Bills cut Tarvaris Jackson


Kevin Kolb has won the in-house battle with Tarvaris Jackson.  But that doesn’t mean Kolb will be the starter in Buffalo.

The Bills have announced that Jackson has been released.

Apart from the loss of $500,000 in bonus money that was paid to Jackson in February, the move means that the Bills are comfortable with having rookie EJ Manuel back up the oft-injured Kolb.  And if that’s where the Bills are after only several weeks of offseason work with Manuel, chances are they’ll be comfortable making him the starter come September.

Kolb likely will be Manuel’s understudy, under a contract that, as we reported in April “screams backup.”  Basically, Kolb will be in line for a lot more money if he plays, which is all the more reason to let Manuel, whose contract will be restricted by the rookie wage scale, at least start the season as the starter.

So while Kolb has won the battle, today’s move puts Manuel in position to win the job.

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  1. While your story may be true to a point……….it also means Jeff Tuel QB from Washington State looked better than Jackson in OTA’s…………I heard he looked “decent” and had potential.

  2. The Bills should start Emanuel?!

    I think the Bills had a good draft! They are short some offensive linemen & maybe a TE?

    Give them two years & they will be solid?!

    Then again look at Washington & Indy last year! They made the playoffs! Anything can happen?!

  3. Cutting Jackson make sense. To make a player sit on the bench because he gets more money if he plays…. doesn’t. Manuel may be the starter some day. Game One? Maybe……

  4. That takes $1.75M off the books. I suspect they are going to give that to Byrd in a new contract. That means Jeff Tuel will be the #3.

  5. Travais already costs one very good coach his job in Minnesota. Someone who invested his career in thsi9 guy.
    The problem with Travaris is simple, he had all the tools to be great except one: he could not read defenses. Especially DB moving around during the count. It would drive him nuts.

  6. I feel bad for Kolb. I love the guy. I’m an Eagles fan and he was so refreshing during his brief time there. I’ve seen the guy play lights out football including in person. I know what he’s capable of. He played great in Arizona last year before he was hurt and that offensive line was more porous than a siv. He is a band aid qb at this point but I know he can ball out when in the right situation because Ive seen it. Part of the reason for his great play at times in Philly undoubtedly is attributed the qb gurus and the system in Philly at the time but he wasn’t bad in Arizona last year before being hurt.

  7. But wait… Pete Carroll said he was a starter, and was the quarterback of the future in Seattle, and that he got jerked around in Minnesota.

    You’re saying he was wrong!?!?

  8. So even if kolbs the better qb according to this it still means that the bills would start Manuel for some games? Wow just to save money what a classy organization! Now I see why they have the distinction of being the only team to lose 3 or 4 super bowls in a row!

  9. If you get cut as a qb from the bills, you must really suck. Too bad he just wasn’t smart enough to get the job done. Next they’ll be trading for newton of the panthers, write it down. Another loser that cant think his way through a season, but wants to be a leader, sure.

  10. Props to TJack. He took a minimal amount of talent and turned it into a lot of money. He’ll probably catch on somewhere else as a backup.

    Like the Jets. Then he’ll beat out Sanchez.

  11. “So even if kolbs the better qb according to this it still means that the bills would start Manuel for some games? Wow just to save money what a classy organization! Now I see why they have the distinction of being the only team to lose 3 or 4 super bowls in a row!”

    To lose 4 in a row you have to get there first – how many teams have gotten to three in a row let alone 4??

  12. This guy isn’t starting material, but I watched him win the respect of everyone in seattles locker room with his toughness and work ethic. I would welcome him back to compete for a backup job in seattle for a a next to nothing contract.

  13. As a Seahawks fan, I seriously think we should sign him! I feel better about T-Jack as our backup than I do Brady Quinn

  14. T-jack’s problem is only one. He holds the ball too long. He’s just a tiny fraction of a second too slow to process what he sees and pull the trigger. So he ends up missing opportunities. Frankly I think he’d be a better back-up than Kolb and he certainly has more experience and a better arm. Maybe the Bills were afraid he wouldn’t take to the backup role well?

  15. astaib38 says: Jun 10, 2013 8:07 PM

    So even if kolbs the better qb according to this it still means that the bills would start Manuel for some games? Wow just to save money what a classy organization! Now I see why they have the distinction of being the only team to lose 3 or 4 super bowls in a row!

    First off, Its 4 Super Bowls. Second, In order to lose those 4 in a row, you have to be damn good to make it there 4 years in a row! Not even the mighty Patriots or Cowboys were able to pull that off!

  16. I agree, TJack could latch on with the Jets and could possibly beat out both Sanchize and Geno. I feel kind of bad for Tjack too, the first few yrs in MN was Chilly trying to fit a bunch of square pegs into the round holes that were his system, not the best intro to the NFL he could have received.

    Or he could go to Jacksonville where he might be able to challenge Gabbert (however doesn’t Jacksonville have Henne too? If so, then likely not as they should be ok with Gabbert and Henne fighting for the starter spot).

