Slight discrepancy regarding speed of Wilson’s first pitch


We pointed out late Friday (or possibly early Saturday) that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Friday night’s game between the Mariners and the Yankees.

The blurb on the team’s official website said nothing about the speed of the fastball the former college pitcher threw.  Via USA Today, there’s a minor discrepancy on that point.

The scoreboard at Safeco Field touted the pitch at traveling at 98 miles per hour.  The Mariners’ broadcasters said that the ball was moving at only (only?) 75 mph.

Though the truth is likely closer to the lower number, there’s no doubt that Wilson can throw both a football and a baseball effectively.

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  1. There’s no way he went out there without warming up or anything and threw a 98 mph pitch. As much as most people would like to believe he did.

  2. Well, the broadcasters said it was 75 mph at the plate, which would mean it was going low 80s out of his hand, where the gun measures it. It looked a lot more like an 83-84 mph pitch than 98 mph.

  3. Wilson was a second baseman, who pitched a couple times at State. He was not a pitcher.

    A 98 mph fastball would have kept him in baseball. His problem was at the plate, where he batted .238. A pitcher can live with that, but not a position player, which he was.

  4. coltzfan166 “There’s no way he went out there without warming up or anything and threw a 98 mph pitch. As much as most people would like to believe he did.”

    He warmed up in the tunnels before going out on the field. Considering he played college baseball and was drafted by the Rockies … and he’s an incredible NFL quarterback, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hit 90s or high 90s on one pitch. But, I doubt he’d risk throwing his arm out to do it.

    He threw 75mph with showing absolutely zero effort .. and a strike at that.

  5. Seattle rigged the scoreboard for fun, who cares? Better question is why they never got punished for pumping in artificial sound during the football games.

  6. Obviously the guys in charge make the gun say what they want in a situation like this….great kid, great athlete, going to be a star for 15 years in Seattle, story’s over….

  7. Excellent pitch, but nowhere near 98mph. Had something to it, though. Russell was, after all, not just the second baseman for UNC, but apparently also did some relief pitching.

  8. That’s his changeup. Its deceptively slow.

    It’s not like the dude bounced it or pulled a Baba Booey. He threw a strike.

  9. Its just more hype.

    And to say Wilson can throw a baseball effectively demonstrates a deep ignorance about the game of baseball. Disagree? Just ask any pitcher from high school on up.

    BTW, Wilson’s stint in minor league baseball was as a second baseman and he hit a paltry .228 his last season. Wilson obviously did not have the arm to transition from a position player to a pitcher so that career option was never explored for him. Since he could not hit the curve ball, splitter, or slider, it make total sense for him to return to football, a great decision on his part in hindsight. Seahawks fans are sure glad too.

  10. Those who think just because he got drafted as a position player means he could probably hit 98 on a pitch are delusional. You might be able to swing your hardest pitch a few MPH but it’s not going to go from a solid throw (which 75mph is a solid high school fastball for a pitcher) to hall of fame speed. It’s just not. The average Major league fastball is barely over 85mph. 98mph would put him in the upper 5% of Major league pitchers.

    He threw a 75 MPH strike. Very respectable, but it’s not 98mph don’t kid yourself. They were pumping up the crowd or joking. Either way is fine.

  11. Seattle fans are in so much love (?) of Wilson, they will really believe Wilson can do anything.
    Their adulation borders on nauseating, to be frank.

  12. Wow. Ok, they do this all the time at Safeco. I watched a 10 year old throw a 95 mph pitch that skipped across the plate. It’s just a funny thing the operator(s) do.

    I honestly thought they did this at every park in America.

  13. I believe he threw 98. He snorted a few of Dick Sherman’s Adderall and reared back, and was so jacked up and in the zone that he rifled it down the middle like Randy Johnson. Cue the drooling Seadderall Cheathawks fans offering this as “More proof that Little Willy is 10 x better than Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck put together.” Most obnoxious and delusional fanbase outside of Philly and Dallas.

  14. I was a below average pitcher in high school, but I could throw an 80 MPH fastball. It really isn’t that fast.

    But the difference between an 95 MPH and a 98 MPH fastball is more than any non-ball player would ever believe – when you stand with a bat in your hand watching it come at you.

    Absolutely Unbelievable.

    Did he throw 98 – no way. Did he hit 80 – if he has any baseball background, probably.

  15. I dunno whats worse, people actually getting angry about this or people actually thinking this is news.

  16. The most amazing thing is that Golden Tate caught the pitch. At least that’s what they decided from watching a replay of it.

  17. So where’s all the hawks fans that were proclaiming him to have a better fastball than Kaepernick last night?

  18. Who gives a rats azz. Sheattle doesn’t have a Lombardi nor does it have a World Series Championship Trophy. Oh yeah they have a nba trophy….no wait……that one is in okc…..

  19. Interesting the Seattle fans proclaiming Russell Wilson the second coming of Joe Montana.

    He’s played ONE SEASON! Do you guys not know your NFL history? Do you have any clue how many guys looked like studs their first year and faded into oblivion shortly afterwards?

  20. Very few people on this planet can throw a baseball 98 mph. Russell Wilson is not one of them.

  21. First you have him in the Hall of Fame, after one lucky season in the NFL! Now he is a Cy Young Pitcher! What’s next, Prez of the USA? He must be Superman!! The midget is going to get crushed this season and will never be heard from again!!

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