Adam Jones to be charged after Thursday incident at bar


The football player formerly known as Pacman has done a decent job of staying out of trouble in recent years.

That ended Thursday, with an incident in a Cincinnati bar that will result in Jones turning himself in to authorities later today.

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones broke the news of his predicament on Twitter:  “Just got arrested for protecting myself, I will not let this break me or change what I have work so hard for. . . .”

His agent, Peter Schaffer, told PFT by phone that Jones was at a bar after a Reds game.  Jones was approached by two women that he deemed to be intoxicated, and they wanted to take a picture with him.  Jones declined.

After he declined, one of them threw a beer bottle at him, striking his head from point blank range.  So he turned and slapped her and said, “What are your doing?  Stop it!”

Schaffer says that he has spoken to multiple eyewitnesses who corroborate Jones’ version of the events.  Schaffer also says that the police have spoken to none of the witnesses, other than the two women.

“If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they would have investigated it,” Schaffer said of the police.  “If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they wouldn’t have arrested him.”

We haven’t researched Ohio law on self-defense, so we don’t know whether a retaliatory slap after being struck by an object is permissible.  Still, if Jones’ version is accurate, he wasn’t the aggressor.  At a minimum, the woman who threw the bottle also should be charged.

Jones, a first-round pick of the Titans in 2005, had multiple brushes with the law early in his career.  Since serving a one-year suspension from 2007 to 2008, he largely has remained out of trouble.

87 responses to “Adam Jones to be charged after Thursday incident at bar

  1. People fascinated by Adam Jones and getting off on him being arrested are just plain weird.

    Let’s hope that if Goodell suspends Jones it’s for just cause, as opposed to “just ’cause”. I don’t have high hopes for that.

    Remember, he’s innocent until proven guilty.

  2. Man idk how people are in the clubs week in and week out. Takes a toll physically and mentally. I’m 21 so I’ve had my fair share of partying but It’s not a hobby of mine.

  3. It is far too easy to rush to judgment with Adam Jones. It doesn’t sound as though he handled it very well, but he is bound to be a target anytime he is out in public. It is hard to have sympathy for this guy considering the fact that there is a guy in wheelchair for the rest of his life because of the ‘Pacmans’ behavior in Las Vegas.

  4. This is a tough situation. On one hand I am in complete agreement with everything Jones’ agent said. On the other hand, even if she threw a bottle at him, you can’t slap a woman. Especially if you are a high profile professional athlete. You have to at least attempt to take the high road. Especially when you are somebody with a history like Jones has.

    I do agree that the woman should also be charged.

  5. Good for Schaffer reporting it as he did. Everyone will be quick to get on him about this, but let’s not jump to any conclusions yet.

    He needs to stay home (turn the basement into a bar bro) or only go to super high-end places where trash like that doesn’t come waddling through the front door.

  6. Go Head PacMan, “Whoop that Trick” lol if that evidence holds True you can’t Blame him regardless of his reputation!

  7. Even if he was assaulted, he didn’t need to return the physical blow back to a woman. Get her kicked out, be smart enough to realize your past creates perception that 4 years of good behavior do NOT erase. I was actually kind of happy for this dude turning his life around. But he obviously still doesn’t completely get it.

    And I’m not saying the women are right. They should have been arrested for assault. Get the bar/club the call the cops. But slapping a woman to “defend” yourself. C’mon man!

  8. Jones may or may not be “innocent” but he’s lost the benefit of the doubt. He’s lied and been busted too many times to be taken at his word.

    Athletes have been instructed by their agents to deny deny deny whenever they get in trouble. Most recently, MJD said he was innocent, but apparently there is video evidence of a midget throwing a superman punch to the bouncer. We’ll see.

  9. I guessing “deemed to be intoxicated” would be more accurately put as “deemed to be unattractive”

  10. I know he should be given the benefit of the doubt about this. However, with his history of stupid behavior its hard to believe he didn’t do something to provoke all of this. For his saake, I hope the have security cameras inside that wil vindicate him. Otherwise, the Commish should suspend him fo at least a year. How many chances does one person get?

  11. r8rsfan says: Call me crazy, but you just don’t turn around and slap, push or place hands on any woman.

    I won’t call you crazy, but you’re not supposed to subdue your assailant- the one that’s throwing beer bottles at your head at point blank range- because it’s a woman, but not a guy?

    That makes NO sense, dude.

  12. I thought he wasn’t supposed to be drinking? Isn’t that what he said was his problem to begin with? Why go to a bar if you know you have a problem?

  13. I doubt it was a “love tap” slap. He was a professional athlete in the heat of the moment, that thing probably had some stank on it.

