Patriots made the most sense for Tebow from the start

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When the Jets cut quarterback Tim Tebow after the draft, the Patriots became the most obvious destination.  After all, the man who drafted Tebow in Denver (Josh McDaniels) serves at New England’s offensive coordinator, and the man who coached Tebow to a Heisman (Urban Meyer) is a good friend of coach Bill Belichick’s.

The notion of Tebow playing for the team that twice blew out his Broncos in 2011 shattered last month, when Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that Belichick “hates” Tebow as a player.  (Silver tells PFT he’ll be weighing in soon via a column.)

But it’s still not clear what Tebow will be doing.  All signs point to Tebow playing quarterback, especially with the Pats cutting Mike Kafka.  But Tebow never will play quarterback in a game, unless and until Tom Brady suffers another torn ACL or other similar injury and backup Ryan Mallett does the same.

At a minimum, Tebow will get to work with McDaniels and the rest of the offensive staff, with the goal of helping Tebow get the most out of his natural abilities.  And he will be able to serve as the scout-team quarterback when the Patriots face a team with a mobile quarterback — although the 2013 schedule isn’t exactly littered with them.

Still, having Tebow play quarterback doesn’t mean he won’t do other things.  In New England, tight ends play receiver and receivers play running back and running backs play receivers and they’re all interchangeable at times.  With Brady never leaving the field, surely the Pats will find a way to use Tebow.

Especially when playing the Broncos.  Or the Jets.

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  1. My how quick I story changes. I thought you said he was done? Going to the Omaha Steaks or something like that? You have a bright future in law my friend.

  2. “But it’s still not clear what Tebow will be doing.”

    (He’ll be doing what every Patriot fan will be doing: praying. )

  3. unless tebow can rush the passer i dont really see any significance of the signing!!

  4. Tebow is probably going to have to wrestle with a basic question: Is it more important to him to play football? Or is it more important to him to play Quarterback? He could probably play tight end now. Quarterback? Less likely. He is a tremendous athlete so I hope he decides he wants to play football more than he wants to play quarterback. I’d love to see him in action.

  5. Agreed…structure, he can’t threaten Brady’s job, and he’ll do whatever he’s told, looks like a 3rd string QB insurance policy to me….Belichick’s love affair with Urban Meyer continues.

  6. “Most obvious destination”?? Is that why you and the rest of the media geniuses touted Jacksonville in multiple stories as the only “logical” place for Tebow?

    Do you guys even remember what you write the day prior?

  7. Gotta give it to Belichick, he’s always one step ahead of the media. He probably OK’ed this signing out of spite.

  8. You make the article sound like you “called ” it. Like you can read I nto tne future. Good for tebow. Hope he does well there.

  9. Good for tebow, if any team can use him right it’s the patriots. What are you media people going to do, the most hated player in the league goes to the most beloved team by the media. Lol I bet mike has flipped his office upside down in anger lol

  10. So all we know is Mike Silver is either a liar or he was lied too. If it’s the latter who was the source?

    Which is it?

  11. Knew this was going to happen. Wondered what took so long. Guess BB doesn’t hate him so much as a player, or Papa Bill gave his son lil joshie an early xmas present.

  12. Really hate to doubt Belicheck on personnel…..Also got Woodhead from Jets scrap heap and he’s been pretty productive ……

  13. Now let us see how the media will praise this move because the Patriots signed Tebow. Any other team, this move would be criticized but because it is Mr. Do No Wrong Belichick this will be considered a smart move.

  14. An ideal player for Belichick. Can play multiple positions, works hard, and keeps his mouth shut. And a challenge to the chess-master to maximize his talents.

  15. I’m neither a Tebow fan or hater but its hard to believe he couldn’t get a chance in the league even as a backup especially with Jamarcus Russell getting a shot.

    As a third you get a hard worker with a good character aspect and if you want to you can (or not) put him in for wildcat/trick play/etc. as a third really he isn’t a bargain ?

