ProFootballTalk: Vikings’ Mt. Rushmore

Fran Tarkenton, Alan Page, Adrian Peterson and Cris Carter make Mike Florio’s Minnesota Vikings’ Mt. Rushmore. Who makes your list?

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Vikings’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Sorry Florio, I can’t agree with any version of Mt. Rushmore that leaves out Grant. While Carter was great, and accomplished much whilst a Viking, he also had issues that created problems on the team.

    Conversely, Grant is the person who MADE the VIKINGS. His teams won the old NFC Central division 12 out of 13 years, which to my knowledge, hasn’t be duplicated since by any of the other teams. He developed HOF players, lead four teams to Super Bowls, created a fundamentally sound and disciplined brand of football, and has stayed involved with the organization to this day. In Minnesota, he’s an icon, and has been, both on and off the field of play.

    Now admit your mistake and fix it. This instant!

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