Patriots to sign Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow’s NFL career is not over.

The New England Patriots will sign Tebow and have him at their minicamp that begins on Tuesday, as first reported by Ed Werder of ESPN.

Although the connection between Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Tebow’s old Florida coach Urban Meyer has led to talk in the past that the Patriots could be interested in giving Tebow a shot, the news still comes as a major surprise. In recent weeks most of the talk surrounding Tebow in the NFL has centered on the idea that Tebow was totally done in the NFL.

There’s still much we don’t know, including whether Tebow will have a shot to compete for the No. 2 quarterback job behind Tom Brady (it should go without saying that Tebow has no chance to start in New England), or whether the Patriots are more interested in taking a look at him at another position and as an occasional wildcat quarterback.

But we do know that Tebow has an NFL home. And the NFL media is about to descend on the Patriots’ minicamp.

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  1. I’m actually excited to see how the Patriots are going to use Tim Tebow, maybe on goal-line situations? But hey, at least you aren’t going to get any butt-fumbles from him

  2. Belichick might actually be able to use Tebow in a respectable way. He has a way for getting the best out of seemingly washed up veterans. I hope Tebow sticks it to the Jets for the ridiculous situation they had him in.

  3. I think we all want Tebow to succeed and I hope he’s given the opportunity in New England (presumably at a position other than QB). With everything he’s gone through, I couldn’t be happier for him right now. Best of luck to you Tebow!

  4. Broncos jersey? Check.
    Jets jersey? Check.
    Patriots jersey? Check.

    29 more teams left with an opportunity to sell jerseys to the misguided flock.

  5. Awesome.

    Genuinely happy for him.

    McDaniels is a known believer of him, Urban obviously talked to Bill, Hernandez is friends with Tim. Of all the teams out there, he has the biggest chance to succeed in NE. Best of luck for him.

  6. Instant QB controversy just like NY Jets, because clearly he will have a shot to start.
    Oh wait, nevermind.

  7. Ryan Mallet>Tim Tebow…

    But if there’s a coach in the NFL who can find a use for Tebow…It is Belichick.

  8. LMFAOOOOOOO the mighty patriots who hate distractions signs the biggest distraction ever….as a jets fan this is the best football news i have heard in a while

  9. Denver Broncos v. NE Patriots, Week 12 on Sunday Night Football.

    Think Bellicheck would love to have Tebow score a TD in that one?

  10. With all the feedback he got, it’s really not a surprise that his career continues, and with a top caliber team that needs top caliber attitudes.

  11. I’m no Tebow lover, but I was always a little disapointed that Denver dropped Tebow and picked up Manning when they should have kept both. How good a qb could Tebow have become being mentored by Manning?

    The Pats will do what Denver did not. For the next few years, Tebow will be an H-back, rb, wr, TE and special teams player for New England. At the same time he will learn the finer points of being an NFL qb by one of the greatest of all time. Another brilliant stroke by Salvador Belichek.

  12. I really hope Tebow gets some minutes for Jets vs Pats. I’d love to see Bill show Rex how it’s done.

  13. 1) There’s no chance he plays QB for the Patriots (other than direct-snap designed runs).

    2) He’ll probably score 15 TDs this season as a goal line back and check-down target in the red zone passing game.

    P.S. I’m not a Patriots fan…at all.

  14. I’m not a top notch NFL reporter or nothing but perhaps the connection is Josh McDaniel who was so enamored of Tebow he drafted him in Denver

  15. And we won’t see what Tebow’s real role is until December or January. You know the Genius has something up his sleeve.

    Hate on haters!

  16. The bill hates tebow thing was obviously a screen. This calls into question previous statements that bill tricked mcdaniels into dafting him. Maybe bill like tebow as a player all along. I can’t see the pats ever using a wildcat formation I see tebow as a rb/tight end. Either way if bill gets any kind of production out of him it will only provide further evidence of how foolish the jets are. Not that anyone should need anymore convincing. Bill has certainly shown a very strong ability to destroy media distractions (see ocho, chad). This really could work out great for all involved.

  17. I’ll happily get my kid a Pats Tebow jersey.

    Looking forward to the Pats showing the Jests how to use the guy.

  18. And I doubt that Tebow will even make it out of trainng camp. They can still move him to the practice squad if he can clear waivers (listens to laughter).

