Vikings’ Mt. Rushmore requires tough decisions

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Of all the teams that have never won a Super Bowl, the Vikings are among the best.


Four Super Bowl losses, and plenty of NFC title-game losses and other playoff losses.

But bad teams don’t make it that far that many times, which means that plenty of good players have played for the Vikings.

The official Pro Football Talk on NBCSN Mt. Rushmore narrowed the best of the best to four: Alan Page, Adrian Peterson, Cris Carter, and Fran Tarkenton.

PFT Planet opted to omit the 1971 NFL MVP, electing Bud Grant to go with Peterson, Carter, and Tarkenton.

Fran led the way with 72 percent of the vote.  Peterson finished with 68 percent.  Grant had 52, and Carter had 48.  Page finished fifth with 44 percent.

Watch the segment for more input from Pete Najarian (who once played for the Vikings), Ross Tucker (who didn’t), and Erik Kuselias (who has a Viking-sounding first name).

48 responses to “Vikings’ Mt. Rushmore requires tough decisions

  1. Not a Viking fan…but Fran Tarkenton is one of my all time favorites…BUT, AP is the best we’ve ever seen put on a Viking Jersey and the BEST running back since Barry Sanders….this is no-brainer…AP on Rushmore.

  2. Sweet.
    Best team ever to not win one.
    Just being a contender every few years keeps the fan strong.
    Lord knows, they don’t need to sell their souls to “Reality T.V.” to keep the team alive financially.

  3. This joke of a franchise has never won a Superbowl. Must be proud to be a Queen. GO PACK GO!!!

  4. I know everyone measures success by Super Bowls, but let’s not be naive about it… the Vikings have been a good team for most of their existence.

    Hard to believe they can’t win the big one when you realize they have the 4th winningest record in NFL history.

  5. It would be nice to see where everyone else was. It’s too bad that more of the past players aren’t recognized. Way to bring them back to some what of a relevance though.
    We all wanna know where was moss at?
    I can see how the more recent players are recognized. Seeing how much more the game is out there but show some love to the pioneers.

  6. Not picking Grant is stupid. He won division championships in 68, 69, 70, 71, 77, and 80 without Tarkenton. And in 73, 74, 75, 76,and 78 with him. That’s 11 of 13 years. Tarkenton deserves to be on the mountain of course, but so does Grant.

  7. The omission of Harry P. “Bud” Grant is a gross error. Any knowledgeable, honest Viking fan will concur. It is like not having Packers/Lombardi, Cowboys/Landry, Bills/Levy.

  8. It’s actually pretty easy for the Vikings. Tarvaris Jackson, Les Steckel, Chris Dishman & Troy Williamson.

  9. If there was no Bud Grant, there would be no Vikings as we know them. Tarkenton was also a shoe in. Peterson has already established himself as the best RB in Viking history (Foreman and Smith were no slouches) and is closing in on being the best running back in NFL history. The last spot I have ot give to Page. The guy was the dominant player at his position and redefined it. Carter is a close.

  10. Kids today have no idea what happened before they were born. When I got interested in football, I read all my brother’s old football magazines to learn about the great Vikings teams of the past. Cris Carter is a great Hall of Fame player, but he’s no Alan Page.

  11. I don’t understand the inclusion of Adrian Peterson and Chris Carter and the exclusion of Bud Grant. Bud Grant is more important to the history of the Vikings than both Peterson and Carter combined. Bud Grant is a legend. Anyone who says they love cold weather football should have voted for Bud Grant.

    I would also go with Carl Eller right up there next to Alan Page. The Purple People Eaters were legendary. It’s a shame that the kids today don’t know that. Probably all they know is Jim Marshall’s wrong way run.

    I blame the public school system.

  12. As said in the video clip, fans gravitate to the so called skill positions and players in more recent memory.

    But Ron Yary deserves a position on Vike’s Mt Rushmore. Easily one the best tackles of his time and in the Super Bowl era.

  13. The Vikings are “among the best” of the teams that never won the Super Bowl? What other franchise even comes close? One of the winningest franchises of all time, with loads of Hall of Fame players. The only competition the Vikings are in is with the Cubs as the most cursed professional sports franchise of all time.

  14. 16 year old Vike fan here. Carter NEEDS to be replaced with any of these players. Page, Eller, or Marshall. Thus, we see Grant, Fran, AD, and a Purple People Eater. That is without a doubt, the only correct way to build a Vikings Mt. Rushmore.

  15. I have two jerseys in my closet, AP and Johnny Randle. I was born the same year the Vikes were, and would put Randle in before CC.