    I kinda feel bad since (from what it sounds like) he didnt start the whole thing, but you cant slap a chick and expect to get away with it….

  14. “Call me crazy, but you just don’t turn around and slap, push or place hands on any woman.”

    C’mon Man, did you read the story? He didn’t “just” turn around to slap, push or place hands on the woman. According to the story he turned around AFTER having a beer bottle busted over his head. Did you see the video of the bus driver who upper cut the girl for hitting him? I’m sure you’re saying good for the bus driver.

  15. Ordinarily, I’d say that The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person would probably suspend Jones regardless of what really happened, based on prior instances of He Himself dishing out punishment for things that never happened. However, the Bengals don’t play the Giants this year IIRC, so He Himself may wait and review the actual evidence.

  16. Under Ohio law, you have no duty to retreat before using non-deadly force in self-defense. However, you do need to prove that the use of force was necessary and that the degree of force used was proportional to the threat posed. Slapping a woman sounds like a pretty low degree of force, so his case will really rest on whether any self-defense was necessary at all (i.e. were the women still posing any threat to him).

  17. My biggest question here is, why didn’t he press assaualt charges against the woman who hit him in the head with a beer bottle (threw it at him)? I think players find themselves in situations similar to this when the “little woman” is actually the aggressor but because of their size and reputation they are automatically assumed to be the perpetrator and aggressor when in fact they are the victim. If women want equal rights then it should extend into all areas and when they provoke an incident they should not get off because they are the “weaker” sex. I’m not a big Pacman fan but this happens all to often with celebrities where the law and the NFL puts them in the wrong when calculating and opportunistic individuals trample their rights to get their fifteen minutes in the spotlight that sometimes includes monetary gain.

  18. If the facts turn out to corroborate the initial reporting that the woman threw a bottle at Jones’ head and he retaliated by slapping her, then he was justified in my opinion and he shouldn’t get in any trouble whatsoever. The woman on the other hand should get charged with some form of assault, potentially assault with a deadly weapon.

    I have a friend that got a glass chucked at his face in a bar and it shattered and he almost lost his eye because of it and has a huge scar now on his face. This will affect him the rest of his life.

    I don’t care who you are, man or woman. Throwing a glass object at someone’s head can cause SERIOUS damage and in that situation the person throwing the glass object is well deserving of getting smacked.

  19. I’m sure all of you that say he shouldn’t have reacted with a SLAP have all been hit in the head with a beer bottle from point blank range and then had peace talks with your assailant.

  20. Let’s see….drunk pos hoochie mama throws a bottle and hits your head because you wont take a picture–you tell the security, call the police and have her arrested for assault. End of story. she is then villianized for the assault because you are a public figure, especially one with a past of violence (against some women no less). I know, everybody out there is Chuck Norris and would have done this or that and punched her across the room. yeah sure.

  21. Generally speaking you should never lay your hands on a woman UNLESS she is doing something that can harm you physically. At that point she becomes fair game IMO.

  22. @doomsdaydefensetx says: Jun 10, 2013 1:09 PM

    you’re 21 and have had your fair share of partying? You just became legal you don’t even know what a party is yet!!!!

  23. r8rsfan
    Jun 10, 2013, 1:13 PM EDT
    Call me crazy, but you just don’t turn around and slap, push or place hands on
    any woman.)…..

    CRAZY aka r8rsfan… A woman smack me in the head with a bottle I’m gonna unleash what the five fingas say to the face treatment

  24. Always the victim! Talk about delusional. You make your own bed in this world. If you choose to hang out with dogs, you’ll eventually get fleas! Hang out at places that don’t breed trouble, like a library, a leadership development group or a good church. Stop pointing fingers and grow up!

  25. When you have a history like Pacman does, there’s no reason for you to be in a bar again, ever. Unless of course, you enjoy spending time in jail. I don’t care what happened or who’s fault it was, there’s no reason for Pacman to have been there in the first place.

    Pacman knew he was down to his last chance and still he put himself in a bad situation. How dumb do you have to be to do that?

  26. Never ever touch a woman. That is common sense. From day one you never touch a woman. Hope they nail him to the wall.

  27. Is this an example of pac-man trying to live down his past and is learning its very difficult thing to do. The best thing he could have done is leave the bar and dont go back. As a retired PO I can say with some experience, nothing good happens inside a bar. After all P-man’s experience inside a bar, you’d think he would have learned a lesson or two. Dont think so?

  28. otis52gsh says: Never ever touch a woman. That is common sense. From day one you never touch a woman.

    So if you saw a woman hitting your mother or your child with a baseball bat, you wouldn’t use force to stop her?

