It’s 49ers Mt. Rushmore voting time

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Of the four teams in the NFC West, none are as accomplished as the 49ers.  Which means that the 49ers’ Mt. Rushmore will be the hardest of the four to complete.

Which means that we’ll start the division with them.

Pick four of the 12 finalists below.  The winners will be announced on Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

And please don’t be a smart aleck and try to write in Jim Druckenmiller or Giovanni Carmazzi.

126 responses to “It’s 49ers Mt. Rushmore voting time

  1. Montana, Rice, Young but I was torn on the last one between Lott and Walsh, Walsh was a great innovator and coach but I went with Lott because he had part of his pinky cut off so that he could keep playing, that deserves honoring.

  2. Walsh, Montana, Rice… each are the best ever in their roles. They belong on the list.

    Ronnie Lott was the emotional heart of the team. He brought the fierce, ultra-competitive attitude that lifted the team above mere goodness. Without Ronnie, the Niners would have been just another pretty-good team. Lott belongs on the list.

  3. I said Lott, Montana, Rice, and Young, but I can appreciate an argument for Walsh over Young. Not over Lott though (or the other two, obviously).

  4. It’s tough, but I voted Montana, Young, Rice, and Walsh before I read the comments. I’m thinking I should have swamped Lott for Walsh though; coaches are hard to rank as high as Players…but then again swamp Harbaugh with Singletary and you have a contender all of a sudden so Walsh is the right choice. I think Harbaugh might need a bust when its all said and done as well.

  5. To rushbacker:

    I agree, that is who I voted for, however, that leaves out the best owner in the history of the sport. Very difficult to make the 49ers Rushmore n

  6. can you really leave Gore out? He has carried the team for the past what 7, 8 years. I know they were mostly bad years, but he was the best they had, and the best they still have…

  7. Walsh, Montana, Rice, and Lott. All four would be impossible to leave off a list of the Top 5 all-time at their respective positions and you can make a very convincing argument that all four could actually be considered #1 on those lists (Rice needs no argument though – GOAT).

  8. Walsh Montana Rice is easy. But I had to take Eddie over Lott, just feel he was more important to the Dynasty. Lott is one of the best ever, but he was just a piece of the puzzle that Eddie assembled.

  9. Pretty tough but rice, joe cool, young and of course Walsh. There are names not even mention that could be on 90% of other teams mt Rushmore. We should get the privilege of 2 and have a old school and new cause I can image Willis gore Crabtree Vern and kaepernick making one in 10 years or so

  10. Easy one if you ask me:


    Young to me winning only one title sets him way back in the race to be on the Mt. Rushmore for the 49ers….sidebar: any love for Y.A.?

  11. Walsh, Montana, Rice, Lott

    Hard to leave off Young, but the last spot is between he and Lott. It also seems unfair to pick all 4 spots from the same era, but that was one heck of a team in the ’80s.

  12. Walsh, Montana, Lott & Rice.

    For me, this Mt. Rushmore is a no-brainer.

    However, I see that Steve Young is selected over Ronnie Lott on the lists of jakec4 and nukaten. I assume they will not be the last ones to choose Young over Rice. Allow me to be the first to address it,

    Firstly, while both are great players, on the NFL 100 Greatest Players list, Lott is #11 and Young is #81.

    Secondly, Lott was named to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. Young was not.

    Next, Lott was named All-Pro eight times. Young received the honor four times.

    Finally, Lott was one of the cornerstones on four Super Bowl winning teams. While Young has three rings, he was the backup to Joe Cool on two of those teams.

    Both are great players. But Ronnie Lott was one of the foundation pieces on one of the greatest teams in Super Bowl history (the 1980’s 49ers).

    Lott wins by 10 lengths.

  13. I wish I could vote for them all! But I had to narrow it down:

    Joe Montana
    Jerry Rice
    Bill Walsh
    Steve Young

    Biggest reasons for the 49ers’ 5 Super Bowls! (although I’m sure some smart aleck will retort that with “salary cap fudging” as the biggest reason lol). Growing up a 49ers fan, Montana, Rice and Young were my idols. I used to pretend to be Steve Young when I was playing football with my friends. I’m very excited to see who everyone votes as the winners!

  14. Montana, Rice, Walsh are locks.

    I struggled between Young and Lott, and eventually went with Young.

