Pats could get involved in chase for Ahmad Bradshaw

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As the Colts continue to negotiate with running back Ahmad Bradshaw, the former Giants running back has a fallback plan.

If it doesn’t work out in Indy, a source with knowledge of the situation says he’ll possibly take a visit to the Patriots.

The Pats know Bradshaw well.  He contributed to both of the Giants’ Super Bowl wins over New England, gaining 45 yards on nine carries in Super Bowl XLII, and rushing for 72 yards and a key, late-game, butt-first touchdown in Super Bowl XLVI.

Cut by the Giants after a 1,000-yard season in 2012, Bradshaw drew interest from the Steelers, Broncos, and Packers at a time when his surgically-repaired foot was healing.  But each team addressed their needs during the draft, and it’s been largely quiet for Bradshaw in recent weeks.

Still only 27, Bradshaw has some tread left on the tires — assuming his bad wheel has been repaired.  But it’ll be hard to score a significant contract, given his injury history, age (as running backs go), and the reality that plenty of cheap, young special-teams-playing running backs are available.

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  1. He’ll wear the horseshoe. I feel like Grigson and co. are working out the final details of the contract. Bradshaw has reportedly been in the city of Indy for almost a week now.

  2. I wonder why Reggie and DA are not going after Bradshaw in Oakland? Even with a bum wheel at 27 he still stands a better chance of making the entire season than Darren McFadden.

    OH Yeah…. It’s that $50 million in the hole deal, that’s why…..

  3. Lol, why would they want bradshaw? He’s a decent back, but the Pats have a ton of RB on the roster. Bradshaw would want more money than any of the other backs on the team. Ridley is the future, vereen the change of pace pass catcher. This on top of Leon Washington, the special teams monster, and Blount who might fit in somewhere… backup goal line power back?


    Just because he takes a visit doesn’t mean they want to sign him…

    Due diligence!

  4. Patriots already have 5 running backs…Can’t see them bringing in Bradshaw for a visit unless it’s just Belichick doing his due diligence and checking out what he has left in case he signs with an AFC team

  5. No disrespect to the Pats but I think, perhaps, that Brady and Belichick’s voices are growing stale in that lockerroom. They need someone with fresh rings to breathe back some post-season fire into this team. AB could start with Ridley backing up. Vereen blows. Washington is a ST player only and Blount won’t make it through camp. Brady is getting older and it is more important now than ever that the Pats keep him upright. AB is one of the best at picking up the blitz in the league. Big reason why Eli was sacked a league low last year.

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