  19. its official the NY Jets are cursed da secrets he will tell the Pats even though the Jets aint beating them for a while smh

  20. Now it starts all over again, daily updates in the media about Timmy Poo. But I do sincerely wish him the best and to the Patriots I say, rotsa ruck.

  21. How many people are seriously thinking of getting back to church more regularly now…..

    Say what you will, the kid has a good head on his shoulders and an unbeatable moral and ethical compass.

  22. The Patriots won’t be distracted. They will march on ahead as usual and if things don’t go the way they want them to they’ll just cut Tebow. Remember he’s the third string quarterback at best, he may not even make the 53.

    On another note Michael Silver must be feeling pretty stupid right now huh?

  23. this is a joke. you think Brady is gonna let tebow anywhere near his huddle? you think he’s gonna come off the field to let Timmy run a few wildcat plays? no chance. anyone who touts this as a “genius belichick move” is a fool

  24. I am not shocked because Tebow sucks but that the Pats signed someone who DID NOT go to Rutgers

  25. This is an excellent place for Tim Tebow to go. Another one would have been the Steelers.

    But Tebow gets to learn from Tom Brady and the folks at the Patriots. You won’t hear any TEEE-BOOWWW! from the crowd. He gets to hold a clipboard, learn and develop.

    But Ryan Mallett’s the #2 guy. Plus, Mallett’s going to be someone’s starter soon, so he’ll be fine. But Tebow is going to give his all for the Patriots and the Patriots aren’t looking for him to start, take over or anything. They want him to wear a cap, carry a clipboard and learn.

  26. Not really surprised, but must ay I am pleased. The Pats will not tolerate media creating headaches for their players, so this is the ideal landing spot for Tebow for many reasons. I seriously doubt this impacts Mallett directly, but rather we should see Tebow being used in unorthodox ways. One play, he may return a punt. Another time, he may lineup in a form of the Wildcat, at any one of several positions. Another play may see him split out as a wideout or TE. He may block exclusively on some plays.

    I respect Tebow for all he has accomplished on the field, and have to respect BB and the coaching staff likewise. If people want to arbitrarily knock them, that speaks more about their own pettiness and inadequacies. No one has to like these players or coaches, but one has to explain themselves if they can’t see the long history of success for what it is.

    When I read this, my first thought was a projection of a near-future playoff game, with Tebow scoring a game-winning TD on a trick play. That wouldn’t surprise me either. Good luck, Tim! Let your actions do the talking and show ’em all!

  27. A couple points:
    1. Tebow is completely outside the Brady/Cassel/Mallet QB mold that New England has cemented itself to, leading me to think that Tebow will NEVER play QB for the Patriots. That is encouraging.

    2. Take the QB position away from Tebow and what do you have? A freak athlete who plays hard and has a high football IQ. They can find another position for him.

    3. I can’t imagine they paid much for a bust free agent that no one else wanted. It’s a low risk investment.

    4. And most importantly Belichick will never EVER let the media circus go on that Denver and New York did. If you believe differently you haven’t been paying attention.

  28. Love him or hate him Bellichick has an amazing efficiency of utilizing talent. Having a Pro bowl QB in Brady and a solid front office will minimize the media distraction just watch. Hope it works out as I don’t believe he’s the second coming, just a talent that deserves to be in the league at some capacity.

  29. I hope this works out for Tebow. I also hope it works out for the Pats. It would be a great smackdown of the Jets!

  30. Anyone suggesting the circus is moving north forgets that the Jets were a circus before Tebow arrived.

  31. If any team can handle the circus, it’s the Patriots. Bill Belichick is the master at giving the media nothing to work with. They’ll eventually just give up and go home.

  32. This means Brady gets to rest November 3rd since Tebow can easily destroy the Steelers singlehanded, which he has and will.

  33. And for reasons they themselves can’t really evaluate or explain, at least a dozen other HCs suddenly just went “Oh sh*t”.

  34. How can tebow possibly be worth all the nonsense unless he’s your starting qb winning you games ? The pats just don’t want to win like they used to. Tom Beiber, I mean Brady just doesn’t have the same drive that hungry no name kid did.

  35. So the Tebow circus moves north. How will Bill handle the media crush? At least this will be interesting. How much are the Patroits going to pay him?

