Dolphins sign CB Will Davis

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The Dolphins have signed cornerback Will Davis, a third-round pick from Utah State. The move was disclosed in the NFL’s Monday transaction report.

Davis (5-11, 186) intercepted five passes in 2012 for the Aggies. He’s one of three cornerbacks the Dolphins drafted in April. Ex-Falcon Brett Grimes and Richard Marshall are the Dolphins’ top veterans at cornerback.

Davis, 23, played just one year of high school football and two years on the FBS level in college. Asked whether Davis would take some time to develop, Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland expressed hope he would quickly become a contributor.

“I think guys develop in different stages in their career,” Ireland said after the selection of Davis, according to the club. “Obviously with his experience level you would think that he may be a little bit of a developmental player, but I think the guy has the skill set to play in this league. I think that with the great coaching that we have and the players around him, he will develop fast.”

All draft picks selected in Rounds Two through Seven receive four-year contracts.

7 responses to “Dolphins sign CB Will Davis

  1. Sean Smith was highly, highly overrated. Very glad he’s gone. Brent Grimes was a huge upgrade. Chiefs fans want to think Smith is a huge pick-up.

  2. “Sean Smith will develop as a star for the Chiefs this year. Dolphins will regret letting him go.” -vaughnorange

    As a dolphins fan, I would say you might be right. Every corner gets beat now and then. For smith though, it just seemed to be at those crucial moments of a game, when its all on the line. I’ve watched him lock down some big time wideouts though. If he could just reel in some more of those passes he gets his hands on, I def agree, he could be big time.

    I think Brent Grimes though, if healthy, is an upgrade ( and hes reportedly doing really well in mini camps and ota’s as far as that Achilles). I also have no problem with a healthy Richard marshall and the 3 new d-backs Miami drafted.

  3. Lmao chiefs fan touting Sean smith, who got interest from no one else, not even his own team. Ever see him play ? Hilarious. We just replaced him with a pro bowler, doubt we’ll miss him. Will Davis is a freakish athlete that stands out in OTAs. Lightning quick. Will probably contribute before 2nd rounder jamar Taylor can.

  4. The Chiefs fans will love Sean Smith on 7 of 10 plays. On those 7 he will smother the receiver making any chance of reception impossible.

    If they overlook the other three downs, when he’ll get burned for long gains if not TDs on two, and give up an ugly PI on the third…everything will be fine.

  5. I’m a Phins fan, Sean Smith will do good KC because they play a lot of man. Smith is very good in man to man, but let him try and play zone…he SUCKS at zone. Playing way off the receiver, gets burned, drops ints. I for one am glad he is gone. I actually thought he played ok in the beginning of the year but then blew after that.

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