you don’t do what he says. Say what you want, but Lewis pulling some of his team aside and screaming them down was two steps removed from him pulling a shank out of his pads and opening someone up…I’d toe the line too if I felt like I might die if I didn’t.

  26. Stats are good for personal glory, Flacco gets W’s and that is all that matters. Shove stats up your collective arses!

  27. That has to be the most retarded thing I’ve heard in a while.

    And it’s identical to the Jerry Jones – Romo situation. Owner overpays QB then tells him he has to be better to earn it. Both should be nice train wrecks to follow.

  28. Ha ha, Joe Flacco can’t even lead HIMSELF. There has never been a quarterback more carried by his teammates than Flacco. If it’s not Rice turning his one-yard dump-offs into 29-yard first downs, if it’s not Boldin turning his jump balls into catches instead of picks, if it’s not Jones returning TDs when Flacco disappears during second halves of Super Bowls… well you get the picture. Good luck next year with that leadership thing, Ravens fans.

  29. Why don’t they just bring Lewis back as a coach or assistant, and they can continue his role with the team.

  30. Thank you Lamar Woodley of the Steelers for saying before the 2012 season that the Ravens would never win a SB with Flacco at the helm.

  31. Screw Flacco! He’s way overrated but majority of the Baltimorons can’t figure that out yet! Flacco’s contract burned that team and now their screwed hahahaha

    The Ratbirds are the Steelers b*tch!

    Go Steelers Baby!!!

  32. All the Flacco haters need to do is look him up on wikipedia and then enjoy a big dish of steamed crow. The NFL has been around forever and Flacco still sets tons of records. Ask Ziggy Hood who’s the toughest QB he’s ever faced.

  33. I don’t know…I just can’t picture Flacco killing somebody and then trying to fix his image by thumping a bible 24/7.

    Congrats to Flacco for getting a Lombardi Trophy, but if he wants advice on being a leader Ray Lewis is the last person he should look to.

  34. If you ever need proof that America’s education system is lagging behind the rest of the world’s, I present to you any PFT comment board about the Ravens.

  35. Will someone remind me why everyone thinks that Flacco is this Elite Quarterback? Yes he has a very strong arm, and he had a good post season, for once, but one decent year should not put you in ranks of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

    Last I checked you needed to be in the Top 3 of your position, if not the top 5. Would anyone honestly take Joe Flacco’s Career over, Brady’s, Manning’s (Peyton or Eli for that matter), Drew Brees’s or Ben Roethlisberger?? The People that say yes to that are either thinking about the age aspect or are Baltimore fans..

  36. Critics are so quick to jump all over Flacco when things go wrong, but not willing to give him credit when he is largely responsible for their Super Bowl run. I don’t get it. Well, I guess I do get it. The Ravens are the champs and 31 envious fan bases just can’t accept it.

    And for the Steeler fans that refuse to give credit where it’s due…Remember those two minute drill, come from behind drives he’s orchestrated against you? That did happen…

  37. @tsmercurio- Why are you asking to compare Joe’s 1st 5 years to anyone’s 9, 12 or 14 years? If you want to compare Joe’s 1st 5 to anyone’s 1st 5, you’ll see that taking Joe is not a bad idea.

  38. He has to be, because there’s no leadership on that team and no great players either. I’m going to clown that defense all season. I can’t wait.

    Ozzie Newsome is going to try and buy some leadership.

  39. There’s jtbsteeler again, hoping and praying. He keeps making his own facts, and then, he starts to believe them!

  40. I clicked on this story to laugh at the posts but instead of laughing I’m cringing at all the stupid Ray Lewis murder jokes. Do people still think thats funny? The real joke here is the thought of an uncharismatic bore like Joe Flacco being asked to fill in RL’s leadership role. Joe Flacco and Eli Manning did to the Superbowl MVP what David Arquette and Vince Russo did to the WCW Championship.

  41. LOL @ the “jump-ball Joe” and Flacco is lucky posts. Career 102 TD’s to 56 Int’s, that’s a lot of jump balls that went his way!

  42. Just like Jerry Jones told us that he wants Romo to lead the Boys…

    This owner is better than Jerry and said it in a nicer way, but the intent is just the same.

    You’re the man, Mr. $100 plus million dollar QB man…

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