  15. Don’t know how anyone could see this as easy:

    Eddie D was the heart and soul of what turned the 49ers from a laughing stock in the 70’s to a dynasty throughout the 80’s and 90’s. He hand-picked Walsh and made the Niners a family that free agents dreamed of joining.

    Lott was the unquestioned enforcer of the defense with his bone-jarring hits. He was the face of that defense in the 80’s and 90’s. Choosing to cut off his finger so he could finish a game is legendary.

    Those were the hardest for me to keep off the list. In the end, it came down to who owns the most records in the record books and who could the team (at that time) least afford to do without. At the end of the day that left me with Rice, Montana, Young, and Walsh.

    Brodie, Perry, Craig, and maybe even Gore and Willis (depending on how things play out) all certainly have their rightful place in 49er lore…but not more than the aforementioned six.

  16. People please…..while there are some great names to choose from this is NOT difficult.

    In order:

    For those of you that are putting Young you must have come to the 49er party a bit late. Without Lott they do not win 4 super bowls in the 80’s. Period.

  17. I have to go with the guy responsible for 5 titles instead of 3 and that’s Mr. D. Should have been put in the Hall Of Fame already. I will follow that up with Montana, Rice and the best defensive player to ever wear a 49ers uniform Ronnie Lott. I can’t knock the choice of Walsh though solid as well.

  18. It is a pretty tough choice. Lott and Montana were HOF leaders on 4 superbowl teams (but played elsewhere at the end). Jerry Rice is the greatest WR of all times. Bill Walsh is a HOF coaching pioneer with the WCO. Eddie D the initial “first class” owner. Steve Young is a HOF superbowl winning QB.

  19. Joe Montana and Jerry Rice are locks. There is no debate whatsoever about that. Bill Walsh is another no brainer. For the fourth face do a mashup of Steve Young and Ronnie Lott.

    Sorry Patrick Willis…but you have no chance whatsoever this time around unless you go to the parks and recreation and get a ticket

  20. The dude cut his finger off to stay in the game! There’s only 3 spots left…

    (Good evening Mr. President. Just another dumb comment about football, no treason, keep reading…thank you.)

  21. same as above but i’m replacing walsh with eddie d -great owner to go along with ronnie,joe, and jerry. that’s one helluva mountain says this skinsfan.

  22. Patrick Willis is a great player and a definite future HOF’er……but WAY too early to put him in the same category with these guys

  23. you can tell from who people put as their choices the extent of their football knowledge… like everyone who picks players out of the 90s as Rushmore locks… just incase some of you didn’t know that these teams have been around for decades so maybe you might wanna go look up past players that ARE NOT in a madden game…

  24. Not that easy at all. I went with Montana, Rice, Walsh, and DeBartolo. It feels weird leaving Lott and Young out, but without Eddie D and Bill Walsh, the glory years don’t take place in San Francisco.

  25. Mr. DeBartolo was smart enough to get Coach Walsh and let him drive the bus, who started molding his team immediately. Montana was gifted and smart enough to run the west coast offense, and once Ronnie got there, along w/ 2 other rookie def. backs, it was dynasty time!

  26. eddie debartolo jr… easy.. THE STANDARD AS AN NFL OWNER

    Bill Walsh .. easy one of the greatest coaches of all time.. in the top 5 argument

    Joe F’n Montana.. #1 overall QB of all time or #2 for you old timers who prefer Otto graham or Johnny Unitas

    Jerry F’n rice # 1 overall WR of all time period.

    then Lott and Roger Craig

    Young, and where would you put Carmen Policy??

  27. As many titles as they have won and with all the recent history, the choices are surprisingly easy:


  28. lks311 says:
    Jun 11, 2013 1:18 AM
    As many titles as they have won and with all the recent history, the choices are surprisingly easy:


    …oops, not Young…Lott.

    Easy to think, not easy to type.

  29. It all started with Eddie D, Bill Walsh and Joe Montana. My gut instinct is to put Ronnie Lott in next, but Jerry Rice owns more records than the entire history of the Seattle Seahawks franchise combined does, so he’s the 4th.

  30. #1 Walsh, #2 Montana, #3 Rice but #4, I’d have to give it to the owner Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. He gets the nod over Young and Lott because he brought in Bill Walsh and how he worked the salary cap was just amazing.

