In tough job market, Tim Tebow scores big win

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There are many, many opinions about Tim Tebow.

Here’s mine: He’s a very fortunate young man.

This isn’t about him reportedly being on the cusp of signing with the Patriots. That’s a bonus.

No, Tim Tebow is fortunate to have landed an NFL job — period.

This isn’t about his skill level. He earned his shot. This is about supply and demand for jobs in his field. There are more qualified applicants than there are positions — Vince Young immediately jumps to mind — and here Tebow is, back in the league roughly six weeks after the Jets let him go. Young, meanwhile, has been out of work for more than nine months.

Once Tebow signs, there will be 122 quarterbacks on the 32 NFL clubs, according to Rotoworld’s depth charts. This total already excludes Mike Kafka, whom the Patriots waived Monday. Tavaris Jackson’s name is off the list, too; he was released by the Bills on Monday evening.

Of those 122 quarterbacks, 54 look like solid bets to make their clubs. This is probably a conservative figure. For instance, I have just one roster lock for the Browns (Brandon Weeden) and Eagles (Matt Barkley). Surely at least one other quarterback from each of those clubs figures to make the final roster.

I don’t have Tebow as a lock in New England, not by a long shot. (And you can bet other unemployed quarterbacks will keep an eye on his progress in New England.) The Patriots could simply elect to carry two quarterbacks once the season begins. At most, they would carry three, with Tebow likely being the third.

Applying that rule of thumb, the total number of NFL QB jobs is likely to range between 64 and 96. And with most of the starting jobs in the league already earned — and a good number of reserve roles locked up, too — the total number of open positions is not exactly overwhelming.

As the football world ponders how the Patriots will use Tim Tebow, I marvel at just how lucky he is. He’s back in the NFL before summer even began. Good for him — and all the more sweet for him if he ever had a moment when he wondered if he was ever going to get another shot.

47 responses to “In tough job market, Tim Tebow scores big win

  1. If Mike Wilkening says it, it must be true! Wilkening is a playoff winning QB unlike Tebow, so he knows Tebow just doesn’t have the skill to really deserve a job in the NFL! Also, remember that time Mike Wilkening won the Heisman? Mike Wilkening is my favorite football player of all time!

  2. basically a favor to Urban Meyer.

    I hope ESPN goes overboard with it just to piss off Belicheck.

    Keep thinking youre the smartest guy in the room Bill. Ever since you started thinking you were a draft pick/roster assembling god, you havent won a Super Bowl.

  3. Yes, thank goodness Tim Tebow got yet another opportunity in the NFL. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl this season, the media will be sure to chalk it up to Tebow’s “leadership”.

  4. “…. a very fortunate young man.” is a crazy, dramatic understatement.

    First he inexplicably gets drafted in the first round by the dim-witted yet arrogant Josh McDaniels and then the equally dim-witted yet arrogant Mike Tannenbaum gives up a 4th round pick for him meaning Tebow keeps that 1st round salary with the Jets.

    How does that happen? Seriously? And now this. The mind reels!

  5. I heard the Pats just brought him in to heal Gronk.

    ESPN and Mr. Florio should be sending a fruit basket to the Pats for getting the chosen one back into the NFL.

  6. Although his NFL career has seen its ups and downs, he has been playing and excelling at football his entire life. At this point, as adults, can we not get over the fact that “luck” has little to do with it? He happens to be OK at a few things, but not very good at any one thing in particular. However, his football resume would suggest that Tebow hasn’t had to rely on luck in a very long time. Isn’t it time we admit that maybe he actually, I don’t know, deserves this?

  7. Belichick just wants to use Tebow to get the lowdown on the Jets’ schemes. It’s not like he’s actually gonna play quarterback in New England.

  8. Tebow on patriots doesn’t seem like a good fit .
    You thought he looked bad in ny,
    Tebow its going have to change positions.
    He is not an nfl caliber QB.

  9. And mike you are? Glad you have an opinion but as long as pft keeps throwing writers up on the wall the opinions are the same. Vince young doesn’t have the mental capacity to be an nfl QB. Maybe tebow will not be in the long run but you insult pft readers to compare anyone to Vince young.

