Jones-Drew not talking about bar fight, or practicing


Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew was made available for a press conference Monday, where he mostly said he wouldn’t talk about the thing anyone wanted to talk about.

Jones-Drew said he was advised by his lawyers to not talk about the recent incident at a St. Augustine bar, which of course is what everyone’s waiting to hear more about.

It’s a big distraction and I never want to be a distraction to this team,” Jones-Drew said, via Mark Long of the Associated Press.

The other thing he won’t be doing this week is practicing, when the Jaguars have a mandatory minicamp.

He still hasn’t been cleared after last year’s foot injury. While he’s apparently in good shape, he said his ankle was stiff from being in a walking boot. He said he expects to be ready to return by training camp, and that it was “upsetting,” that people questioned his ability to return to play at a high level.

But that’s what happens to running backs when they hit a certain age (he’s 28), who have pending legal issues and an uncertain future with their team.

5 responses to “Jones-Drew not talking about bar fight, or practicing

  1. “I never want to be a distraction to this team.”

    Except when holding out for more money when it was pretty clear the team wasn’t going to bend. It ended up being a mistake on his part, but the bigger mistake made by the team was deciding to not trade him. His value has fallen off a cliff from this point last year.

  2. “If I can’t practice, I can’t practice. It is as simple as that. It ain’t about that at all. It’s easy to sum it up if you’re just talking about practice. We’re sitting here, and I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we’re talking about practice. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talking about practice. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game last it’s my last but we’re talking about practice man. How silly is that? – MJD

  3. Bad headline. Is it saying Jones Drew is not talking about practicing, or s not practicing?

    After reading the article, the meaning is clear, but “Jones-Drew not talking about bar fight; not practicing” would have cost one more character and been clearer.

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