    OK, “never” is now out the door and we can now ask- under what circumstances may force be used to subdue an attacker, even a female?

  29. Why did the guy who wrote about how it’s wrong to hit a woman in any circumstance get 4 thumbs down? Really? Otis, I agree 100%, maybe if this guy wasn’t a complete piece of crap, he’d get the benefit of the doubt but because he’s a complete piece of crap, he’ll get exactly what he deserves even if he was only marginally wrong…karma is a b****

  30. People are ridiculous thinking they can do whatever to whomever they want to with no consequinces. Do not hit unless you want to get hit back. At least he has some witnesses that can refute his story, but I hope he doesn’t get charged. And don’t say he should have just posed for the picture, he is on his time and has no obligation to share his time, especially in the off-season.

    Athletes are available to us at the venue they perform at, everywhere else it is optional and totally up to the athlete. To throw a beer bottle or anything at someone because they didn’t do what you wanted should get you punished, and I hope these women get the fullest extent of the law.

  31. i agree with the first replier to this story…..innocent before proven guilty. in fact, i heard the real story behind this was there was a fly buzzing around the woman’s face and he was just taking care of that for her.

    by the way, you should let pacman come over and babysit your kids, first replier. just tell him to leave his gun at home.

  32. what just happend says: “FYI: In related news, the Lions have contacted the Bengals about a possible trade.”

    I’d rather trade him to the Raiders for two draft picks and a coach to be named later.

  33. Man or Woman – Don’t hit anyone without expecting to be hit back and … If you act like a man, expect to be treated like one.

  34. in the words of Chris Rock, “I’d never hit a woman…never hit a woman…but i’d shake the shi! out of one!”

  35. To those who have called me crazy – had he not responded physically, we’re not talking about this today. Dad taught me that a man never hit’s a woman. That advice is further proven by this incident.

  36. Those who say ‘never’ hit a woman are intellectually lazy d-bags. I can think of dozens of scenarios where the only appropriate response is to ‘slap’ a woman.

    Those who support gender bias under the law do a disservice to all law abiding Americans.

  37. Is this the one bar in America that does not have any video surveillaince? I am not condeming a man for going and having a drink or for defending himself when attacked, but it seems logical that there is some kind of video for this. If not who was the bartender/bouncer and what is the story? Only talking to the two women involved seems shakey investigative work to me. One is going to stick up for the other no matter what and its 2 on 1 with the he said/she said routine. Get some outside the main event witnesses going there officers (Police Investigating 101 for Dummies)

  38. Evidently my post was deleted. Not sure why. All I was saying was that had I been smacked in the head with a beer bottle reflexes alone would have made me swing be it a drunk chick, some dude or the Easter Bunny. Anybody know what bar it was?

  39. “After he declined, one of them threw a beer bottle at him, striking his head from point blank range. So he turned and slapped her and said, “What are your doing? Stop it!””

    Yeah, I am SURE that is EXACTLY what Jones said. WHAT are you doing in a bar, fool? Don’t you remember these places (and strip clubs) are where you do what you do that keeps the police force working?And slapping another girl yet again? Regardless of her hitting you in the head with a beer bottle (the supposed story), haven’t you learned ANYTHING by now? You don’t put your hands on a woman. Your Momma would be proud.

    Stupid is as stupid does, and Adam Jones didn’t miss any of those “stupid” classes while at West Virginia.

  40. jsrdc, let’s wait to find out where it happened. If it was a Fridays or an Applebees would your opinion be any different or are you just a hater?

  41. I’d be pissed if some drunken dumb broad threw a bottle at my head too, but I still have the sense to handle the situation without having to use physical contact to get my point across

  42. i am supposed to believe that pac -man only said “hey stop that” and then slapped her. ooohhhh kay when you get in trouble at a bar for the 1ooth time do you really deserve the benefit of the doubt? reminds me of his dinner before he had his meeting with the commish, at a strip club because that was the only place open in nyc. had hall of fame talent and a 5 cent brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Not a fan of Jones or his stupidity in the past, but oddly I tend to believe his story this time.

    I hope if those women are proven to be the aggressors that they are penalized as much as he would have been.

  44. I thought part Of his reinstatement required that he not go to bars and strip clubs? Sadly, he has a huge target on his back in public. Whether he was the aggressor or not it’s not smart for him to be there. Short suspension coming and likely stipulations that he stay away from bars

  45. I think a much fairer rule than ” never hit a woman”

    is “women, never hit a guy in the head with a bottle”

    Women today are not these weak naive creatures you would have us believe they are, so take off that shiney armour, knights.

