Silver reiterates report that Belichick isn’t a fan of Tebow


Last month, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that Patriots coach Bill Belichick “hates” Tim Tebow as a player.  In the wake of Belichick’s decision to give Tebow a job, Silver has reiterated his belief, based on a team source, that Belichick isn’t a believer in Tebow.

“For the record, I stand by my original assertion that Belichick has told many people in the Patriots’ organization that he’s not a Tebow fan,” Silver writes.  “After Belichick’s strong denial last Friday, the same source weighed in with an even more forceful rebuttal, insisting that the coach was ‘so full of it’ and that Belichick’s Tebow-bashing was commonplace at the team’s facility.”

Still, Silver concedes that Belichick would bring Tebow in only if Belichick thinks it will help the team win.  In our view, however, there’s a chance Belichick did it simply to get offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and/or former Florida coach Urban Meyer to quit pestering Belichick about giving Tebow a chance.

From Belichick’s perspective, it’s a simple proposition:  They want to see what Tebow can do, so we’ll see what he can do.  And when he can’t do what he needs to do, we’ll move on.

If so, the challenge for Tebow will be to treat every practice like it’s the fourth quarter of a close game.  If he can’t summon whatever magic he finds in those circumstances, Tebow won’t be long for New England.

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  1. If there’s anyone more full of hot air in the sports journalism world, it’s Michael Silver. Now, it seems, he’s also full of something else…

  2. Blame Silver wasn’t available for comment. He was out walking his “anonymous sources” on a leash. Carrying a plastic litter bag so as not to leave their feces in front of his neighbors homes.

  3. If Tebow does well at camp, and is prepared, let’s hope that Belichick is not a dick like Ryan and actually gives Tebow a chance to play in some games. He has the strength to run the ball and now has a great qb to learn from I think that Brady and the team can turn this guy into something great. Only time will tell, holding breath.

  4. Well there’s a lot of sad teams in the AFC with awful QB situations that Tebow would be perfect for. Before they wisen up, why not snag Tebow away from them to block his opportunity to go fit in with one of those clubs.

    Cutting him on the final cut day could quash his chances of joining a team later or having time to get comfortable to possibly be a surprise bailout option and then chance to breathe some much life into whatever desperate team that could have been.

    Or maybe Mallet is trade bait and they like Tebow as their backup insurance policy, just in case Brady gets hurt. And in the meantime he can play some Wildcat. Any way you slice it, I think this is a brilliant move by the Pats.

    There WILL be several AFC teams that will have very stinky QB situations as you will figure out later; you’ll see.

  5. This justification and repackaging doesn’t pass the smell test. Mr. Silver, admit you were wrong and move on. If Bill hated the guy he wouldn’t be there. He doesn’t make personnel decisions based on Urban Meyer’s feelings.

  6. Mike Silver should also concede that he’s a horrible sports writer and next to no one values his biased opinion. I don’t even know any Chargers fans that like the guy.

  7. Or maybe Tebow can play quarterback like he showed leading the Broncos to the playoffs and beating Ben Rothlisberger and his Steelers in the playoffs. Hmmmm….

  8. If Belichick is willing to sign a player he hates just to shut two people up, as an organization they would be venturing into Cowboy and Raider territory on the stupid meter.

    On an other note, has there ever been more press and hype around a player that was/is this inconsequential in the entire history of sports??

  9. He’s worried about Gronk, and Tebow will be a hybrid TE/FB if he makes the team. NE always seems to fall short with the short yardage running game, and Tebow is good at that. If he can play TE, he’ll make the team.

  10. You know maybe they suckered you, you ever think of that. Hey go tell a media guy we don’t like him so we can go get him without anyone paying attention. Maybe that is how it went down.

  11. When-not if- Tebow steals away the job, this move will make sense. It could be next year, the bye week, heck, it could even happen in training camp! Don’t underestimate Tebow’s ability to inspire coaches and teammates and, most importantly, WIN FOOTBALL GAMES!

  12. “On an other note, has there ever been more press and hype around a player that was/is this inconsequential in the entire history of sports??”

    The answer is YES. Please refer to Jason Collins or Manti Te’o.

  13. If that’s the case Josh McDaniels is more divisive than Terrell Owens could ever be.

    Why else is #15 (until Ryan Mallett refuses to fork the number over) in town??

