Vikings, Lions get their Mt. Rushmores tonight


It’s Monday, which means that Pro Football Talk is back tonight on NBCSN.  Which means that the Mt. Rushmores will be unveiled for the Vikings and the Lions.

The race is essentially settled in Detroit, with one certain legendary running back appearing on virtually every ballot that has been submitted.In Minnesota, there’s a close race for first place between Fran Tarkenton and Adrian Peterson.  Tarkenton will appear on Monday’s show to help us draw lines between Vikings eras.

And while several fan bases have demonstrated so far a keen appreciation of history, plenty of you forget that Vikings defensive tackle Alan Page (who has served for years as a member of the Minnesota Supreme Court) was the first defensive player named NFL MVP, and only the second to win that honor in history, along with Lawrence Taylor.

If you haven’t cast a ballot yet for Minnesota or Detroit, you’ve got about eight hours left.  And while the voting has been strong to quite strong, the Vikings and Lions and lagging behind the Packers.

As usual.

14 responses to “Vikings, Lions get their Mt. Rushmores tonight

  1. You’re missing a bunch of names and I don’t think one mountain will cut it. We’re going to need a range…

    Mt. Assault-Harass
    Ted Brown
    Keith Henderson
    Warren Moon
    Denny Green
    James Harris
    Chris Cook

    Love Boat Peak
    Fred Smoot
    Bryant McKinnie
    Moe Williams
    Atlanta Hos
    Florida Hos

    Mt. Better than Aaron Rodgers
    Troy Williamson
    Erasmus James

    And then there are The Foothills:

    Mt. Scalp
    Mike Tice

    Mt. Whizzinator
    Onterrio Smith

    Mt. Bonus Draft Pick
    Dimtrius Underwood

    Mt. Drug Trafficking
    Donald Igwebuike

    Mt. Kick@$$
    Brad Childress

  2. Maybe Vikings and Lions fans have better things to do than participate in meaningless online polls conducted by a smug lawyer who only gets his face on sports network that shows Rugby games. America’s past time!

  3. Grant has to be on there just because his face looks as though it was carved out of stone already. Then Marshall and Page.

    Final spot–either Doleman or Randle. I can’t pick Tarkenton because he was an absolute horse’s ass to me when I was a 12-year-old kid. Whatever his passing numbers are, doesn’t matter. He’ll always be a jerk to me. I smile every time another record of his gets left in the dust.

  4. Spot 1: Bud Grant – Winningest coach in team history and first coach to lead a team to 4 SuperBowls
    Spot 2: Fran Tarkenton – Only QB at time of retirement to hold every QB record. Comp, Yards passing, TD passes, rushing yards by QB, rushing TDs by QB, and games won
    Spot 3: Alan Page – First defensive player to win league MVP and top 3 DT of all time
    Spot 4: Chris Carter – Regardless what people think if him as a person, he finished top 5 in every WR category while having 9 different QBs throw to him. At least. He was the unquestioned leader of those high flying Viking teams of the ’90s. And he just might have had the best hands in NFL history.

  5. This Is the Dumbest poll I’ve ever seen. There should be tons of Viking candidates for this poll. I’ll just name a FEW.

    Randall McDaniel – His omission is ridiculous
    Keith Millard
    Henry Thomas
    Joey Browner

    I know there are many more someone elese could add to this list.

  6. Gary Anderson will attempt a pressure kick of a bottle of champagne into Mt. Mini to christen it.

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