Drew Brees suing former teammate Kevin Houser over tax credits


Saints quarterback Drew Brees filed suit against former teammate Kevin Houser in federal court in New Orleans on Monday in connection with a failed tax credits plan.

The suit, of which PFT has obtained a copy, alleges that in 2008, Houser brokered the sale of Louisiana tax credits for Louisiana Film Studios, LLC to Brees, with the quarterback paying $160,000 for $200,000 in tax credits. However, the suit alleges the money was “wasted, converted and dissipated by LFS and/or others.”

Houser, the suit alleges, did not inform Brees that he received a commission on the sale of the tax credits. Also, Houser is alleged to have not disclosed that his construction company was owed money by the film company.

The suit also alleges the money for the tax credits went into the film company’s operating account, not escrow. What’s more, Houser is alleged to have known that the film company did not have the money to buy the film credits, which Houser ultimately “has failed to deliver,” per the lawsuit.

The suit seeks “full restitution” for Brees as well as other damages.

The Associated Press first reported news of Brees’ lawsuit on Monday. The AP also reported that former Saints defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs and tight end Jeremy Shockey settled with Houser Monday.

Houser, 35, was the Saints’ long-snapper from 2001-08.

17 responses to “Drew Brees suing former teammate Kevin Houser over tax credits

  1. So Brees was trying to save 40G buying tax credits from a firm that an ex-teammates construction company was involved with. Sounds legit to me.

  2. Buying tax credits instead of donating to a bleeding heart organization that would accomplish the same thing and enhance his image, preceded by suing his Mother for using his likeness while creating a non profit blah blah blah greedy mole face dude deserves anything financially bad that comes his way

  3. If you got the big coin, don’t screw with tax credits, get dollar for dollar tax dollar credits with housing project investments that have been around for over 40 years.
    Dree is a dumb hick for getting his ego in this scam. Next time QB ,hired a professional advisor. Look in the phone book for a CPA.

  4. Drew Brees is a class act. Lawsuits, holdouts, vicodin, accusing ex players of drug addled poverty and pimping out his baby son at the superbowl. Role model

  5. I would LOVE to sell a car to this idiot. A greedy QB and his money are soon parted.

  6. A multi millionare trying to get out of paying taxes by buying tax credits. So where is the government going to cut spending to pay to make up for Drew’s tax credits?

  7. Drew, when you’re done with this little tax credit deal I have a few bridges to sell you. Then it’s off to the wonderful world of car washes and restaraunts. let’s talk

  8. Too funny how this works.

    I believe Senior leadership in the Saints organization advised and I dont believe Houser set any of this up himself…doesnt make any sense.

    Houser was the patsy. Plain and simple.

    Gullable folks want to believe just because people settle they are guilty. Not the case. Just like gullable people read this and think a long snapper would really do this to his teammates? I looked back and saw he was a HUGE asset to the community and spend most of his time with his Lifes A Snap Charity helping sick kids? NO TROUBLE EVER BEFORE THIS??? He had issued tax credits for years prior with no prob in the past with a different reputable firm? I think Wayne Reed had loose connections with several NO Saints upper brass and political connections. Houser was approached by Benson to do work on his house. Anyone know that?

    I heard from a good source Saints Leadership changed the person to be approached…Wayne Reed. Funny.. No one mentions this? And BTW no one went through Houser, I believe, it was through a different firm completely, right?

    Dive deeper and see how far it goes..political connections, etc. Those folks are protecting themselves. Forgot how great Sean Payton is.. great character there…Same with Shockey right?? Odd…too odd.

    I believe Payton knew and recommended. I believe Leadership new and recommended. Not Houser. I think he just happened to be a guy who had the right licenses and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. If he was wrong, he probably wouldnt have his license anymore. Funny, he still does.

    Houser lost over $200k himself and was himself a victim, I believe. Funny..not mentioned here.

    Looks like Houser lost his job to protect the integrity of the locker room and his reputation based on corrupt New Orleans politics.

    Terrible thing that happened to ALL involved, including Houser. The man behind bars, senior leadership within the Saints organization and others were the problem in my opinion…not Houser. He is the fall guy…and yes settling is his option.

    The Truth is Always out there. Most choose not to look for it, or those with more money will depress it. Congrats. Another great proof of the corrupt system at play.

    Would love to have someone with some guts look deep into this.. wonder what they would find?????????

    changed by post to rhouser324 in support of houser. Fight for the little guys and learn the truth

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