  31. Montana Rice Walsh Young

    I don’t see how it can get any easier. Frank Gore? HAHAHAHA I don’t know how you can vote for anyone that wasn’t on the team that won all the championships in the 80s. I mean, maybe if you were voting for the Vikings you’d lower the bar…

  32. For me it’s a No-Brainer!!!


    Craig (Whom I met & is a GREAT guy!)



    Of course with THE MAN Mr. Walsh looking down on them ALL with absolute PRIDE, From the Coaches Hall Of Fame in the sky!!!

  33. Not many votes for Joe Perry!

    Perry retired as the NFL career rushing leader, surpassing the old record of 5,860 yards held by Steve Van Buren, and which was later broken by Jim Brown on October 20, 1963. He was also the first NFL runner ever to have consecutive 1,000 yard rushing seasons (1953 and 1954), Perry’s durability allowed him to play in three separate decades, from the 1940s to the 1960s, for 16 seasons.

    Career Stats
    84 TD
    5.0 Yards Per Carry

    Hall of Fame 1969

  34. Walsh

    Easiest vote so far. On the various votes, I will go down the list, click the can’t miss, see how many I have checked and then relook at the list. In this case, I checked four as can’t miss and wouldn’t replace any of them, with all due respect to others on the list that are certainly great.

  35. There just aren’t enough spots. I’m sure the Steelers and Packers run into the same kind of problem, but its not really fair to leave any one of Walsh, Young or Lott off, but obviously Rice and Montana are locks. The 49ers’ “second team” Mt. Rushmore, consisting of whichever one of Young/Lott/Walsh is left off the “first team” plus Eddie D., Willis and one of Brodie, Perry and Gore and you’ve got a Mt Rushmore that’s still better than those of more than half the teams in the NFL.

  36. The Mt. Rushmore for management should be Tony Morabito, Lou Spadia, Eddie DeBartolo Jr. and Bill Walsh. And if you don’t recognize all of those names, you are nothing but a bandwagoner.

    For the players, I would go with Joe (The Jet) Perry, Charlie Krueger, Jerry Rice and Bryant Young. Same comment applies about those names, too.

  37. @kvt7280

    Eddie D did not work the salary cap in some amazing way. The cap started in 1994, at the end of the Niners dynasty. So, during the glory years Eddie D could buy all the talent he wanted.

    The 49ers did not manage the cap well. They just put all the money at the end of the contracts. Sure it helped win a super bowl in 1995. But, it also destroyed our team for a decade. Say the words “salary cap hell” to any true Niner fan and they will puke.

  38. Steve falls a bit short on this list, I agree with most, Walsh, Montana, Rice, and Lott…every single one of them is in the argument for best at their respective positions…Young was my favorite but I he only got one chip in an era where I felt we couldve won one more of those NFC Championship Games vs GB or Dallas. Still hurts, lol.

  39. Walsh

    Fred Dean
    Hacksaw Reynolds
    Bill Ring
    Randy Cross
    Bubba Paris
    Earl Cooper
    Eric Wright
    Carlton Williamson
    Dwight Hicks
    Merton Hanks
    Roger Craig
    Russ Francis
    Paul Hoefer
    Jim Brodie
    Gene Washington
    Jim Plunkett
    Steve DeBerg

  40. this one is really tough .. i got Montana/Rice/Lott/Walsh ..

    but i think High-Knee-Action deserves a vote .. and what about Merton Hanks? he should at least appear on the ballot .. also .. where is Eric Wright? Hacksaw Reynolds? Kenny Norton? Dwight Clark is not on the list????

  41. team#1: Montana, Rice, Lott, Walsh
    team#2: Young, Craig, Hanks, Rathman
    team#3: Hearst, Taylor, Norton, Haley

  42. Coming from a Hawks fan, the niners had one of the best teams ever back in the day. That era is represented here

    Bill Walsh. Started on of the most prolific coaching trees ever.

    Jerry Rice what can be said that hasnt already been?

    Joe Montana in a conversation for top 5 ever, his name is mentioned.

    Last but not least, Ronnie Lott was probably the funnest defensive player to watch for the longest.

    See yall at the CLink this year. Best rivalry in football right now.

  43. I love seeing Hacksaw on the short list. The guy cut his own car in half with an old manual hack saw! He had a bad game. My list includes : Lott,Rice,Montana,Walsh. It is easy to see what a great coach can do for a team. The 49ers have turned on a dime as soon as a great coach showed up. Walsh was one of the greatest coaches of all time and must be on the Mountain. No owner should be represented in my opinion. Eddy D. would grace an owners only Mt. Rushmore. The guy literally beat a coke machine to pieces after a difficult loss. Owners like Eddie D. are rare and deserve a memorial.