  36. New England is the best place for Tebow. He gets to sit and learn from one of the best QB’s in the league, he is reunited with Josh McDaniels, and unless Brady gets injured there wont be anyone yelling for Tebow to start.

  37. 1) he might not make the roster

    2) low risk

    3) potential goaline/short yardage nightmare

    4) Belichick wanted to stick it to Mike Silber for that stupid report

    5) Lock in Tebow for 3 Rushing TDs on the Jets

  38. Perfect place for Tebow.

    No QB controversy and he can patiently study behind a hall of famer.

    Good for Belichick and the Pats.

  39. Haters just go away. The guy might not be an NFL quarterback, but he is versatile and a tough football player period. He also has always been a leader on his teams, and sets a better example of conduct for our youth than ANY athlete in America. If you are the type of person that thinks Charlie Sheen is cool, I hope you don’t have kids. Give this guy a chance to see how Belichick can use him.

  40. Our vary reaction to this is, in large part, why no team wanted to take a chance on him.

    This is entirely about Patrior preparation for Read-Option offenses.

  41. Always thought that for Tebow to be back in the NFL he would need to go to a team with a firmly entrenched starting QB. Obviously, NE fits that and there is zero chance of any type of “QB controversy”. I’m a Tebow fan and am happy for him even though I dislike the Patriots. Will be interesting to see what they do with him.

  42. I like this move because Tebow should have played more with the Jets, Sanchize?, ugh. Tebow will not start and no one will want him to start, at qb. No controversey. The Patriots have 3 qbs that could start for the NYJ.
    BB will probably use him to get some unknown statistic under his belt, like Flutie drop kicking a PAT.

  43. ok – except for personal man crushes – how many backups are starters (it’s a riddle batman)…and why are they not?

  44. Tom Brady couldn’t even crack the starting lineup in college. Tim
    Tebow won two championships and a Heisman.

    Now Tebow will be buying Brady doughnuts for the morning meeting.

  45. Tebow has wisely kept himself out of the lime light this offseason. Perhaps, under the tutelage of Coach Belichick, Tim has decided to take a shot at playing the TE position. Good for him if he has and good luck. This would be a great story of self-reinvention and a tale of courage.

    Should it be that he was acquired to continue to play in the QB position, I can only guess that Coach Belichick (or Mr. Kraft) has creeping dementia and should have that looked at.

  46. Call me when he’s on the 56 man roster…as of right now its a cool story but thats about it…Belichick is a son of a gun though, lmao…he’d love for this to work out so he can stick it to the Jets and whoever wrote that story that he hates baby Jesus.

  47. I’m an Eagles fan, and I hate the Pats. That said, I’ll bet Belichick gets something out of the guy.

  48. He will be converted to another position like Bellichek has done in the past with other players or he can kick rocks to Canada and try to be a QB there. I’ve always thought he could be a good player just not at the QB position.

  49. I really can’t say it would be a distraction cause the Pats are winners but it can work. The media and fans can’t knock Brady off his thrown. Tebow will sit at # 3 QB if that’s the position they leave him at. The circus can’t faze the coach or team. This team is more built for this. I don’t like the Pats but this is the best fit for him. Good luck Tebow. Even though I hate the fact that you beat my LSU Tigers while playing in Florida. But everyone deserves a chance.

  50. As a Jet fan and admirer of Timmy Tebow, I hope he does well and sticks it to the Jets, just to show what an uncompetent bunch they are……Love it………Beat it Rex…..

  51. This will be a non-issue because Tom Brady isn’t Mark Sanchez. In fact, Tom Brady is the exact opposite of Mark Sanchez.

  52. What made the Jet’s signing of Tebow a “circus” was the fact they wanted him, signed him, but then ended up not playing him when it became obvious they should.

    Russell Wilson started the season very slow, and game by game got remarkably better. Someone just needs to have faith in Tebow to give him that chance – and I think he has earned that chance with his performance in Denver. If Bronco’s didn’t get Mannering would Tebow be the starter?

  53. LOL laughing at all these morons that say the circus is coming to town in New England. The Circus came to NY because they are a bunch of clowns that TRADED for Tim Tebow…. then never used him at all even though they had the worst QB on the planet blowing every game. The Circus never comes to New England. Just ask Bryan Cox, Corey Dillon, Randy Moss etc. New England gets the best out of players, or they go….and they get them to sign team friendly contracts that make them going all the easier. Nobody is going to expect this guy to start, and the coaching staff will put his athletism to great use. This is another brilliant move by Belicheck that was a no-brainer.

