Bears ship Carimi to Bucs


Bears G.M. Phil Emery had said that offensive lineman Gabe Carimi, who boycotted voluntary offseason workouts, will be welcomed back with open arms.  Instead, Carimi is getting a foot in the butt.

And he’s probably happy about that.

According to Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times, Carimi has been traded by the Bears to Tampa.  The compensation sent by the Bucs to Chicago isn’t known.

It may or may not involve a bowl of soup.

Carimi, a first-round pick of the Bears in 2011, has had his career derailed by injuries and ineffectiveness.  He had planned to show up for this week’s mandatory minicamp.

Emery’s predecessor, Jerry Angelo, had drafted Carimi.  With Carimi’s trade, the Bears have no first-round picks on the roster from Angelo’s 11 seasons with the team.

UPDATE 8:45 p.m. ET:  Per multiple reports, the Bears will get a sixth-round pick.  And presumably that bowl of soup.  A league source points out the trade is final pending a physical.  Which usually is perfunctory but every once in a while it kills the deal.

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  1. I can honestly say, I saw THAT one coming a half mile away. I can’t even keep a straight face and say, “that surprised me!”

  2. .

    This is another astute move by the Bucs . A sixth rounder is not a high price, If the guy has anything left in the tank,

    The offensive line is like pitching in baseball. You can never have enough.


  3. A bowl of soup can do a better job of blocking than Carimi.

    A new flaver of Soup!
    Carimi of Bust With Chicken

  4. No matter how you feel about the guy, getting only a sixth rounder only for a highly regarded first round pick from only two years ago is poor.

  5. Ouch! Giving up on a 2011 already has to sting a little. I’d be surprised if they get any higher than a fourth for him.

  6. …and the new Matt Millen strikes again. Can’t develop a high draft pick, so get a hot dog and bag of chips for him. With some NFL-caliber coaching (not Meathead Tice) he’ll do well in Tampa. Keep up the great work, Bears.

  7. As a Panthers fan, I hope he stays healthy and starts 16 games a season for the Bucs. 🙂

  8. We will miss him in the NFC North, the guy was a walking, talking turnstile. You could really pad your sack totals with him in the line up.

  9. Great deal for the Bears as well as the Bucs.

    They get a guy for a 6’th round pick that might someday be a starter.

    Bears get a pick for a guy who was going to either ride the bench all year or be cut because he isn’t anywhere near good enough to be a starter.

    For you bucs fans thinking they got a steal let me repeat. He isn’t good enough to take a starter spot on one of the worst o-lines in the league.

  10. Aldon smith absolutely abused him in the Monday night game last year, made him look like a high school player

  11. Carimi reunites with his former college line coach, Bob Bostaad. Great deal by Bucs.

  12. Not sure why there is no mention of his $1.9 million cap hit this year. If the Bears use that money to sign someone, they’ll essentially get the new guy and the 6th rounder for a guy who didn’t want to show up.
    It’s not as bad as it sounds.

  13. He got hurt and played on it last year.
    The new bears regime has almost totally overhauled the OL which I love.
    Jamarcus Webb is going next, and next year Roberto Garza will be gone.
    Trestman and Emery did in one pffseason,what Lovie and Tice failed to do in 3 years: fix the line

  14. At this point I can’t see any rookie doing better than a proven vet for culter on the right side of the o-line , be smart and sign a starter with proven game tape

  15. The Bucs should also get Tice with this deal so he can tell them how great Carimi is.

  16. bettis3636 says: Jun 9, 2013 9:01 PM

    “I’d of done the same thing.. Players play this game to win championships… Something CHI is far from doing!”

    Uh-huh…Betcha the Bears win a Championship before TB, or your old, lucky-to-finish-8-8 heroes.

  17. I’m going to miss Carami, it was fun watching Allen/Robison/Griffen etc beat him with ease. CHI gets a steal here, ya he was a first rounder 2 years ago and may pan out, but thats a long shot, the kid just isnt good.

  18. Emery has done it again!! its ALL win for Chicago. the more of last years O-line the Bears get rid of the better I feel. Go Emery Go

  19. Carimi got hurt in ’11 – wasn’t hurt at all last year. He was mentally and physically weak – then refused to hit the weight room at Halas Hall after the Bears signed and drafted legit competition. He’s a friggin’ SALLY – good riddance!

  20. And they grabbed a lineman this year who could’ve been had in the 3rd round. What a bunch of great draft minds in Chicago the past few years. Yuck.

  21. He will be cut by the Bucs soon. He is probably one of the worst lineman I’ve ever seen. Just wait Bucs fans.

  22. Someone posted that this is a ‘win-win’ trade.

    How is trading a 1st round pick after not even two seasons for a 6th round pick a ‘win’ again?


