Jets announce hiring of Rod Graves


Last month, there were reports that former Cardinals General Manager Rod Graves would be joining the Jets’ front office.

The Jets confirmed those reports on Monday with the announcement that Graves is the team’s new senior director of football administration. Graves and Jets General Manager John Idzik worked together in Arizona several years ago before Idzik made his way to Seattle and, ultimately, the Jets.

Graves spent 16 years with the Cardinals and ran the team’s football operations for the final nine of those years. His tenure included the franchise’s first trip to the Super Bowl, but ended after the 2012 season in large part because Graves couldn’t turn up a worthy successor to Kurt Warner at quarterback. The Jets have a similar need at the position right now as Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith compete for the starting job.

The Jets announced other moves in the personnel department as well, including naming former cornerback Aaron Glenn as an area scout for colleges. Glenn rejoined the organization last year as a pro personnel assistant.

5 responses to “Jets announce hiring of Rod Graves

  1. coutre says:Jun 10, 2013 12:00 PM

    One good season w/the perpetually bad Cardinals…adding another level of failure at the Jets

    Glad I’m not in your skin. You got in 2 knocks in one sentence.

    Must suck to be you.

  2. Rod Graves has repeatedly revealed himself as a complete incompetent, Kurt Warner’s greatness and rebuilding NFC West opponents got the Cardinals into the 2008/9 playoffs. All Jets fans should be alarmed at this hiring.

    Lions GM Mayhew also holding back his team similarly to what Graves’ goofiness did to Cards.

  3. I watched his draft/free agency process with the Cards for years and was constantly puzzled by his priorities. The only good drafts he oversaw were actually controlled by Dennis Green. Whiz was so appalled by Graves’ abilities he demanded total roster control with his contract extension, then Whiz proved to be no better than Graves at talent evaluation.

    Graves is a fine man, would be great as a co-worker, neighbor, golf buddy, but he has no business at the top of an NFL personnel department.

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