  54. Dear Jesus,

    I’m afraid that I will have to end our relationship. I sold my soul to Satan. He coaches the New England Patriots.


    Your friend,

  55. Belichick must be going senile. Let’s get rid of solid players like Welker and have the circus come to town in the form of Tebow. That sounds like a plan…yeesh.

  56. Amusing how these same Pat’s fans that have lampooned Tebow for years, are now singing his praises of the wondrous things he’ll do.

    The Patriots nation can say there will be no circus, but regardless of what anyone says or does, Belichick has just become Ringmaster of another sort.

  57. “And the NFL media is about to descend on the Patriots’ minicamp.”

    Why not just leave the man alone and let him live his life?

  58. BeliCHEAT has to try and reverse the football god’s comical Lucy routine on his attempt at an unstained SB trophy.

    Desperate, he’s going to try and get god on his side now.

  59. I called this lol

    But this is actually the perfect fit when you think about it

    First of all Josh McDaniels was the guy who drafted Tebow, and you see what McDaniels did with Cassel (who is a marginal talent)

    Secondly there’d be no pressure or expectation to start because he’s sitting firmly behind Tom Brady

    Lastly it’s not surprising because of the Urban Meyer connection and the fact that BB likes Tebow as a person (and apparently as a football player too)

    I hate the Pats but I’m happy for Tebow …there are much worse people in the NFL who have accomplished far less; the kid deserves to be on a team, just not as a starter

  60. As a New England fan living in Jacksonville, I couldnt be happier. This is great, just great. I have no idea what they have planned, but I suspect Tebow will go along with whatever the Pats want from his services. He;s a great football player, he deserved a shot. Camp will be fun.

  61. Just became a Patiots fan. Like it or not Tebow is one of the good guys. Glad he is getting a shot. I know he did not do anything great like support gay marriage and abortion (sarcasm) but dude deserves a job.

  62. Lately the Pats have a habit of bringing guys into camp and then getting rid of them before the regular season starts (or even partway through the season). Hopefully they wake up and tradition holds…let’s hope this is a temporary situation.

  63. Tebowmania runs wild again! Face it the kid is not going away anytime soon. When he can sell jerseys and tickets, he will be a valuable commodity for some team. Belicheck is one coach who just may be able find a perfect role for Timmy, hope it works out !

  64. The Tebow Cheerleading Squad at ESPN just wet it’s collective pants! Countless staff meetings are being scheduled on an emergency basis to figure how to overhype the most overhyped entitled athlete in pro sports history! They’ve got to do something once Lebron’s season is over.

  65. I guess we can add “dumb” to the list of attributes of Pats haters. If Tebow sucks, he’ll get cut.

    This isn’t the Jets, who strive to be a sideshow every year.

  66. This is great. Just thinking about all the pats fans that ripped the jets for signing Tebow. Now, HE’S ON YOUR TEAM!!!!!!!

  67. I hope this turns into another Danny Woodhead situation where someone that the Jets cut loose does very well in NE. I can’t see the circus atmosphere happening here. It’s not the “Patriot
    way”. BB must have Josh McDaniels must have something up their sleeves for using Tebow. I hope it works out well.

  68. I am a Steelers fan, and I believe Tebow deserves a chance. I have to admit, new England may be the only other club with enough class to do the right thing like this.

  69. Haha sorry Pats fans, been there done that and now you have our garbage. Hopefully they use him for something other than qb because we all know he isn’t successful there. He got lucky with our defense and Matt Prater being able to make him look good. Everyone is on to his pathetic “game”

  70. 3rd and 1 at the goal line, Tommy out, Timmy in.
    TB is not going to like it.
    Tommy will have a bad game (he has a few every year, he’s human) and the Tebow chants will start.
    You can’t stop it, Tebow fans don’t care about the team, they care about TT.
    and they will be line up in Foxboro.
    “Cant Wait!”

  71. lol the press is gonna run with this like a spurned lover runs with a smiley face text from the ex girlfriend he never got over.

  72. replacing Brady at this point id absolutely genius, to pull it off with Tebow is awesome!
    go Pats.

