Tebow contract will speak volumes


So what are the Patriots’ plans for Tebow?  The details aren’t clear, but the details of his contract could provide some clues.

Chances are he’ll get a one-year deal for the fourth-year minimum, since no other team was clamoring for his services.  If that’s the case, it’ll br a low-risk proposition for the Patriots, who can simply cut him if he stinks.

If the Patriots give him a signing bonus or any guaranteed money, the message will be that they expect him to make it to the 53-man roster.

Still, anything more than the minimum is more than the Pats needed to spend.  And it surely wouldn’t be the way Tom Brady would have expected the team to spend the cap dollars that his Tommy took less! deal created.

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  1. The mere mention of this guys name and the media starts creating their own stories. Can we please wait for the facts? He’ll get enough “Coulda, woulda” coverage from the non-football media.

  2. As an NFC fan (Vikings), I’d like to see this work out well for both the Patriots and Tebow. No Tebow fanatic would ever be taken seriously demanding Brady be benched, and the Patriots are one of the best teams in the league in terms of managing the media (from where I’m sitting).

  3. Tommy trusts Bill and Kraft to spend the team’s money up to the salary cap, with a reserve to sign veteran free agents during the season if someone key gets hurt.

    The one guy holding his wee wee is Woody Johnson.

  4. “If that’s the case, it’ll br a low-risk proposition for the Patriots, who can simply cut him if he stinks.”

    Spell check Florio, spell check. I’m surprised you didn’t add a one line about hating on the Jags, like you love to do.

  5. The Pats can give Brady a breather against the Jets and start Tebow. They’ll win by 30 instead of 40.

  6. I see this as a smart move to see what they can do with him. You don’t have to worry about the crowd chanting for Tebow to take over Brady’s spot. You also have a coach that can draw up plays to utilize Tebow. The last and biggest factor is the money. Tebow will make all his contract money back for the team in just merchandise sales. It’s a no lose situation for the team.

  7. “Crap. Now I’m going to have to learn to like the Pats.”

    Personality cults are serious business. Loser.

  8. Belichik: Tim, here in New England, we’re careful about what we say to the media. It’s best if you let the PR department handle press releases.

    Tebow: Can we talk about this later, coach? I have a press conference scheduled in 5 minutes.

  9. He’s got a better chance at a multi year, multi million dollar contract that I do of getting a comment through the filters here lately.

  10. Brady will love having Tebow on the team, especially the constant questions regarding Tim and how he’s progressing. Or what plays he’ll be running. Or if he would like for them them to run the Tim-cat more often. Yep, this is going to be fun for the whole team, not just Brady.

  11. Re: The “Tommy took less” angle. His current negotiation isn’t a cut in pay so I get it, but he has continuously throughout his career taken less than what anyone here would consider market value for him. Maybe he didn’t take less this time (or more accurately spread it out over time) but this does not appear to be about self (or otherwise) promotion. Denver gave Manning what? How much do you think someone would pay Brady on the open market? To mock that deal (on either side) comes off as ignorant or petty.

  12. I don’t post often, but when I do its to Extol the virtues of charleythedinosaur’s posts.

    Well played sir. Well played.

  13. You know what would be fun to see? If they put him into the game in the 4th quarter against the J-E-T-S bums bums bums and he actually moved a talented offense, put some points on the board (even a couple of field goals would do), and when its over walks across the field and shakes Fat-boy’s hand and says ” I may be a bad QB but you are the worst coach in this or any league” and then got down and Tebow’d in front of Ryan.

  14. This is going to be good for both Timmy, and the Pats, if used right. We all know there will be no option for him to ever start over Brady, and if they talk him into T.E, or F.B, they have one hell of a player.

  15. FINALLY. Somebody wants to use Tim Tebow in a way that can actually HELP a team…and that’s NOT QB. Good move. There’s no doubt he will be a vital component as a TIGHT END. Finally I can say something positive about Tebow football-wise.

  16. And all this talk lately about how Tebow and how he wasn’t going to land on an NFL team. Not a Tebow homer by any stretch of the imagination, but geez Mike, can’t you find something relevant to write about? Tebow this, Tebow that. Now there is actually a story about Tebow that is relevant, and a lot of people probably don’t want to read or hear it, because they already tore all their hair out reading all the irrelevant nonsense.

    Love to see Tebow get another shot in the NFL, and Bill and staff will know how to utilize him.

    However this also means I have to hear the Tebow media garbage on a higher scale for a longer period of time

  17. Can’t wait to see the reporters after the game running to get Tebow’s thoughts first after Brady throw 4 TD’s passes!

  18. Jets proved his best attribute is as a personal punt protector(which actually worked, keeping teams honest). So being a copy-kat league, BB is either looking to improve fake punts(ie-patrick chung) or he has yet to learn what 31 other teams already know.

  19. tebow will throw a touchdown against the jets in game 2. not GET a touchdown, THROW for a td. bcheck might announce it’s coming the day before the game (not really). not saying he’s starting or even playing qb, but i would bet a paycheck on it.

  20. If that’s the case, it’ll br a low-risk proposition for the Patriots, who can simply cut him if he stinks. He will stink

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