  14. Maybe it’s true….

    Possibly, Belichick loves Tebow the leader, the scrambler, the competitor, the total football player…

    And HATES him as a passer.

  15. Z561 says: “When-not if- Tebow steals away the job, this move will make sense. It could be next year, the bye week, heck, it could even happen in training camp! Don’t underestimate Tebow’s ability to inspire coaches and teammates and, most importantly, WIN FOOTBALL GAMES!”

    That’s right, folks. This guy is suggesting Timow is going to steal Brady’s job. Yikes. Obsession and delusion bordering on actual worship of Timow. Creepy.

  16. The bottom line is that Belichick won’t keep Tebow unless he thinks he is able to contribute to the team in some way and help them win, in whatever role that may be.

    Regardless of whether the writer here is good or bad, that has no bearing on whether Tebow makes the team.

    Belichick might be letting him try for Josh, but he won’t waste a roster spot for anyone…

    So all of this is the writer good stuff has no bearing on what just transpired and what will happen going forward. All that stuff is just hot air…

  17. And next year just happens to be a great class of low round QB prospects and better timing to get a rookie and future heir to Brady. What a perfect time to sell on Mallet and get the next guy into the farm system.

  18. To all those saying that Tebow will line up as a TE/FB, I would like to know when he has said that he is open to a position change.

  19. Why does everyone still think McD is a big Tebow fan? Tebow didn’t get any starts or real playing time until after McD got fired

  20. I hate the pats, but if bilichick didnt prove silver was a major DB with the signing, silver proved himself to be a major DB by upholding his ridicululous assertions

  21. Sounds to me like Silver has fallen victim to the very common malaise of journalists across the globe: falling in love with his source and not asking himself “why are they telling me this.” The answer is seldom some inflated sense of the public’s right to know that informs the biases of journalists. Usually it is some combination of money, information control, ego and delusion that motivates media sources. Is it possible that by Belichick’s interest in Tebow being publicly debunked that he is in a much better bargaining position to get Tebow at the lowest possible price with the least possible competition?

    Or maybe Silver just has a really good source who knows that this is really just a Belichick scheme to set Tebow up for even greater public ridicule?

    You be the judge.

  22. Never been a Tebow fan, and I admittedly am a Pats “hater”. This move excites me. IF he miraculously makes the roster, whether it be at FB, TE, or QB. Would love to see him produce in NE and put on a show. Bring some heart and sportsmanship to the table. Help erase an entire 12 years of cheating, stealing, and disgracing the NFL we all loved…. I am scorned by an entire decade of football which was discredited by a batch of cheaters whom we “worshipped” and “martyred” into football history, it ended all integrity in the sport itself. Go Tebow, the Patriot organization needs a conscience, it needs to learn about honesty and fair play. Instill some values in them, and make them hand their rings over to the honest, hard-working, role model athletes whom they “stole, cheated, and robbed” of EARNED glory.

  23. pantsukudasai56 says: Jun 10, 2013 11:35 PM

    Mike Silver is so full of himself that he can’t stand to admit that he was wrong.
    Yep. This topic can be closed now. 🙂

    There is NO WAY BB runs around the facility shrieking about how much he hates Tebow, much less in front of some apparent yahoo (c wut I did there?) who cares so little for discretion that he blabs it to a patronizing, self-satisfied reporter like Silver. If BB did not like a player, he wouldn’t be that loose lipped about it, THEN issue a denial that it was even said by him. I never ever recall BB doing anything like that about a guy who wasn’t on his roster.

    Let’s put it this way, Adalius Thomas worked BB’s last nerve in his last season bleating to the press about being sent home late, etc. BB never said ONE WORD bad about him to the media nor did any “report” come out about how he hated him. Now we Pats fans who are decent at translating BB speak knew he was ticked at Thomas (upon Thomas’ release after 07, 08 and 09 he simple said that Thomas “had a great year in 07” which is a BB classic way of insulting a guy), but that’s it.

    Also if Tebow is on my team because of McDaniels love for him, I may have to hang myself. JMD should never ever EVER pick personnel. Ever.

  24. Silver’s report always seemed fake to me. He took what obviously would be big news– that Belich hates Tebow as a player– and buried it way down in a wider opinion piece.

    And the source which was supposedly inside the organization speaks as if he is OUTSIDE the organization– “No chance. Plus they wouldn’t like the circus that comes with it.”