  73. The Patriots have a thing about picking up Jets cast aways and showing that they can actually use them effectively. See Danny Woodhead.

  74. lets hear how this was another smart decision by Belichick and how he’s the smartest coach in history. and why not mention Tom Brady and how wonderful he is. i’m glad Tebow got another chance in the NFL but he has zero chance to touch the football this year

  75. LOL laughing at all these morons that say the circus is coming to town in New England. The Circus came to NY because they are a bunch of clowns that TRADED for Tim Tebow…. then never used him at all even though they had the worst QB on the planet blowing every game. The Circus never comes to New England. Just ask Bryan Cox, Corey Dillon, Randy Moss etc. New England gets the best out of players, or they go….and they get them to sign team friendly contracts that make them going all the easier. Nobody is going to expect this guy to start, and the coaching staff will put his athletism to great use. This is another brilliant move by Belicheck that was a no-brainer.

    The Circus sure kicked your 14-2 ass in that Foxboro playoff game 2 years ago. sanhcez also lit you up with 353 yards passing in NE last year. You’re just a great regular season team that Belicheck knows will struggle without Welker and broken Gronk. Desperation move!

  76. Tebow, on his off days, can think of Boston as a missionary work to convert all those highly educated and free-thinking liberals and atheists to the true word of God. He already did good work in liberal hot beds such as Denver and New York.

  77. I dislike BB personally, he is a good coach though.

    I dislike the Pats. but they are a good team.

    Tebow .. I like the guy, he is a good role model for kids.. I am glad he got another chance. I wish my team would have taken him but the Giants would not deal with his baggage.

    I hope the Guy excels and proves all the Nay Sayers wrong. Perhaps in a year or three he can start at QB somewhere after being under the tutelage of Brady, who knows.

  78. I love how the Pats fans talk about how they took Danny Woodhead and made him so good after the jets…now they’re going to do the same thing with Tebow??? Who cares, we took Curtis Martin from you guys — a hall of famer…the year you took Woodhead our RBs led the NFL in team rushing…

  79. It’s not too surprising, in fact BB targets a Jet player every year.
    If he makes the 53, it will be on BB arrogance alone. Leaving a quality player for some other team.
    Any chance of TT sticking to the Jets or any other team is a pipe dream. If you don’t know he sucks you will find out soo enough. The fact Ocho couldn’t pick up the offense tells me he won’t make the cut. But if he does…YIPPIE!!! for the AFC East.

  80. Of course Bill would do this right after he blasts the report saying that he hated Tebow as a player. But honestly, this is the best place for Tebow. Bill is great at turning guys like Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk and Danny Woodhead, just to name a few, into very versatile players that make significant contributions to the Pats. Hopefully this is an admission by Tebow that he’ll have to change positions to stay in the NFL. Because if he’s thinking that he’ll be there as a backup QB then I think it will be one of those moves that blows up in Bill’s face.

  81. Even as a Fin fan I wish TT well with the Pats except when we’re playing them of course but for the love of God can we please refrain from any halftime celebration at Sunlife commemorating anything Tim Tebow has ever done in his life. Is that too much to ask?

  82. Hey, good for Tebow. he deserves a chance with a team, that will actually give him a chance. He should have never had to play in his first yr, and the Jets were Egomaniacs for doing what they did.

    Belichek seems to be the best play for Tebow. So I say good luck.

  83. I’m no Tebow fan and I’m certainly no Pats fan (Go Fins!!). However, as much as I joked about Tebow not having the NFL QB skill set, I began to feel bad for the guy after he was released. All the teams just coming out and saying they didn’t want him and he doesn’t belong in the NFL and so on. . . .

    No one deserves that. Can you think of any other player that has ever had that happen to them??

    Anyway, if the Pats are going to take another castaway and get something out of him, it might as well be Tebow.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him have some success as a role player . . . . just not too much.


  84. This will make Belichick 0 for 3 in the risk taking department. Chad Johnson, Haynesworth and now Tebow….there’s no way he’ll end up with a roster spot on this team !

  85. Does anyone else see the irony in how so many people complain about Tebow’s overexposure in the media and then those same people turn around and run to message boards to gossip about him?

