Goldson becoming quick mentor in Tampa Bay


When the Buccaneers signed free agent safety Dashon Goldson this offseason, it effectively took Ronde Barber’s job.

But despite being new there, Goldson’s also taking over Barber’s leadership of a still-young secondary.

According to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, Goldson has impressed the organization with his willingness to stay after practice and work with young defensive backs, and the general leadership he’s shown this offseason.

“He keeps those two young corners out there just working and no one asked him to do that, and that’s just what veterans need to do,” Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano said. “I mean, you start looking at our veterans here now, guys like Dashon, and we have some that I can lean on and I think the organization can lean on and you need that, so I’m glad he’s ours. He cares a lot.”

He should, considering the Bucs gave him a five-year, $41.25 million contract. But such things aren’t always automatic when a new guy comes to town, and trying to fill Barber’s shoes is a big task.

“That’s just something that’s always been in me,” Goldson said. “I was always a motivating kind of guy. I always looked at myself as a guy who tried to lead out there.

“I mean, this is a young crowd that we have here, so I just want to share my experiences with them and show them my work ethic, show them that it’s OK to ask questions and shed a little light on things.”

Once Darrelle Revis returns to health, the Buccaneers should have a much-improved secondary.

And the lessons Goldson’s sharing now can only help.

9 responses to “Goldson becoming quick mentor in Tampa Bay

  1. He can mentor them on unnecessary late hits after the whistle. Glad we won’t have that aspect in SF but will miss watching his devastating hits across the middle. Dude is 29 though, that’s no spring chicken.

  2. If Josh Freeman can just put up Brad Johnson type numbers there is no reason (barring team health issues) that we shouldn’t make the playoffs this year with such an improved secondary…pass rush will be pivotal as well! But we went 7-9 with what we had last year that easily could’ve been 11-5 with spotty secondary play…Can’t wait til this year!

  3. @wilson1914:

    Freeman can far exceed those numbers if all goes well for him this season. Count me as a believer. Having a healthy OL and some consistency with a 2nd yr offense should only help matters. If that pass D gels he’ll have the luxury of not playing from behind as much either, if not at all. Looking forward to a great season for Bucs fans!!

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