Vick says he has a “couple more years left”


At a time when more and more quarterbacks are performing at a high level even on the wrong side of 35, there’s no reason to think that more of them won’t do the same thing.

Mike Vick may not be one of those who will do the same thing.

During Saturday’s interview with Howard Eskin of WIP in Philly, during which Vick clarified/justified/whatever his recent remarks about wanting coach Chip Kelly to name a starter before training camp, Vick mentioned in passing that he’s “got a couple more years left.”

But Vick is only 32.  Sure, he’ll turn 33 later this month, but a “couple more years” means he’d retire at 34, after the 2014 season.

For now, we’ll regard the statement as non-binding filler aimed at illustrating the differences between himself and Nick Foles, who is entering his second season.

Then again, since Vick’s primary justification for saying that he wants an answer from Kelly before camp is that Vick was simply being truthful, there’s no reason to assume he was being untruthful when he provided an estimated duration of his remaining career.

Of course, the bigger question is whether the Eagles or anyone else will be willing to make Vick the starter in 2014.  With a one-year deal in Philadelphia, there’s a chance he’ll have to consider commencing the clipboard-holding phase of his career, if he can’t find a team that will hand him the job or if he can’t beat out whoever he’d be competing with.

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  1. Mike Vick should have a couple of more years left in the tank. He had a three year break from getting is body tore up in the middle of his career.

  2. Hopefully he only has a couple more months with the Eagles.
    I am so sick of Michael Vick!
    Ron Mexico don’t go away mad; just go away…

  3. Thats a couple more years than the dogs in his kennel had.

    Karma has bit him in the ass and I actually enjoy his struggles knowing that he earned every second of it.

  4. God I cant stand Florio’s reporting. Dude you suck at this. we don’t need your opinion or you clear bias hatred for vick. And as far as you idiots still harping in the dog thing… Let it freaking go already. Vick was down right dominant for most of 2010. It wasnt forever ago. With the right protection and system in place Vick could clearly perform at a probowl level this year!!!

  5. Vick’s always ben a supremely gifted physical specimen, and this god-given athleticism has been what he has relied upon most to bail him out over his career. He simply cannot rely upon this forever, and going forward into his later years, he’s going to have to learn how to beat a defense cerebrally, with pinpoint execution and fundamentals. This may prove to be more difficult than any physical challenge Vick has faced throughout his career… but it is essential to his future success if he intends to remain a starter in this league, or in this league whatsoever.

  6. A couple more years left to live maybe but his career ended before last year. I predict he will die of a crack overdose at a dogfight within the next few years.

  7. Keep running your mouth Dick, you sound even more ridiculous with every word that comes out of your sociopathic loser mouth..Go away NOW

  8. ” Vick was down right dominant for most of 2010. It wasnt forever ago. With the right protection and system in place Vick could clearly perform at a probowl level this year!!!”

    He was dominant for most of 2010. Key word there is “MOST”. Later in that season, he was figured out and started to falter and go back to his old ways. He had the right protection that 2nd half of that season as well as in 2011 too, and still was bad, so please Vick jock riders……. Stop using that excuse. He caught lightning in a bottle and caught the league by surprise in the 1st half of 2010 and that is why he succeeded. Not because he suddenly figured out how to be an actual QB. He will never be a good PASSING QB, and being voted in the Probowl is a joke, so don’t use that as some sort of accomplishment that means anything.

  9. Yeah, he was dominant in 2010 till he threw that unnecessary interception in the endzone to end our season. again, goes back to the point that he was and is still not able to read defenses.

  10. If that stiff Carson Palmer can still get starting jobs along with that turnover machine Phillip Rivers can still run a team along with 100 million dollar I won 1 playoff game in 7 years Romo can still play then Vick should have a job also.

  11. Lots of SCARED sounding people posting on here, sounds like y’all afraid of Vick succeeding here in Philly in Chip’s system… that would end the great white QB hopefuls dreams… to lead an Eagle team.

    Some here still using Vick history with Dog fighting to hide behind the real reasons they hate Mike. The fact is that Vick has done more for the advancement to protect dogs and other animals as a consequence of his mistakes.

    It is even more glaring that white players… repeated Rapists like Big Ben, Drug dealers and accused murderers in the league… are looked upon favorably by those same fans that BLAST Vick for his mistakes… something seriously wrong with people that put animals before Human welfare.

    Vick is my guy ,with a tremendous opportunity to start in Kelly’s scheme… Compete… win the job on the field of play, not in the media. Chip Kelly said it, ” the players set the Depth Chart.” Mike should know this league is about ” what have u done for me lately.” and my Birds are in transition… Make it happen Mike.

  12. I also wish Kelly would hurry-up and name Michael Vick the starter.

    The sooner Vick gets in there and starts getting hit the sooner he will be holding a clipboard and we can move on…

    Hey daggolden,
    Romo has 1 playoff win in 7 years – So Vick only has 2 playoff wins in 10 years.

    For his career, Romo is better than Vick in
    every passing category. His overall quarterback rating of 95.3 is 15 points higher than Vick’s rating. Romo is also better in completion percentage, total yards, yards per game, yards per attempt and touchdowns.

    I hate Tony Romo, but he is a much better QB than Vick.

  13. We should of never picked this guy up the year we went to the play offs he started to die down at the end of the year after we lost that game to the Vikings with Joe web as their starter and 1 and done in the play offs we should of let him go because the next season he was getting hurt every other game this guy should of never been able to go back to the NFL after what he did I mean if it was me I or any other hard working American we would of did more time in jail and probably still Be unemployed

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