  86. oh no, now espn will be re-running this story all day today and tmrw until game 3 of the finals

  87. One hundred and sixty comments… I can already smell the popcorn and cotton candy surrounding the Patriots. I’ve nothing against Tebow, but like all the “experts” were saying prior to this signing, the circus (good and bad) will follow him where ever he goes. The only way Belichick will be able to stop it will be to cut him, and he will.

  88. Tim will make the team, that’s a given. If there is any coach in the NFL who can figure out a way to put this kids unique skill set to good use it’s Bill.

  89. Broncos jersey? Check.
    Jets jersey? Check.
    Patriots jersey? Check.

    29 more teams left with an opportunity to sell jerseys to the misguided flock. Score another one for fan ignorance!

    I just lost some respect for the Patroits organization. Seriously.

  90. For all those people or Jet fans thinking this will be a circus,

    Um, you’re not familiar with Patriot news off the field. Ever wonder why?

  91. All purpose back. Now we’ll see how good this kid is and how much he wants to play football.

    Bet he makes tackles on kick off and punt returns. Assuming the NFL still has kick off returns.

  92. They want to sign Jesus Jr.?

    How dumb can they be?

    It’s because of all the Christians there no doubt.

    Well, they’ll let him go after one year.

  93. A quality versatile TEAM player who works hard and will be an asset to the Patriots. Great move……

  94. Good for the Patriots and good for Tebow! I used to not be a fan of this guy at all but given how the Doncos and the Jest f@#$ed him over and how he has been completely hammered by most of the media outlets, I find myself pulling for him to succeed! I think NE offers him the best chance to showcase his abilities and I wish him all the luck!

  95. Timmy T and Bill B are going to HATE one another.

    i can’t see Bill liking a bad player and i cant see tim liking a cheater.

  96. Once again the arrogance of McDaniels comes shinning through. He’s adamant that Tebow,only under his tutelage, can be an NFL QB………The rest of the free world begs to differ!

  97. i’m a chiefs fan,but………i love tebow…….plain and simple tebow is a football player…….he is not afaid to hit ,or be hit…….in a league where half the players are afraid to hit, or be hit…….they could play him at QB,TE or Fullback…..because tebow is a football player!!…period!!…just being on the roster will be worth 2 or 3 W’s on the schedule,which is a big difference in the NFL…..go tebow!!….

  98. If I’m keeping track right the guy is 8-7 as a starter in the NFL. Since when is a backup QB with a lifetime winning percentage over .500 a doomsday scenario? You know who we have as a backup in Cleveland? Me either.

    Granted he can’t throw, and I don’t know how to explain those 8 wins, but Brady can throw well enough for the both of them. BB is about 3 years ahead of the rest of the league and has something in mind for Tebow.

  99. Somehow I think Brady is going to go on IR and the Pats will pick up Sanchez after the Jets cut him and just roll with Sanchez and Tebow as their 2 QBs. And then Sanchez will win Offensive Player of the Year while Tebow wins Wildcat Player of the Year. Tebow’s buddy God probably would get a big kick out of messin’ with the Jets like that. C’mon fate, make it happen! 😉

  100. Everyone forgets that Josh McDaniel drafted Tim Tebow when he was the Broncos’ head coach. THAT’S why New England wants him. McDaniel thinks that he can turn him into another Cassell.

  101. The only way this makes sense is to give the football to Tebow inside the ten, maybe the five. Short yardage situations also were his high point. Never at quarterback does Tebow make sense anywhere.

  102. Really, this is much ado about nothing. So, the Pats are giving Tebow a shot. So what? The Pats aren’t the Jets. The Jets jerked him around and they had a coach who didn’t want him there. Of course, the Jets are all about looking like stupid jerks. It starts at the top and works it’s way throughout the organization. Everything that happened with Tebow there was due to no fault of Tebow. In fact, Tebow was very admirable in the way he handled things, the one bright spot for the entire organization.

    The fact is that there will be no disruption to the Pats organization over this. One thing you can be sure of is that Bill talked to Tim before they even talked about signing him. You either agree with Bill or you are out the door. Remember a guy by the name of Moss? He came in and the chatter was all about how disruptive he would be. Well, Bill made sure that Randy agreed to toe the line, and he did. Only when Moss decided he’d rather be the old Moss than win championships was he shown the door. In Tebow’s case, toeing the line won’t be a problem.