  10. All the Pats are getting is a project that could develope into something more. The circus will be silence under BB iron media thumb. Tebow has a few things going for him. #1 he loves jesus, and it seems every nfl player loves him too. BB loves him as well until he has to fight him during the end of days. #2 has a reputation as a hard worker. #3 doesn’t cause locker room distractions, his cult does, but as i pointed out BB will shut them up. Where the future is for timmy, who knows.

  11. I’m sorry but this is just a dumb move. Quarterback killer and a coach killer rolled into one. Granted it is a stable lockerroom but why mess with that? Belichik is always scavenging for a bargain and it blows up in his face. Trades out of the Clay Mathews Jr. pick for detritus. Haynesworth. Ocho Cinco. This is great news for Pats haters. And you gotta know even the Pats fans are squirming.

  12. Yes, Tebow is lucky to be with the Pats. He also QB’ed for the Broncos and that team went as far in the playoffs as they did with Manning.

  13. Browns (Brandon Weeden) and Eagles (Matt Barkley). Surely at least one other quarterback from each of those clubs figures to make the final roster

    Browns and Eagles will keep 3 QB’s on their rosters, so your premise is off by 2 QB’s right away!

  14. As I have been saying, and what one could assume from reading you article, the Pats will try to find use for Tebow other than as a QB. If they just wanted a replacement for the 3rd string QB, there were better straight QB choices. But a third string quarterback, if he could be useful on special teams or contribute as a fullback or TE on offense, now THAT would be a Belichick type of player. Let’s see if he can be that.

  15. Pat’s are going to do what they always do to the Jet’s. Find a recently departed ex-Jet, wine and dine him, make him feel like he’s the best thing since the invention of white bread, and slowly pick his brain about everything the Jet’s do on each side of the ball. This way it gives Bill B. the chance to stick it to the Jet’s for not giving him what he wanted when he was going to be the head coach of the Jet’s.

  16. I’d like to see a poll of who you’d rather have for a QB, Tebow or Vince Young. I’d prefer Tebow.

    How about thumbs up Tebow, thumbs down VY.

  17. Vince Young should get a shot as well as Tim Tebow. But I don’t think luck has anything to do with it.

    Unlike most backups in the NFL, Tim Tebow has shown tangible results on the field that show why he earned another chance in the NFL.

    It’s those QB’s who have barely played if at all, that are the lucky ones to have a spot. The fact is teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets could have used Tebow a lot more than the Patriots.

    But the Jets didn’t have the guts to keep Tebow, and the Jag didn’t have the guts to sign him.

  18. Mike,

    Didn’t your mother gently teach you that if you can’t write anything nice about someone (especially Tebow), you shouldn’t go ahead and dump on him anyway?

    You state the obvious, there is nothing written in stone that Tebow won’t be cut and not make the final roster or that he may listen to Belichick and finally change his plans to be a NFL QB.

    And yet your immense dislike for Tebow is so dense, it can be carved with a butter knife. Jealous are you that Tebow is back in the NFL? (or so says Yoda)

  19. Yeah, Tebow is so lucky. He hasn’t done a thing in the past ten years to deserve being a third string quarterback in the NFL. Some guys get all the breaks.

  20. I was just about to rip you for claiming your one “lock” at QB for the Eagles being Barkley, but on second thought, I think that’s actually a solid call. Clearly, he’s not getting cut. What happens with the Foles vs. Vick battle is a toss-up right now, and one of them realistically really could be cut or traded by the time the season starts.

    Wilkening, you just blew my mind.

  21. If Tebow becomes a Patriot, Sean Hannity’s head may explode from happiness. Hopefully, the explosion can get rid of the weird part in his hair.

  22. Yeah… Really fortunate. A qb that could win games got a job. Imagine that.

    Please stop hating on this guy. You’re mad he gets the press…. Yet you keep giving him the press.

    Just sit back and watch. If he ends up playing and the patriots finish at the bottom of the division. Then you can talk about how fortunate he is to have a job in the NFL.

    Meanwhile, he could just be a camp body for all anyone knows. There’s no guarantee he’s on the roster week 1.

  23. Everywhere Tim ends up, he’s a winner. Except the Jets and the Jets dont know how to win.
    Tebow is a winner pure and simple. Yo Mike are you a winner. Vince Young are you kidding?

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