    Good example about Vince Young being without a job. Most teams have young QB’s they’ve invested a lot in (Vikes, Raiders, Bills, Browns, Dolphins, etc) so not many opportunity for QBs as there were just a few years ago. Although if Ponder and others bomb out this year there could be more openings next year.

  17. I am going to miss his version of the jump pass. I thought the guy sucked as a Viking, he proved he really sucked as a Seahawk, I was shocked anybody, even the Bills, would sign him after such poor performances.

    Now his only chance is back in Minnesota, they apparently still don’t recognize what a NFL Qb looks like and he could beat out Ponder. Not that it is much of an accomplishment but hey, its a NFL paycheck.

  18. They were paying Kolb, starting QB money. Now they’ve got EJ, and must be impressed with what they’ve seen so far. So TJax is the victim of essentially the same scenario that unfolded in Seattle, last year. One wonders if Kolb, will be for the Bills, what Flynn was for the Hawks last season, after Wilson aced him out of the starting slot.

    TJax proved himself to be a “good” QB, during the 2011 season, but that’s a very average “good”. Down the stretch in December he showed major weaknesses that then made it imperative that John and Pete find other options for the position. I had hopes that TJax, had improved himself in the interim, and maybe he did, just not to the level that Marrone wanted.

  19. What’s more likely;

    Tavaris Jackson signs with the Vikings
    Tavaris Jackson get’s signed by anybody and starts telling the press he has a good chance to compete for the starting job?

  20. tjack is a going nowhere qb
    that’s why he can never make himself last
    on any team
    looks good on paper,but put him on the field
    he can’t handle it

  21. T Jackson is good enough to be a solid backup for any team in the league. he should find a job easy enough.

    Well, I guess that really isn’t saying much. Heck if Scott Zolak was able to be a backup for 9 years. I am guessing 60 pct of us could too…

  22. The vikings traded away 3 draft picks to take move up and take in the 2nd round. They gave him enough time to earn a lifetime NFL retirement.

    Tarvaris Jackson can beat out the current viking starter and their back up, Ponder.

    Jackson is still well loved in Minnesota and viking fans would love to see him back. Everyone was so sure he would finally lead the vikings to a Super Bowl how much more so the 2nd time around.

  23. I am a Vikings fan, and wanted very much to believe in Jackson after they made the bold move to get him in the Draft a few years back. It took me only one game of observing him to conclude that he had the worst instincts I have ever seen on either a major college or Pro quarterback. My opinion was only reinforced with each passing game I watched over a couple of seasons. WORST FOOTBALL INSTINCTS I ever saw on a QB at a high level.

    Certain aspects of that position are not teachable. You can improve mechanics and dissection of defenses, with repetition and coaching. When a QB has horrible instincts, it is extremely rare to see significant improvement. Why Childress and the other coaches failed to see what I saw baffles me. And if other coaches and football execs just watched a handful of game tapes, they SHOULD have drawn the same conclusion. Why do people keep missing the obvious? Why am I not an NFL executive?! Dammit! lol

    The buck-toothed varmint is free again. And some poor judge of talent will likely give him yet another chance. You can’t teach instinct.

  24. Hey Florio,

    You are not making sense again.

    Kolb has a backup contract that pays incentives based on performances and playing time. Its a cheap contract.

    Manual has a rookie contract that is restricted based on the current labor agreement.

    Both contracts are cheap.

    And you keep forgetting that the Bills will play whoever gives them the best chance to win, unlike when Kolb played for Whisenhunt.

    Please stop forgetting that the NFL is about wins, and not attorney-type nonsense about squeezing dollars and donuts.

    I know you will cut this post just like all of the others you have when I point out your silliness and bad logic. But at least don’t you agree your readers deserve your best reporting instead of hearing your personal agenda?

  25. What did they give up for him? I don’t even know but looking back, giving up anything for a guy who never even saw the field would be alot.

  26. He’ll get a shot somewhere. He’s a class act and one of the toughest dudes playing the position.

    Competent backup anywhere he goes.

  27. With Brady Quinn currently backing up Russell Wilson, I could actually see Seattle inviting him back….

  28. TJack is a timid QB when it comes to throwing the ball. The WR needs to have 2-3 yards of separation before he will throw it. Won’t throw into tight spaces, never learned to throw a receiver open, and his decision making ability was questionable at best. Played through what must have been some serious pain his last year in Seattle, but he just not a good QB.

  29. If Vick is the starter, this guy would be a good backup in Philly. Similar skill-set, with T-Jack obviously not as skilled. Continuity when Vick goes down.

  30. I think this is a poor move on Buffalo’s part, but they must really think E.J. can direct the offense and he’ll likely be the starter in the first third of the season.
    Tarvaris will land on someone’s roster and will make the team better. I really doubt he lands back in Minnesota, but Seattle really makes good sense to me and even those pointing to Green Bay have a good point.
    The guy has a .500 won-lost record, he’s thrown 2 more TDs than picks and his QB rating has generally increased as he’s matured in the league. He was the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the Vikings in 2008 and he helped them to the playoffs that year by winning 3 of 4 games down the stretch. So those saying he crumbles when the pressure is on really don’t have their facts straight.

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