Adam Jones is charged with assault after allegedly “punching” woman


As broken first by the defendant on his Twitter page, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones (who no longer wants to be called Pacman but whose Twitter handle is @RealPacman24) has been arrested, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Jones, according to prosecutors, has been charged with one count of assault after allegedly “punching” a woman outside a Cincinnati bar.

Agent Peter Schaffer previously told PFT that Jones “slapped” the woman after she threw a bottle at his head from point-blank range.

As of 1:30 p.m. ET, Jones had not been processed through the Hamilton County jail.

Even if the charges are unfounded or misplaced, Jones’ history of off-field incidents could result in intervention by the NFL before the case is resolved.

31 responses to “Adam Jones is charged with assault after allegedly “punching” woman

  1. People are ridiculous thinking they can do whatever to whomever they want to with no consequinces. Do not hit unless you want to get hit back. At least he has some witnesses that can refute his story, but I hope he doesn’t get charged. And don’t say he should have just posed for the picture, he is on his time and has no obligation to share his time, especially in the off-season.

    Athletes are available to us at the venue they perform at, everywhere else it is optional and totally up to the athlete. To throw a beer bottle or anything at someone because they didn’t do what you wanted should get you punished, and I hope these women get the fullest extent of the law. He likely should not have hit the woman, though. I’ve learned as I got older not to fight. If I get hit, I’m not fighting back, I’m suing. Fighting back doesn’t benefit you, because just as in football when the second guy gets caught I have seen more than once the second person gets sued, jail time or worse for a situation that was instigated by the first party.

  2. What did I tell you, same ol Bungles. AFCN is the Steelers to lose. The Ravens defense will be worse that its pathetic showing from last season.

  3. Dear (insert any currently employed NFL player),

    Stay out of bars and strip clubs until you retire from the NFL.

    You’re welcome………

  4. first off, it’s PacMan, so Im suspicious of anything related.

    second off, violence against women is so beyond unacceptable, I can’t begin to explain it.

    that all being said, somebody throws a bottle at my head, point blank, I AM going to defend myself. if this story is what is being told, I hope like hell she is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

  5. These charges are false just like all the others. Adam Jones has been a model citizen his entire NFL career. He’s being targeted again becuase of his celebrity status. Someone is just trying to get money out of an athlete they recognize.

    Oh sorry, I should have started this off by letting you all know I’m a titans fans. So I thought I’d go ahead and let you know what his lawyer will say in his upcoming press release.

    Let me guess PACMAN, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  6. I am no fan of this guy. Or the Bengals. But…..just this weekend I had something happen that makes me think twice about bashing PacMan this time.

    Sat afternoon, I’m walking w/my kids in town & my 14 year old runs ahead of us to see a friend. 2-3 minutes later he jumped from behind a pillar to scare us. I happened to be right next to the pillar at the time & instincts kicked in. Not realizing it was my son, I gave him a quick heel-palm to the chin & sent him flying backward into the pavement. He was fine, just a little startled & w/a lump on his head. Don’t think he’ll try that any more, though….

    So, it’s conceivable that PacMan was acting out of simple human reflex after being hit w/a bottle. I think rather than arresting him, they should arrest the person who threw the bottle. Charge her w/assault w/a deadly weapon.

    I would usually bash PacMan. Out of habit & his repeated stupidity. Is this “bar” that he was in a little restaurant, neighborhood place for good food that also happens to have a liquor license? Or is it a strip club? What time was it? Was he hammered or out w/friends for a quiet evening of nachos? We don’t know the facts & as much as I’d love to skewer him for being a dumba–, I just can’t right now.

  7. No sympathy here, whatsoever. The answers are easy, Pacman, but perhaps you need a refresher course: Avoid the bar scene. Avoid obviously intoxicated bar skanks. If trouble is brewing, walk away. If the bottle was thrown and missed, the immediate threat is over, Pacman. Find a bouncer, call the police or weave your way out of the scene like you were returning a kick. What you don’t do, even if legally permissible, is react in a manner guaranteed to put your liberty and career at risk. Most people know this and never get in trouble. Ever. Somehow, you keep forgetting.