    Good luck Tim

  16. According to most media sources what made the most sense was him playing for the Omaha Beef or not good enough to play in the CFL. Now we’ll hear otherwise of course. Don’t act like you didn’t compare him to the trash in your garage Florio because I definitely remember that one-liner. I wish him the best as more talent on the field in the long run is better for the game.

  17. He doesn’t make the most sense… at all. They have Brady, with a good back-up option in Mallett.

    If you think for a second that Belichick will take out Brady to use the option with Tebow then you’re insane.

  18. replacing Tom Brady is a great idea, replacing him with Tebow is pure genius.


    go Pats

  19. I’m no NE fan, but this is a great move by the Pats and the best one for Tebow.

    He has the best QB in the league in front of him, so there won’t be a QB controversy, he has a head coach who shields players from all the media silliness, and he has an OC who is great at creativity and development and who already thinks highly of him– and that OC is the likely next HC in NE.

  20. I am at loss for words. I was a non believer in the whole “Tebow” propaganda till I watched broncos @ Vikings and sure enough Tim Tebow brought them back to beat Percy Harvin and AP. sure he can’t throw but you let him play behind center the full game he will find a way to the game. The Jets camp reported Tebow to be the first person at jets before he got cut. He will work his ass off as usual, very interested on how Belichick will utilize his skills outside the training room.

  21. The Urban Meyer/Nick Saban/Bill Belichik angle is always played up way too much. They act like the Pats are overflowing with Alabama and Florida players. They have just as many Ron Zook and Kirk Ferentz players as Urban Meyer players. They have more Rutgers players (8!) than anything.

  22. Knowing the Pats, Tebow won’t be talking to the media very much. So there will never be a circus atmosphere. This is very structured franchise that doesn’t put up with ANY BS.

    They certainly wouldn’t have taken him unless they had a plan where to use him. It could be just a cheap 3rd string quarterback.

    This scenario will be interesting to watch unfold. Not that I see Tebow as a great contributor, more of where the heck are they going to use him. LOL

  23. Now we can all get on with our lives.
    Thanks, Patriots.
    At least this will get ESPN’s First Take off those epic NBA games for a day or two. I’m so sick of ESPN’s 24/7 LeBron vs. Spurs hype.
    Again, thanks, Patriots.

  24. As a Steeler fan, Tebow does have talent. He just needs a system to teach and mold him. Belichick and Brady will be good for him.

  25. That sound you just heard were the collective heads of every self-appointed NFL expert-know-it-all exploding in confusion and rage. Tebow was signed and not by some bottom-feeding desperate franchise, but by the mighty NE Gronks. Hilarious!

  26. In no way is this a good move. He can’t run routes, can’t catch, can’t throw, can’t play RB and can’t play FB…the nfl is the best of the best…you don’t just put guys in for the hell of if or bc you’re friends w/his college coach…

  27. Everyone saying that this work because of Belicheck must have forgotten how much he got out of another recent player they took a chance on, Chad Johnson. Tebow will never be anything but a media friednly 3rd stinger on that team.

  28. Tebow — the second coming — will conquer the NFL with a mighty vengeance.

  29. I smell a Tebow package with two TE sets run it or throw it pick your poison change of pace or what have you I like it I really like it and I can’t stand the Pats…..

  30. I hope Tebow and the Pats kick Rex Ryan’s sorry butt after the way they treated him last year. My best guess is Tebow does not play QB regularily, but is a utility player.

  31. Tom Brady will teach Tim Tebow to stand tall in the pocket an throw laser passes

  32. The only problem I have with this signing, is ESPN will shove this down our throat! They will lead with this for way to long and now, just like last year, we will have to watch highlights of a back up QB practicing. I have nothing against Tebow, other than seeing him to be the focus on major sports channels and for why?