  23. Bears haven’t had a hit on first round picks since Tommie Harris in ’04. Before then Urlacher in ’00. This is flat out embarrassing especially if this kid Kyle Long doesn’t pan out.

  24. Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make.

    Remember Newsome wanted to draft this guy, so they started a trade with Chicago to move up, but Chicago didn’t call in the trade and drafted Carimi instead. Baltimore drafted Jimmy Smith the CB. Smith is no all-star, but he did breakup 2 of the 3 passes intended for Crabtree in SB47.

  25. Life long Bears fan here. I’ve seen every professional game Carimi has played in. Bucs fans, I would take this trade if I were you. The jury is still out on this kid from my point of view. He was hampered by injury but more so he was hampered by inept coaching and the pressure to find quick fixes. The Bears didn’t have the luxury of patience while a raw talent was refined on a horrible o-line.

  26. getadealdonealready says: Jun 9, 2013 10:11 PM

    “Even if he is as bad as people say, the Bears don’t have anyone better on the roster…..a bad line just got worse, good for my squad!”

    Do you even know who the Bears have on their roster?

    Bushrod, Slauson, Garza/Lonergan, Long, and Mills will be a huge upgrade over Webb, Rachal, Garza, Carimi, and Louis from last year.

  27. Injuries got to him but he also didn’t seem to have the drive to get better. Tampa doesn’t have much to lose with this trade but there was a reason he was traded for only a 6th round pick.

  28. I hope the Bears straighten out their organization and start moving in the right direction. They have great tradition. They just need the right people in charge.

  29. Don’t feel too bad Bear Fans, 3 picks later your Packers selected Derek Sherrod….

  30. The jury is still out on Carimi. But one thing is for sure…. Bucs GM Dominik owns the Bears. He got a 2nd rounder for Gaines Adams and a 7th rounder for Brian Price. Pretty clear who won those trades. Bucs will win this one too.

  31. It could be a good deal for Tampa. Tampa’s line coach is well respected and he did a good job last year with replacements when he lost both starting guards.

    Carimi played for Bostad in Wisconsin. Bucs wouldn’t have taken him without Bostad’s approval.

  32. Prior to the draft the year Carimi was picked, he was quoted in the Wisconsin media about all the great things he would offer to any pro franchise. You could read the ego bursting through the quotations.
    So much for that.
    As a Wisconsin grad I hope he does well. But apparently there is a problem recognizing that he’s only a legend in his own mind.

  33. Jerry Angelo and Matt Millen….yikes!!!!!
    I believe this makes Jerry’s record worse than Matt’s record!!!!

  34. “I’d of done the same thing.. Players play this game to win championships… Something CHI is far from doing!”

    Chicago is closer to a championship than you are of passing a remedial English class.

  35. With Carimi’s trade, the Bears have no first-round picks on the roster from Angelo’s 11 seasons with the team. How did Angelo last 11 seasons? The really crazy thing is that Bear fans think this year will be wildly different than last year. 10 and 6, 9 and 7, or 8 and 8, take your pick.

  36. This is just pathetic. I’m a Bears fan, and while I haven’t liked any of Emery’s picks, (please prove me wrong) he wouldn’t be worth a roster spot? He played decent after he was moved to the RT, and I would rather him taking a roster spot than Webb. But anyways, GO BEARS

  37. There’s soup in GB for you Gabe, but I bet Ole Emery Board in CHI never called Uncle Ted in GB offering this deal. Man we could use you at RT. Touche’ there Bears. We’ll get you back soon…..the season is coming like the change of seasons…..see you then.

  38. Bostaad must have seen some potential in Carimi that the Bears missed. I do not think Dominik is foolish enough to waste a 6 round pick on an obvious washout! Anyway you can never have enough O line bodies. GO BUCS

  39. oldlineman,

    At least Sherrod has a reason for not being on the field due to a broken leg.. Carimi has no such excuse.

  40. He’s a Wisconsin Kid. He wanted to play for the Packers. Now he gets to perfect his “Sit Down Block”….. That’s the one were he gets knocked on his ass by any defensive player on the field. Good luck Tampa… You’ll need it……

  41. Meanwhile, Lovie Smith is the one that gets the blame – for his team contending in spite of Jerry Angelo – Who gave the guy nothing to work with.

  42. I love the bears, but can not stand the way lies have flown through emery and the new coach what ever his name is mouths lately.

    why go out of your way to lie then a few days later do the opposite of what you said you would. not really just this but there are a huge number of things lately that they have done that taints them as liars. its starting to stink up the place. I hope they change there ways, or lose so bad that a good house cleaning is in order. the way they act right now is extremely disappointing.

    id rather the bears be the worse team in the league but have integrity then win every game and have none….

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