  46. If a person stands outside with a metal pole in his hand during a lightening storm, he greatly enhances the chance for him to get struck by lightening……. same applies to Jones! He has a history of brushes with the law and public disturbances. So, here’s a thought…..stay out of the bar! Quit putting yourself in a position where trouble can find you! It’s called, “common sense”!!!!

  47. cliffordc05 says:
    Jun 10, 2013 1:10 PM
    It is far too easy to rush to judgment with Adam Jones. It doesn’t sound as though he handled it very well, but he is bound to be a target anytime he is out in public. It is hard to have sympathy for this guy considering the fact that there is a guy in wheelchair for the rest of his life because of the ‘Pacmans’ behavior in Las Vegas

    Pacman is not at all personally responsible for a man being in a wheelchair. Someone else shot him. Not Pacman. They just went after the richest guy in the crowd to sue so they could get some money out of it. Quit being ignorant.

  48. r8rsfan says:

    To those who have called me crazy – had he not responded physically, we’re not talking about this today. Dad taught me that a man never hit’s a woman. That advice is further proven by this incident.


    Your dad should have clarified. If he doesn’t so anything, maybe the other girl breaks another bottle over his head?
    Maybe she pulls a knife? Maybe a gun? Is he allowed to defend himself yet, or does he have to sit there and take whatever these women attack him with, simply because they’re women?

  49. Per Cincinnati reporters, multiple videos from cell phones and such have been shown to police and reporters to show Adam’s story as 100% true. This broad should be charged with assault, not Adam. And to those who say he shouldn’t be in a bar…Really?!?! Stupid. He’s a man who has turned his life around. Let him go out and have fun when he can. He didn’t instigate anything. The chick did. And if a chick hits me in the head with a bottle, she’s getting at least shoved back, if not more. If you think you’re bad enough to hit me with a potentially deadly weapon, you better be ready to suffer the consequences.

  50. mackie66 says:
    “As a retired PO I can say with some experience, nothing good happens inside a bar.”

    I can respect most of your take on this situation, although the person that starts a fight should always punished. Without the instigator, there is no conflict.

    Your statement above, though, is too broad and makes no sense. 10 years ago I had my birthday celebration at a bar with a great combination of pepole spanning my lifetime. We danced, drank, ate and had a great time. I’d say it was definitely something good. My wife and I go to bars all the time, without conflicts. She’s my best friend. Those times are good, too.

  51. That other sports network has the video.

    I get the impression that Jones said something to the girls and one of the girls poured a drink on him, he punches her and she falls, gets up and again splashes her drink on him.
    It never left her hand.

    What a loser. I love how he acts like he is an A celebrity like Jay-Z or Denzel and is swarmed by people that recognize him.

  52. “Jones may or may not be “innocent” but he’s lost the benefit of the doubt. He’s lied and been busted too many times to be taken at his word.”

    That’s what the witnesses, who corroborated his story, are for.

  53. The video shows the girl pouring her beer on him, after he comes up to the girls.

    The girls were on the patio and he was outside. The second she pours the beer, he straight up punches her.

    PacMan is done…

  54. If a Mitch is bold enough to hit me with a bottle, then be ready to catch a fist instead of a slap. Another reader asked the question why didn’t he just take the picture? Umm, because he didn’t want too. Women get away with way too much as is. Just because you got your feelings hurt doesn’t give you the right to hit anyone, Especially with a bottle. I think she was lucky that’s all she got.

  55. This is exactly what happens in this country. If you’re a man and even TOUCH a woman, you’re in the wrong. Doesn’t matter what she did.

  56. Let’s turn the incident on its head. If the guy had poured a drink over a girl and a girl hit him, she’d be celebrated as an “independent woman” standing up for herself.

    Yet Pacman Jones gives her the Chris Brown treatment and everyone is up in arms.

    I’m not saying what he done is right but he was clearly provoked, he was outside a bar, had probably been drinking. she made the initial act of ‘violence’ if you will. Hopefully he sees gets away with this. Would be a shame to see anyone’s career end over such an incident.

  57. First, let me say, Good evening Mr. President, no funny business going on here, just a dumb comment about football, that’s all…

    Also, I second that probation comment…is he even allowed in bars?

    And last, he don’t have peeps to take care of that? Ray Lewis had peeps & a little OJ. That’s O as in Obstruction of and J as in Justice…

  58. I remember in 2010 Ben Roethlisberger was GUILTY
    before the investigation was complete in the court of public opinion and got 6 games reduced to four, but Adam Jones and Brandon Marshall have had far more then two “scrapes” with the law, and have had 8 games suspensions between them,

    But now we have to wait for due process before figuring out he is just up to now good

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