  16. Alan Page only got 44%??? Only he and Lawrence Taylor have won the MVP as a defensive player! He is the only d-lineman ever to win the MVP, and he did it while studying law! He is arguably the greatest, if not one of the greatest DT ever, and the best citizen/athlete of all time as he became one of the first, if not the first African American Supreme Court Justices. How many MVP’s became supreme court justices in their states? 1, Alan Page. He now writes children’s books, that he reads to classes as well. He is an amazing football player, and person, and should be first on this list.

  17. Randy Moss deserves to be on one Mt. Rushmore, and if any team it has to be the Vikings. He was only on the Pats for (basically) one season. So that just makes it wrong, right off the get-go.

  18. Carter over Bud Grant? Seriously? This moronic choice makes a farce of this entire exercise.

  19. While reading through the comments and seeing bigfatpackqueen and others….I thought that I would see a fee reasonable Packer comments giving some of the greats their due respect. It seems that’s impossible with these disrespectful, ignorant, hateful group of fans. I can tell you that I hate the Packers more than any team in pro sports, but I’ll also tell you that I have nothing but respect for Lombardi, Starr, Favre, Hornung, Nitschke, etc. Proving that I can put my hate aside and act like a grown up. Something most Packer fans will never be able to do. For the record… should be Grant, Tarkenton, Page and Randle.

  20. Bud Grant NEEDS to be on there, period. Not having him on there would be like leaving George Washington off the real Mount Rushmore

  21. Clearly, most of the Mt. Rushmore voters are under 40. No way should Carter beat out the other Hall of Famers, particularly Bud Grant.

  22. This is great. Only the Vikings fans would not include Bud Grant. The guy was far and away the best representative of the franchise and it’s not even close.

    Then again, we’re talking Minnesotans here. I’d be surprised if they can name four players on the current roster outside of Peterson.

  23. Carter and Peterson never performed in big games and never even won their conference. Carter got a job at ESPN so he is the most famous viking. Peterson was voted by the kids that play fantasy football.

    Tarkenton was 7 games over .500 for his career (246-239-6), had a passer rating of 80.1 with the vikings, and threw 266 INT’s.

    Page???? Nobody ever remembers him or discusses him. He doesn’t have any highlight tape.

    In 50 years of football that is the best this expansion team can muster?

  24. It’s just perfect that a whiny weasel like Carter is one of the “official faces” of the Minnesota Vikings.

  25. It’s actually pretty easy for the Vikings. Tarvaris Jackson, Les Steckel, Chris Dishman & Troy Williamson.

    Actually, no…it IS difficult.

    I would say:

    -Les Steckel
    -Troy Williamson
    -D.J. Dozier
    Aaaaaaand (drumroll please)
    -Spergon Wynn!

  26. anyone who cant find any info or highlights of alan page isn’t looking to hard. I have seen the vikes since the team began and he is simply the best football player they ever had. john randle kevin Williams kieth millard and henry Thomas were all great d tackles but none compare to alan page

  27. I have to admit there are plenty of worthy names for this list. Ithin the rushmores for each team should be players only. There are some incredible coaches who were innovators of the game, and they deserve recognition for that however, we all watch the game for the players not the coaches and that cannot be forgotten.
    1. Adrian Peterson – one of the top 5 running backs of all time already…
    2. Cris Carter – if a fan really knows the game, then they know he may have had the best pure hands of any receiver in the history of the game as well as an uncanny feild awareness that has yet to be matched.
    3. Alan Page – he was the most feared player on a defense everyone referred to as the purple people eaters. And he played at a weight somewhere around 240lbs. Its amazing how a d lineman of that size could create so much havoc.
    Those 3 are hands down the greatest vikings of all time. The fourth is open for debate…
    Randy Moss (revived a franchise that was having blackout issues so much so they haven’t had one since)

    Jim Marshall (but could two of the greatest ever play on the same d line at the same time?)

    Fran Tarkenton (was incredible at the time, but in todays game would he really be that great? career numbers are just ok)

    Maybe Joey Browner (he was the second best safety in the nfl behind Ronnie Lott for a number of years)

    Randall McDaniel (possibly the greatest guard of all time)

    John Randle (the most sacks in the history of the game for a DT)
    Great arguments could be made for all of them. “The Best” is in the eyes of the person watching. I can’t say the fourth player, because its just that hard to do so.
    Happy trails…

  28. Bud Grant, Cris Carter, Fran Tarkenton, and Adrian Peterson were the ones that made the fan vote. With Alan Page coming in 5th right behind Carter. John Randle finished 6th and Moss 7th.

  29. ….carter was THE most cheatin’azz player in the history of the NFL…….always pushing off to get open….constant offensive pass interference….yet hardly ever penalized for it…..

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