  8. If anyone throws a bottle at your head from point blank range, you need to have the right to defend yourself, regardless of the gender of the person who threw the bottle. What if he didn’t hit her, whats to stop her from doing it again, which could possibly kill him or seriously injure him?

  9. I hate hearing people say that he, or any athlete, should stay out of bars. Every time something happens it isn’t always the fault of the famous person. Famous people are indeed targetted, so whether it was the bar or a mall in the middle of the city trouble LOOKS for famous athletes even when they are at home (I remember hearing a story last year about people showing up on athlete’s doorsteps) then what are you going to say, that they should live in a gated community?

    Athletes are under the same laws as we are and deserve the same kind of protection and the same benefit of the doubt. The simple fact is, the media, and much of the public are jealous of athletes and how much money they make and they live compared the the pittance that they make and they really just need to get over it.

  10. Furthermore in addition to my previous comment, it women want to be treated the same as men, then it’s time we stop treating them as if they’re made of glass, im not saying go out fight women, i’m just saying that women need to expect the same consequences as a man for doing obnoxious things such as instigating a fight.if I threw a Bottle at some guys head regardless if I knew him or not,I would expect him to retaliate, but it’s different with women and I think that’s stupid. She deserved to have her ass kicked for what she did just like any man would deserve it for doing the same thing.

  11. If the story is true, then why isnt the other person facing assault charges?? Last I checked, you dont get let off the hook just because you’re a girl.

  12. nathanbetz91 says:
    Jun 10, 2013 3:08 PM
    If anyone throws a bottle at your head from point blank range, you need to have the right to defend yourself, regardless of the gender of the person who threw the bottle.

    But, if you want to avoid havinging someone throw a bottle at you:
    1. avoid bars
    2. avoid propositioning women in bars
    3. avoid felling up women in bars

  13. This is about the zillionth time he’s been in an alcohol-fueled confrontation that’s ended with some form of physical violence.

    This isn’t even the first time there’s been allegations of a bar fight where somebody threw a bottle at someone else.

    So if he’s a victim, he’s the kind of victim that just can’t seem to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Over and over and over again. He’s the common denominator.

  14. ok now before i say anthing.. let me just get out of the way, when will pacman learn 2 stop going to bars..thats not your scene, the man above has givin him multiple signs letting him know the bar life isnt for him he just doesnt learn,…

    that said i would of slapped the FIRE out of the girl who hit me with a bottle..idgaff if shes a woman or not, you act like a man, try fighting a guy, and lay hands on a guy with objects dont act surprised when you get hit like a man.

  15. also one more thing..if you dont want to take pics with woman in fear theyll put it on twitter for your wife to see..what are you doing in a club without your wife then? doesnt make much sense…

  16. Ok if a woman threw a glass bottle at my head from freaking point blank range, I’m going to defend myself. Sorry people that like to hate but I really don’t think Adam did anything wrong. Other than he should know to just avoid bars completely.

  17. I’m glad the comments on this article are more level-headed than on the first one about this story. You should have the right to defend yourself no matter who it is, male or female, attacking you

  18. Chris Rock: I’d never hit a woman, but I’d shake the —- out of one.

  19. Call me naive, but I thought his rabble rousing days were over and I said many times on here that he’s a good example of how a guy could actually turn his life around when he looked unredeemable.
    Yes there is no excuse for someone throwing a bottle at him and I don’t blame him for defending himself. But if he truly more mature now, he should walk away. Just because Jones was right in his instincts and right to feel the need to defend himself doesn’t mean it was the right way to handle it.
    And that said, maybe there’s more to the story and he’s innocent so I am still withholding judgment that he’s backsliding for now.

  20. She gunned a bottle at him (prove it) and he slapped her, sounds like equal rights to me, if a dude gunned the bottle then slap him too.

  21. And this a hole thinks he has a “right” to play in the NFL. Go back to the hood pacman, after getting out of jail

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