    Then Bill flatly refutes the report and then signs Tebow– ??

    It looks from here that Silver got caught stretching some half-truths into some “sources say” horse manure.

  25. Bill’s just trying to take some air time back from all the BRUINS fever in new england right now!!

  26. It’s amazing to see all these comments and not one of them hitting the nail-on-the-head regarding this signing.

    Tebow will end up being on the practice squad and simulating READ OPTION quarterbacks for the defense.

  27. BB is a proven cheater so being a lair could be true also. Now I’m betting once the get Tebow in camp and see how bad he is he’ll be cut before week 1. U know there not going to take snaps from Brady.

  28. Reuniting Tim Tebow with Josh McDaniel has a potential to fix his “throwing problem” as Josh McDaniel believed in Tim Tebow’s talent.

  29. This is a great example as to why the NFL needs to step in and remove Silver from the HOF selection process.

    This man is a certified idiot who as stubborn as it gets and has now gone senile.

    Remove Mike Silver ASAP, if not sooner.

  30. Yea guy Timmy will never ever take away Brady’s job. There are reports he will be with the t.e.’s during camp. Also pretty sure bill had dinner with Tim pretty recently so that would kinda blow up silvers line of thinking here. I don’t think bill is the type to sit down and eat a meal with someone he doesn’t like.

  31. BillB will clamp down on the media exposure..that can only benefit Tebow..He needs to focus on football..As for Silver?..What can you expect, he writes for Yahoo Sports.

  32. Belicheat has not made many good PA moves lately. This certainly will not work out. Belicheat has not won a SB since SPYGATE!

  33. Z561 says: “When-not if- Tebow steals away the job, this move will make sense. It could be next year, the bye week, heck, it could even happen in training camp! Don’t underestimate Tebow’s ability to inspire coaches and teammates and, most importantly, WIN FOOTBALL GAMES!”
    Call me crazy but I just don’t see the guy who couldn’t steal the job from Sancheze and Greg McElroy taking the job from Tom Brady.

  34. It is strange that Bill Belichick wanted to draft him and also pondered signing him before the Jets. Mr. Silver should report the news, not MAKE the news. Windbag!

  35. possibly Beilichick is keeping the circus going as a favor to the N.F.L. for allowing him to go un-penilized for cheating.

  36. the only reason tebow didn’t start last year was because rex ryan didn’t like tebow now the patrits coach doesn’t like him now he might not start

  37. Belichick is focused on making the team better. He is likely to see what use Tebow may have at apposition other then QB. I mean, can u see him takin Brady out of a game and replace him with TEBOW??I sure cant!!

    Tebow is not an NFL QB. But he IS a good runner who can throw the ball on he run as long he doesn’t have to throw pinpoint darts. I think training camp with show what BB has in mind and whether Tebow can execute it.

  38. “Hate” is an overused word that doesn’t mean what it used to mean.

    Real “Haters” have problems.

  39. I thought the same thing northstarnic but on re-read…it was probably just worded poorly. I think he means he’ll steal Mallet’s job as the backup. If not, it’s one of the funniest posts in a while around here.

    The only thing I can come up with on Belichick, is Meyer might have given him some insight on Tebow in terms of game vs. practice play. Either that or Belichick thinks he has enough cred and pull to finally convince Tebow to try TE or HB. Maybe he’s already done that?

  40. in a related note, Silver also reiterates his report that Wimpy doesn’t actually like hamburgers…. and is just eating them to placate Popeye and Olive Oyl….

    on an unrelated note, Z561 reports that Wimpy will be taking Popeye’s job and that spinach stands no chance against Wimpy’s camera seeking religious displays….

  41. it obvious they signed him to be their scout option qb and maybe just maybe make him look good somehow in a game to get somebody interested in a trade

  42. Pats brought in Tebow because they think he could help them win games. Liking him, or not, doesnt matter. I doubt BB like Fat Albert, but was willing to kick the tire on him.

  43. I wish I had a job where I could say something and they stand by an anonymous source. Then when proved wrong, I can continue to stand by this “source”. Then I can have a popular site like PFT back me up with an unproven opinion that BB is being harassed by Urban Meyer to sign Tebow.

    Listen – you’re wrong Silver. You’re wrong Florio.

    It’s okay to admit it and move on.

    Or, you can satisfy the ego by making up more stuff and using the “it’s in my opinion” line. …….

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