  44. Rukkus1

    Thanks for keeping it real. BUT…. Montana in conversation as top 5??????? There is no doubt he’s the greatest ever.
    And before anyone pulls out regular season stats. I will just simply say this.
    Michael Jordan Didnt hold the main records either. What he did do was perform on the biggest stage throughout his career like Montana did. 4-0 in superbowls. Enough said. He destroyed / Hof qb in two of those superbowls also. Thx Seahawk fan, but its not a question who the greatest is. I guarantee if Montana played his career east of the Mississippi and in more modern times. There really would be no arguement. Brady who?

  45. Skins fan here. My vote is Montana, Rice, Lott, and Walsh. It pains me not to include Joe Perry or Hugh McElhenny, but I would have a hard time choosing one of them over the other four. Steve Young cannot crack the top four either.

    As for Debartolo, I deducted points for convicted felons, and for the gargantuan ego that tried to fire Walsh about 8 times. Fortunately for the franchise was talked out of it. If he had not been, he would have been the original Jerry Jones, forever looking for a coach to replace the brilliant one that he never should have fired in the first place.

  46. It really is a shame that every time the NFL adds games to the season all the older players don’t seem as mighty in the eyes of the younger generation who were not around to see them play. In their time, there were true greats!

    Here is the full list of 49ers Hall of Famers
    Leo Nomellini
    Joe Perry
    Hugh McElhenny
    Y.A. Tittle
    John Henry Johnson
    Bob St. Clair
    Head Coach Bill Walsh
    Jimmy Johnson
    Joe Montana
    Ronnie Lott
    Dave Wilcox
    Steve Young
    Fred Dean
    Jerry Rice

  47. Dudes and dudetts, Young didn’t even cross my mind! And that’s not taking anything away from him. Eddie D., the man, but he’s not bumping Walsh, Rice, Lott, or Joe Money!

  48. Eddie DeBartolo has to be on there. If it wasn’t for him, the Niners would never have won.

    DeBartolo, Montana, Rice, and Walsh.

  49. You’re kidding me right Ricky watters is not up there that’s messed up man they have gore but not Ricky that just crazy Ricky has way better numbers and a ring I don’t understand it

  50. This is tough, Mt. Rushmore has the founding fathers which have to include Eddie D and Bill Walsh. These two ultimately designed the dynasty and brought the 49ers organization to a world class level so they have to be there. That leave 2 spots open which I think have to go to the greatest of all time Joe and Jerry. It’s hard to leave Ronnie and Steve off but I think you have to.

    Eddie D
    Bill Walsh
    Joe Montana
    Jerry Rice

    Honorable mentions going to:
    Steve Young
    Ronnie Lott

  51. I agree all the way with you.Just one question though,for everybody.Out of all these posts,there has been no mention of O.J. Simpson.Everybody forget about him? 🙂

  52. Probably the easiest vote yet;


    and while he may not have been a player, he’s responsible for much of their sustained success..

    Eddie D

  53. For the 49ers mt Rushmore I would say that

    Joe Montana
    Jerry Rice
    Bill Walsh
    Frank Gore

    A Rushmore without the 49ers No.1 all time rushing leader?? Thats like pancakes without syrup, or Clark Kent without Superman … U get my point

  54. I greatly admire Walsh and the job DeBartolo did, but, for players only, Rice, Montana, Lott, and Jimmy Johnson, the best cover corner in league history. If Patrick Willis has another five years like the last five, he vaults over Jimmy Johnson.

    Shout outs also to Steve Young, Joe Perry, Frank Gore, Leo Nomellini, Bryant Young, who should be in the HOF, and Hugh McElhenny, my personal favorite.

  55. Forget Mt. Rushmore, how about the 8th wonder of the world.

    DeBartolo Jr.
    Bill Walsh
    Jerry Rice
    Joe Montana
    Steve Young
    Ronnie Lott
    Roger Craig
    Deion Sanders

    Honorable mention
    Patrick Willis
    Frank Gore
    Vernon Davis
    Justin Smith
    Aldon Smith
    Navarro Bowman
    Joe Staley

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