    Okay Steeler’s fan, he had one nice pass that beat you guys 2 years ago. What did he do before then? Don’t tell me he won games for the Broncos! Elam and their defense won those games, but ESPN and others focused on Tebow to try and create their next sports darling to boost ratings. Hate him or love him, ESPN played to these emotions towards Tebow, but enough already. So now when Tebow comes in, lined up as a RB, in a goal line set, with Tom Brady, will all of our channels switch to this game, like the State of the Union Address? Adrian Peterson came back from a career endig injry and didnt get the press that Tebow gets when he holds a clipboard. Sad, just sad! RGIII, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and many other up and comer’s, that is who we need to see and hear about.

  33. Tebow will be a 1 or 2 down back/tight end who will be given the opportunity to produce. He’ll also have opportunities as a scout QB running simulations of incoming offenses. He’ll be a better person and a better football player for his time in NE. I don’t think he has the chops to be an NFL QB, but I do think he has a chance to have a good journeyman’s career. He would have been much better served to keep his politics to himself, but that horses backside is already out of the barn.

  34. Haynsworth… Ocho cinco….now Tim Tebow just another failed attempt to get back in top after not being able to win the big one since caught cheating

  35. It’s nice to see the kid get a fair shot at playing the game he loves so much. He is scheduled to work out with the tight ends,but not only the tight ends. At least he’ll be treated with a little more respect than he got from horseface or that blowa$$ in NY. He will have to impress to make the team. BTW there will be no circus in NE.

  36. Tebow will easily beat out Mallett for QB2, Mallett is a bum and a choker while Tebow does nothing but win. Man, the Tebow-bashers must be fulminating with anger today LOL! He lands an NFL gig and it’s with the Patriots of all teams. “Does not compute”…amirite?

  37. You guys don’t understand, the guy can’t throw. 47% career completion percentage. Give me a break. The zealots are already coming out on this board. Yeah, he’s a great guy, does a lot for charity, but there are a ton of NFL players that do a ton for kids and charity and don’t have to air it to the media and use it to spread his message every chance he gets. The guy simply can’t play quarterback. He won’t learn how to play QB from Belichick or Brady, not going to happen!

  38. tebow’s in a good situation. he now gets to come in and learn from a actual great quarterback. the jets quarterbacks have no one to learn from

  39. BB knows the facts:
    He’s been to the same number of Championship games as the Jets in the past 5 years- 2

    He has the same # of SB wins as the Jets in the past 5 years- 0

    Gotta try something different. Wins in Sept and Oct don’t mean squat.

  40. Good for him. I honestly don’t understand the hate that surrounds this kid. All he does is win. I’d love to see him line up at tight end or full back.

    He’s entertaining and to be clear, that’s what it’s about.

  41. This one is a no brainer football wise. The Patriots just replaced Mike Kafka (who?) with Tim Tebow as their 3rd string QB. Ryan Mallett is the 2nd string QB and he will never take a meaningful snap as long as Brady is around. Tebow’s possible contributions could come as an H-back, special teamer or scout team QB. And in the unlikely event that both Brady and Mallet get hurt, I’d take Tebow over Kafka any day.

  42. Fullback and Wildcat QB at the goal line.

    What else could he reasonably do for a team?

  43. Does anyone else remember when Belichick was hailed as a genius for his free agent signings of Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth?

  44. But BB Is a genius and the Pats are a class organization. Just remember that in the last 5 years, Rex Ryan, Marc Sanchez and Company have more playoff wins then BB, Tom Brady and Company.

  45. Is this what happens when you become too full of yourself?
    God help the Pats if Brady goes down week 1. The circus they’ve created will make BB wish he was back in Clevland.

  46. Will be 1/2back on punt team.

    Will be useful on scout team. And that will be useful against Jets.

    Will help on some level in locker room. Will not be a distraction for BB on team.

    Not a Pats fan, but respect and see this move as positive for that team and player. Cause Lord only knows he wouldn’t be my favorite teams QB….

