No. 15 isn’t available for Tebow in New England


Before any Pats fans flock to the team’s online store to order a No. 15 jersey with Tebow’s name on the back, there’s a problem.

Ryan Mallett wears that number.

Unless Mallett is getting cut or traded, Tebow will need to finagle the number from Mallett.  Failing that, Tebow will need a different number.

By rule, NFL quarterbacks may wear No. 1 through 19.  The numbers currently available in New England are 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, and 9.

Tebow wore 5 in high school.  Currently, that number has been assigned to backup kicker David Ruffer.

He could slide in to 5 or another number after the cuts are made.  Or he can try to acquire 15 or some other number from another player.

While meaningless from a football standpoint, it’s a very important point for the Tebowmaniacs.

42 responses to “No. 15 isn’t available for Tebow in New England

  1. Yeah he could slide a 5 in there after cuts are made…..If he’s not one of the cuts.

  2. I think Tebow is smart enough to know that what number he wears is not a significant concern at this time. Make the team first, then think about what number to wear and how to get it if it is not open currently.

    I hope the media hacks become smart enough to realize the same thing.

  3. Florio opines: While meaningless from a football standpoint, it’s a very important point for the Tebowmaniacs.

    Do you really think this is a VERY important point for Tebow fans? I suspect they will buy his jersey regardless of what number is on it. Does 15 have some significance other than that is what he wore elsewhere?

  4. What if the patriots hold a press conference and just give him a Belichick hoodie to hold up and he becomes the next Eric Mangini #itcouldhappen

  5. Must be hard for Florio. He hates the Pats, but LOVES him some Timmy. What to do, what to do?

  6. Or he could not be a qb and start a new chapter of his life I personally wouldn’t want any of the stink from his time with the jets hanging around

  7. Who cares?!?! Why is there always so much talk and discussion about this guy? He’s just another fringe player fighting for a roster spot.

  8. And here come the Tebow only fans who will say he deserves 15, he’s better than Mallett, who’s Mallett to wear 15? And of course the inevitable he’s better than Brady claims that will soon begin.

    Congratulations Patriots fans, Belichick just plagued you with locusts!

  9. Or we could wait until the preseason is over when players actually have their number for the season. You know, when this just might be somewhat of a story…

  10. Doesn’t matter the number. He’ll still find a way to win. It’s what he’s done all his life. Particularly when everyone said he would surely fail.

  11. I heard Tebow offered Ryan Mallett a Jesus-autographed Bible for his #15 jersey

  12. There’s going to be a demand for Tebow jerseys, so the team can’t wait for any round of cuts. The Patriots need to give him a number now and make jerseys available to the fans that want them.

  13. Please be 2. If he ever makes it onto the field, then I can yell at him like Austin Powers, “Who does number 2 work for?”

  14. Everyone gives the Jets a hard time for not starting Tim but no one even considers that maybe Tebow didn’t earn the starting job . People like to say well everyone knows tebow doesn’t t practice well but that’s kinda how you earn a starting job

  15. God works in mysterious ways.

    Hey what that?

    Is that that a church organ or a circus calliope I’m hearing over at the razor?

  16. I could see him wearing 10-19 to be an eligible receiver. Problem is, all those numbers are currently taken. I could still see a WR moving to a 80-89 number to make this happen.

  17. It would send the right message if Tebow opts NOT to take a QB number.

    That doesn’t mean he can’t run some wildcat or other trick plays – but would tell his coaches, teammates and the world that he’ll play whatever role best helps his team win.

  18. Honestly, if he becomes a fullback, and studies Mike Alstott. then the Pats wont look so dumb then, this kid has great talent, and heart.. Not a fan of the whole Tebowmania, but it put aside the kid is as athletic as anyone in the league. I hope he makes the position switch.

  19. i am just excited to see how the pats are going to use him. whichever position he plays, does not matter to me.
    i’m just a fan of good people.

  20. Good tickets still available for your Jacksonville/London Jaguars! At least Tebow will still be from Jacksonville while Jax De Ville will be speaking with an accent.

  21. Dear Tebow, don’t choose #1 because the media will go CRAZY and say that you are trying to say you are gonna replace Tom Brady. Don’t choose #2 because then they will make this big story out of You vs. Mallet…..Hell, while we’re at it, don’t choose 7 either because they HATE the fact that you openly love the God you believe in. Freedom of speech attracts the freedom of hatred…The media would even make a story saying you did it to make John Elway mad somehow and then blame YOU for your media following! Just don’t do it! In fact, wear a blank jersey! If you choose #4 they’re gonna say you’re trying to say that you are gonna take over a team “4real” this time. Wear 8 they’re gonna say you wear it because you can turn it sideways and make it look like an infinity sign, therefor symbolizing “Tebow Forever” and if you wear number 9 they will say that you chose it because it’s an upside down 6 and that you are actually the Anti-Christ…Smh stupid media…

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