Welker no longer has to watch his tongue


Receiver Wes Welker really wanted to stay with the Patriots.  Now that he’s gone from New England, Welker realizes there’s a certain benefit to not serving under Bill Belichick.

Welker now can say what he wants without repercussion.

“I feel like I can be myself a little more for sure,” Welker told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports regarding Welker’s ability to speak without measuring every word.

In fact, Welker says that the Broncos have given him no instructions about what he can and can’t say.  “Here?  No. . . .  All they told me was, ‘Just be yourself,'” Welker told Silver.

Welker was once benched for the first drive of a playoff game against the Jets after repeatedly defying Belichick’s (reasonable) command to refrain from poking fun at the still-fresh foot-fetish topic involving Jets coach Rex Ryan.  Welker admits he was wrong to do that.

For now, the most inflammatory thing Welker will say is the obvious one — that he’ll derive motivation from the notion that his success since 2007 was a product of the Patriots’ system.

“Wherever you can pull any sort of motivation that you need to use to go out there and play the way you need to play, I say use it,” Welker said.  “So whatever it is, then yeah, I’ll definitely pull from wherever I can.”

But Welker has come to terms with his departure, even though he initially was upset.  Welker says quarterback Tom Brady was, too.  Something Brady would never say publicly.

“He was upset about it, and part of me was a little upset about it too,” Welker said.  “But things happen for a reason, and I’m excited about the opportunities here and the type of team we have and things that we can do.”

Welker’s new teammates and coaches are happy about it, raving about his skills and work ethic.

“Oh man, he’s phenomenal,” safety Rahim Moore said.  “He’s everywhere. I like him cause he doesn’t say much on the field.  He says, ‘Just trying to stay on top.'”

Head coach John Fox was more pragmatic.  “He’s been a very welcome addition to both sides of the ball,” Fox said.  “Our offense gets to use him, and our defense doesn’t have to cover him anymore.”

Moving forward, Belichick no longer has to worry about that Welker says.  Unlike Fox, Belichick now has to worry about what Welker does.

13 responses to “Welker no longer has to watch his tongue

  1. Wes you cost the patriots a superbowl and probably another appearance last season

  2. Free from the Belichik dictatorship, Wes will play even better for the Broncos.
    Chose your words wisely Wes, but enjoy your new found freedom and play like you can.

  3. I guess Silver didn’t like Belichick calling him out for being wrong about how he feels about Tebow as a player.

    Welker turned down a three year 18 million dollar contract from the Patriots last offseason. He can be “free” of Belichick and the Patriots but lets see if he feels great about being out of New England when September rolls around.

    I believe Amendola is going to be fantastic in a Patriots uniform. If nothing else he won’t drop the ball as much as Welker did.

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah another Patriots are mean article – How original.

    BTW, ever hear Welker talk? He’s a simpleton. Who cares what he has to say?

    Anyone ever wonder why Florio has no problem writing these petty agenda driven hack jobs but can’t even tolerate comments that are even the slightest bit critical or call him out on his BS?

    What a small, small man. And I’m not talking about Welker.

  5. Of course… Playing with Peyton manning doesn’t exactly prove that he’s not just “being made” by a great QB.

    Go back to dolphins and perform, then we’ll admit you’re good.

  6. I’m sorry but the foot fetish thing still feels fresh enough to me. I still giggle every time I think of that awesome Welker press conference where he worked in all the foot references. I hope to hear many more awesome jokes about how creepy Rex is this season from Mr. Welker.

  7. Denver is VERY glad to have Welker… for many many reasons.

    He bring more Vet presence… and WINNING history to help younger players see what it takes.

    Keep ’em light Wes… until they hit the field.

  8. Anyone with a brain whose watched WW his whole career knows WW is not a system player. He’s a player whose skills were highlighted by his role in NE. He had those same skills when he was in MIA, and he showed them there. Just because he didn’t have the numbers or opportunities it doesn’t mean he’s a system guy. A system guy is an average player who fits a role or whose deficiencies are disguised by his role. The real system guy the Pats got stuck with was Adalius Thomas. He is by far BB’s worst FA flop when you take money into account, and hte fact he had one good year out of the three he was there.

    @strokinmyego, that’s a good call. Silver’s the type who would take a swipe back at BB. Personally, I’m glad BB said that. It looks like he and I have the same opnion of Silver.

  9. Also, John Fox doesn’t exactly love players who talk mess in the press either. If WW has been told he has free reign to say whatever he wants, that means either Fox has changed (he once kept Dan Henning from talking to the media when Henning kept making salty comments about players on the team) or this directive comes right from Elway and/or Bowlen.

  10. Welker can talk all he wants, but in the end they’re just words. By bolting for Denver, he effectively ended his career. He says he was worried about his diminished role based on how the season started last year. Tell me Wes, when all was said and done, was your role diminished? And you feel like your role won’t be diminished in Denver, where the current receiving corps. is faster, younger, and more athletic than you? It’s quite apparent that even you aren’t convinced you are a top wideout, rather than a product of an elite system and QB, as you made sure to go to a team that too runs behind an elite QB. All this, for no additional money whatsoever. You claim you want to go to Denver to win a Championship. The stupidity of that statement has irked me since the day you said it. How many post season wins have the Bronco’s had in the last 10 years? You went to 2 Super Bowls with the Patriots and failed epically in the 2nd one. Had you made the catch, you would’ve already won a Super Bowl. But nevermind that, let’s talk about how the Patriots were a few plays away from the Super Bowl again this past season and you bolt for a team that the Patriots beat in the regular season and made a Peyton Manning trademark one-and-done appearance in the postseason? When Tebow can lead the Bronco’s to more postseason wins than Peyton Manning can, yeah, you’re really going to a Super Bowl caliber team my friend.

    Your stat line: 76/889/9 and 1 big mistake

  11. @ blackstat

    You really think Welker is gonna be better than 112 catches, 1243 yards, and 6 TDs? That was Welker’s average season for 6 years in NE (and those averages were dragged down by an 86 catch 848 yard season in 2010). He’s not coming close to those stats with Thomas and Decker already there UNLESS one of those guys gets hurt. But there is no way you can project those stats for Welker going into the season. NO WAY!

    I’m with gritsngravy23. 70-825-5, which is still a nice season for the 3rd WR, but not better than his NE numbers.

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