  47. Now all he’s got to do is keep his mouth shut (by decree of the Pats) and change his position, two things he was unwilling to do elsewhere. We’ll see if his ego can handle either.

  48. I was as sickened as anyone over the insane Tebow attention in 2011, but I felt bad for him over the last year or so and I’m happy that someone finally signed him.

    The truth is that Tebow became a victim of his own zealous following. No one wanted to commit to him as a starter and felt it wasn’t worth the sideshow and distractions to sign him as backup.

    Pats make sense as a destination where he can lay low and potentially develop into their post-Brady QB.

  49. Love it. Luxury signing by the team that already has everything.

    And please, gentlemen, stop comparing the Patriots to the Jets.

    It is absurd.

  50. If it was the most logical destination all along, maybe someone should have actually written that. 20/20 hindsight

  51. Ohhh cmon stop acting like you knew he was gonna sign here all along, nobody knew that. As for what will happen…

    Tom Brady gets injured week 4

    Tebow leads Pats to Super Bowl and wins

    Jets fans suicide rate skyrockets

  52. What a self serving headline. Do you even remember what you had for breakfast, much less what you’ve been writing for two months?

  53. Maybe the Pats will have an actual idea how they want to use him. The Jets certainly didn’t

  54. Dude will be cut by the end of training camp. Oh because Big Bad Bill Belichick has him he all of a sudden has a chance to be good? I appreciated the exciting year overall but we all knew it was the Defense that held that season somewhat together.

  55. Clearly Mike Silver has entered the “I hate Bill Belichick so much I’m going to start making stuff up about him” realm. After all, nobody can ever prove its a lie. “I’ll just claim its an ‘unnamed source’ who told me. Why not? I’ll look hooked into the league, Belichick will look hateful, and after all there is no way the Patriots will ever actually sign him.”

  56. ctattles says: Jun 10, 2013 5:51 PM

    Somehow they will flip him to the Jets for a 1st and a 3rd.

    Dude I think thats the funniest line I’ve ever read on here. I’m not even anti-Jets or pro-Pats, it’s just flippin’ funny.

  57. What is truly hilarious is that Tebow right now is closer to a Super Bowl than Rex.

  58. Yesterday I posted that Gabe Carimi will hold the most articles in 2013. & that Tebow held the most in 2012.
    I take it back. Tebow has now surpassed Gabe on PFT articles as of today.
    Congrats, Timmy.

  59. Come on Patriot fans, quite lying to yourself. You can’t like this move at all. The media about this is going to drive you nuts and it WILL be a distraction this season.

  60. He’s a ultra competitive football player. You have to be stupid not to kick the tires on Tebow and see where he fits on your roster. The 31 other teams were trippn’. Especially my team.

  61. McDaniels is anticipating to be a head coach after this season and then he can bring along his quarterback of choice with him. The quarterback he personally selected in the first round four seasons ago.

  62. 1. NOBODY knows how Tebow will do–just like nobody predicted he’d find a team to latch on with (although even last fall, I and others noted the Patriots would fit best).
    2. Belichick more than a year ago commented that he had a good football IQ when they went through discussing the offense before the draft. None of the material I’ve seen before this spring had a disparaging word about Tebow from Belichick.
    3. ESPN wrote before he was cut about how hard he was working quietly at the Jets facility, on his quarterbacking skills, etc., and actually made some in the organization think they should keep him because he was showing improvement.
    4. My gut feeling is they saw a high football IQ 3rd string quarterback (better than what they had) who won’t shrink from the pressure, can throw a game winning TD in a playoff game, is a very hard worker, and said to him, “We’ll let you develop for the next few years as a QB, but in the meantime, you have to play wherever we want you to play. If you get good enough to battle for #2, you’ll get a fair shot. Don’t bring more attention to yourself on your own efforts, and we’ve got a deal.”
    5. Once more, I have NO idea if he’ll even make the team, and honestly, nobody knows, so let’s see what he does this summer then make our judgments.