    The reason Bill’s taking a chance is rather simple, Tebow has shown himself to be a winner. He was criticized in Florida and took them to the Championship. He was criticized in Denver and took over under difficult circumstances. His stats weren’t great, but guess what? He won ball games and took them into the playoffs and beyond the first round, all against the unanimous predictions of the “experts.” Can’t ask for anything more.

    So, he’s getting a chance to prove himself again. Seems to me it’s a no lose situation for the Pats and Tebow. The good news for Tebow is that he’ll get an education from the best.

  103. Tebow has been getting 1.5 yards on runs and when starting as a QB is literally last place in yards per game, TDs per game etc…

    also, Teebs was too stupid to remember the plays Denver was giving him and couldn’t remember the audibles.

    this signing will go down with dumbass crap like Haynesworth and Ochostinko…

    BB is either losing it or he is putting up the biggest smokescreen of all time.

  104. Lol.. I’m no Tebow fan, but he’s got a better shot at a Superbowl ring than 90% of the league hahaha… Man… ridiculous. Maybe there is a God?

  105. The beginning of the end for Belichick. He will finally murder a reporter during a press conference for asking 600 different ways why Tebow isn’t playing. A man can only take so much.

  106. Just another way for the Patsy’s to get into the NY Jets playbook.
    As a Denver fan I think the coaches will push him in a TE position no matter how bullheaded Tebow is. They hired him as a QB but soon will give Timmy the ultimatum. Play a different position or he’ll walk.

  107. Is it hilarious that Tim Tebow has a legit shot at a ring by playing for the Pats I mean started from the bench now we’re here haha. Also no one thought Brady was anything until he got the right opportunity it’s possible Tebow finds success in the land of opportunity I mean New England.

  108. Tebow is like the land version of Jaws.Just when you thought it was safe……to watch ESPN again.

  109. So, how long will it take before Tim’s fans say how unfair it is that poor Tim isn’t getting a chance to play?

  110. God put Tebow with the Patriots. It will be harder for ole Belicheck to cheat with Tebow around…Now we’ll see how the Patriots conducts themselves with Lord Tebow on the sidelines……

    All in all, glad the young football player will get what I think is a legitimate shot at remaining in the Nfl……besides, the Steelers owe him a little something for that lucky strike when he played in Denver, Damit!

  111. Clearly, the Patriots signed Tebow just to parade him around the locker room for the amusement of the other players who have never seen a man-virgin before. Then they’ll cut him.

  112. Apparently TT got over his “I’m a QB” phase? There’s absolutely no one on the planet who would put him on the field ahead of brady so what position does he play now?

  113. I guess once Bill was forced to quit cheating after mangini ratted him out he felt he needed to get God back on his side so thus the Tebow was reborn!

  114. The only thing dumber than the New England Patsies signing Tiny Tim Teblow is the overblown reaction by the sports pundits, then again that’s why they’re sports pundits and not brain surgeons. The Patsies just signed an over-expensive bench warmer because that’s the only good they’ll get out of that worthless piece of garbage.

    A shame that such a talentless fool of faith gets so much attention for doing absolutely nothing, then again jesus freaks have no clue about anything. I can’t wait to see the Patsies lose games if they’re stupid enough to play the girly boy who can’t throw a pass, either on the football field or to a girl.

    Tiny Tim Teblow for the Lingerie League!

  115. 215 posts, mostly from old guys who watch the NFL like it is a religious experience. Tebow might have terrible QB mechanics and might spend too much time talking about God and football but he is entertainment and that is what football is really about. I’m a Bears fan but Tebow on the PATS will get me to buy the NFL pkg again so I can root for the PATS when I’m not cussing at a Cutler interception. thank you Mr. Belichick

  116. I still don’t know what Tim Tebow has done to cause people not to like him. The one year he started he went to the playoffs. I just don’t get it. Anyway good luck to the young man. I wish him well
    GO Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. The Jet’s defense will shut him up. He’ll be teboo hooing, when the Jets get through with him.

  118. The guy is kryptonite to the Steelers’ washed out, beaten up secondary. He’ll shred them like he did in Denver.

  119. Like it or hate it, this is the perfect move for the Pats and organization for Tim Tebow. Who knows, perhaps the Pats simply did this to get greater insight in to the Jets & Broncos playbooks and are just planning to cut him later. However, I think they’ll definitely use the guy to drive opposing defenses crazy. Can’t wait to see how this plays out….

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