Tyrann Mathieu reminds Carson Palmer of Troy Polamalu


When Carson Palmer was the quarterback for the Bengals, he used to face the Steelers twice every season.

That meant he would see a lot of Steelers safety Troy Polamalu on film and then again on the field, the kind of exposure that leads a man to formulate a pretty good scouting report on a player. Palmer’s probably not spending much time looking at film of Polamalu now that he’s in Arizona, but says that he’s getting reminders of Polamalu every day at practice all the same by watching rookie Tyrann Mathieu work at safety.

“He reminds of Troy Polamalu with his closing speed,” said Palmer, via Peter King in Monday Morning Quarterback on SI.com. “He might not be the fastest guy out there, but he can change directions and get to the ball really fast, like Troy.”

Neither Mathieu nor Polamalu has the ideal height for an NFL safety, so they need to have that kind of closing speed and recognition in their arsenal to be successful. King was at the Cardinals’ workouts last week and reports that Mathieu was “buzzing around” plays throughout the sessions, which is the very least that you’d want to see from a player during June workouts.

If he’s just as present when the Cards start wearing full pads and facing offenses trying to beat them, the Cardinals will be pretty happy with their decision to roll the dice on Mathieu in the third round. If comparisons to Polamalu keep coming, they’ll be overjoyed.

23 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu reminds Carson Palmer of Troy Polamalu

  1. Carson has taken too many hits to his head.

    Troy is a game changer, offenses plan for Troy, Troy does things that make the other team go “damn!”.
    Relax on the Troy comparisons.

    I’m not a Steeler fan, but I know a great player when I see one, and this kid hasn’t even suited up for a real practice yet.

  2. That is funny Carson, cause he reminds me of an immature, spoiled dopehead who feels he is entitled

  3. the one thing thats always irked me in the sports world is when people compare rookies or 1st year players to HOFers or future HOFers..hes prob went to a week of OTAs in his career meanwhile T.P is about 10 plus years deep. so lets pump the brakes on comparing him to ANYONE thats not a weed user or got kicked off his team

    at this point he remindes me more of titus young than anything close to TP

  4. LOVE TROY …but, as he has gotten older he has slowed and is less of a “game changer” than he used to be. Make way for the future and players like Tyrann who has impressed actual professionals in the football world (unlike the armchair types here who have never played a down) and will continue making a career for himself following his teammate and mentor, Patrick Peterson. Good Luck Tyrann, I can totally see the comparison!

  5. Cue all the comments from the really cool kids who know waaay more about football than Carson Palmer.

  6. So, what all of you are saying is that one player can’t remind him of another player in a specific facet of his game? Not once did I see Palmer vote Matheiu into the hall of fame in this story.

    Looks like lots of fans need the season to start – STAT!

  7. Seriouly? How do you not mention they were room mates at usc and practiced against each other in practice all the time?!!

    He knows troy a lil better than playing him twice a season in the big leagues

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