  63. A true dilemma for all the Sports Analyst at CBX

    On one hand blackball Tim Tebow. Never again in the NFL.

    On the other, Bill Bellichek is playing Chess and the rest of of checkers.

    CBX answer…
    The logical place for Tebow was always the Patriots.

  64. This will backfire in game 2 when Tebow throws a pick 6 to give the Jets victory over the lowly washed up nothing since Spygate pats.

  65. Unlike the Jets the Pats didn’t sign him for attention they signed him to maybe turn him into a good player. Go Patriots!

  66. If any of you football fan impostors actually think that Tebow will take over as qb on goal-to-goal downs, or in the red zone, or anywhere else on god’s green earth, you are bat crap crazy.

    Like Brady can’t score a TD.

    You guys are hillarious.

  67. DENIAL is a powerful drug , This is NO PERFECT spot for Timmy .Tim Tebow wants to play QB and its not going to happen there, A perfect spot would have been a team not set with a franchise QB, And if you think Tom Brady is fine with some sideshow now lifting its leg and urinating on his spot you are sadly mistaken.You know he had to be turning over telling his wife ” Can you believe this crap now”

    Nothing is worse like when some in the media like to dress something up telling you its hot , despite its a PIG wearing LIPSTICK.

  68. Ok, Florio, the headline kind of opened you up to the irrational, delusional Tebowmaniacs to blast you.

    That being said….. Reading through the comments I now need to change my draws after pissing my pants laughing…..

    Are you Tebowheads serious? You think BB is pulling Brady in the red zone to run Tebow in the wildcat? Seriously?

    I know you all are down on one knee, doing your best Tebowing, but what on earth makes you think he can play TE or FB? I actually saw multiple commenters talking about how great Tebows “hands” are? Really? When have you seen Tebow have a 12 catch game? When have you watched Tebow block a DE on a speed rush?

    Florio is right. Tebow does NOT belong in the NFL. He is certainly not an NFL qb and I doubt he ever becomes a starting TE or FB at this level. He would be better off taking the Kurt Warner route, and trying to learn on the arena level.

    That being said, as Florio said, this IS the only place that makes sense, IF someone was going to give him another chance. Tebowmania will be quieted, by BB not allowing the media access to Tebow. There is NO, let me repeat, NO QB controversy. He has no pressure and no expectations.

    That, is what Florio meant by the perfect situation. Tebow in Jacksonville, Oakland, or anywhere else would add an element of controversy. It won’t be in NE.

    The Devil and Jesus’ favorite son on one team. This ought to be interesting.

  69. So much press for a at best 3rd string QB??? Belicheat sucks! He can’t win SBs without his spy-cameras, even with a HOF QB!

  70. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! It is funny how a guy can beat the Steelers in the Playoffs, win more Playoff games as a Bronco than Peyton Manning did and still be without a starting position in this league!! This world is upside down!!

  71. Tebow….a running back that can throw like a QB?? Sweet!! Tight end? Piece of cake…. QB? No problem there! QB that can run? Gotta love it! You can bet that Billichick will have some surprises with Tebow on one side, & Gronk on the other. Talk about an all-around player!! Could not happen to a nicer guy & a better team. At least he won’t be sitting on the Jets bench looking at that fat Ryan anymore. Pray to God all you want Sir Tebow….I am sure he has answered your prayers, (and mine!) This season will be better than ever….with the eyes of the world on New England!! On wid da show!! Dis is gonna be some fun!

  72. Just wait & see how BB molds TT into a top player & make the best use of his talents. (Sorry Ryan, you screwed up again!)
    (By the way, Brady is no spring chicken anymore…& BB is no dummy!!)
    Stay tuned for the next episode of Brady/Tebow mania!!

  73. God, I love the Haven’t Won Anything Since Spygate idiots. You wish your team has had the success of the Pats since 2007. Hell, since 2001! LOL!

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