Woman threw drink on Pacman, who should have walked away

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Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has been charged with assault after an altercation with a woman outside a Cincinnati bar, and now security camera video of that altercation has surfaced.

Unfortunately, the video really doesn’t show anything conclusively, other than that Jones had some kind of altercation with a woman at a bar, which is what led to the assault charge and which he has already acknowledged.

Cincinnati radio station ESPN 1530 has the video, which the radio station describes as showing “self defense” after the woman “hits Jones across the face with a beer bottle.” If you’re predisposed to take Jones’s side in this, that’s the way you’ll view the video.

But the video is not as clear as ESPN 1530 suggests regarding what the woman did: She may have hit Jones across the face with a beer bottle, or she may not have. It looks to me like she and Jones spent a couple of minutes arguing and that she then poured beer on Jones. She was in the wrong for pouring beer on him, and Jones would have been absolutely justified if he had complained to the bar’s security or the police, but Jones responded by hitting the woman, which seems like an overreaction.

It’s also worth pointing out that the woman was inside a barrier in the bar’s outdoor dining area, while Jones was outside the barrier on the sidewalk. If Jones had wanted to walk away from her at any time, he easily could have. Instead, he appeared to argue with her for a couple of minutes and chose to stay there while the incident escalated. If Jones was, as he claims, just “protecting myself,” why didn’t he simply walk away?

At the end of the video, it appears that a friend of Jones’s was trying to grab him to pull him away from the incident, and that Jones initially wanted to go back at the woman before deciding to leave. That’s a decision that he should have made a couple minutes earlier.

44 responses to “Woman threw drink on Pacman, who should have walked away

  1. The woman is clearly the aggressor and should have been arrested for assault. Don’t expect to toss a beer on/at someone and not land on your butt.

  2. Sure he could have/ should have walked away. But any fight or altercations can be avoided if someone chooses to walk away before it escalates. My thought is that if this were a man who “assaulted” him first with the bottle, retaliation would be more acceptable.

    My thought is you should NEVER hit a woman, but I’ve never been “assaulted” by one in the heat of the moment either.

  3. Equality! If a man hits me with a beer bottle OR even just pours beer over my head, he is going to get whacked in the face. It would be completely UN-PC to not act the same way towards a woman. I would be discriminating against her if I didnt whack her in the face simply because she is a woman.

  4. What if Pacman would’ve poured a drink on the woman…he would’ve gotten slapped, so why can’t it happen the other way around?

    Women wanted equality…well, that’s equality. I hate women who hit men then they file a police report as soon as he lays a finger on her.

  5. I have to agree Adam Jones should have walked away but he didn’t; But is it’s his fault the chick couldn’t control her anger and either hit him with a bottle or poured beer on him? Where is the suggestion the woman shouldn’t have poured the beer on him regardless of what Adam Jones said to her. If you pour a beer on a cop wouldn’t the cop take you down HARD and arrest you? I may be wrong.

  6. Lock him up and throw away the key. He obviously doesn’t get it, and if he can’t go out at night without finding trouble than he should stay home.

    It’s never OK to hit a woman. Period point blank.

  7. What happened to women beign treated equal? They are clearly being put on a pedestal for these kidns of things. The girl started all of this, if you don’t want to get smacked don’t pour beer on someone.

  8. Forest for the trees, guys – if Pacman had a brain in his head he’d be home and tucked in bed by 9pm. It’s got all the ingredients of a bad situation for him – alcohol, women, club. Another dumb decision by someone who has repeatedly shown awful judgment. So yes, the trees are “he didn’t start it” but the forest is “It’s Pacman Jones and he’s in trouble for doing something stupid. Again.” NFL’s gonna throw the book at him.

    Further, I’m sure that dude from the strip club that’s paralyzed isn’t reading this and thinking “Wow, didn’t see that coming.”

  9. Don’t be hypocrites, now. Everybody stay out of bars! There’s no such thing as “drink responsibly,” when all alcohol impairs judgement – starting with the judgement about how much you can drink. The woman initiated something extreme that was responded to in the extreme. What’s the percentage of people who make rational judgments in a heated moment? NOW, add alcohol to that mix. (Not drink mix). There’s no right way to do the wrong thing. So, every whose response is “stay out bars” ought not be people who go to bars.

    All that having been said, no double standard for athletes. As moms everywhere told us all, “Keep your hands to yourself! It’s all fun and games ’till someone puts an eye out”—or goes to jail! Charge the girl too; law and order is for everyone! Pacman should not be exempted from protection under the law because he’s famous, and, or has had previous issues with the law.

  10. good for him. some woman act like violent psychopaths because they know its socially unacceptable to hit them. karma smiles a bit when reality hits one of those beasts.

  11. Regardless of the woman’s behavior, as a male, you don’t hit back. Ever. End of his NFL career if he gets put in the pokey for anything extensive. I doubt this will be more than a fine and some BS on his record. Bonehead!

  12. Are there really men in here that’s trying to use “equal rights” as an excuse to have the rights to hit a woman? Do you idiots realize that most men are bigger and stronger than women.
    That it would take a wiser and smarter man, to walk away from an altercation with a woman.
    Pacman had the opportunity to walk away. He made the wrong choice by sticking around.
    At no point have I said that this woman is right. She is completely in the wrong, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because she’s a complete idiot, doesn’t mean you had to become one too.

  13. I think the obvious point is that hitting a woman is ,for the most part,NEVER ok,period,end of discussion.
    But the point that Pacman and most people posting here don’t get is that Pacman knew that if he ever got in any kind of trouble again,his NFL career would be over forever .
    He still reacted like a child and went back and hit the woman. He deserves to never play football again . His reputation was already mud and now it just got worse !

  14. Never seen anyone throw (pour) beer in someone’s face from a bottle. She put the neck of the bottle in his face to pour beer from the bottle in his face. If the bottle isn’t touching his face, then the beer misses the face and maybe splashes on his chest. No, she poked the bottle in his face. She initiated physical contact and should have been charged.

  15. The woman was clearly the aggressor. Had it been a guy, nobody would think Jones was wrong. SHE should have been arrested.

  16. Now if he had did the same thing to a man and received a blow, people would be happy.

    “That’s what the punk gets.”

    If he had did the same thing to a woman and received a blow, people would be happy.

    “That’s what the punk gets”

    Hell, if the person he hit back was a man people would still find a way to fault him. Fact is this woman should of never thrown anything at him to begin with. The rest is nothing besides people who are cowards, want the perception of being bigger (‘shouldn’t hit a woman’), or live outside of reality.

    Fact, hit somebody..should expect to be hit back. Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman. Certain actions have certain potential consequences and that is one of them.

  17. I agree, don’t hit a woman- I live in the area and know this type well. She ain’t no woman.

  18. I don’t get why people keep saying you should never hit a women?? how about you should never hit another HUMAN BEING?? aren’t we educated enough to discuss our problems with words instead of fists?

    just because you are a female doesn’t give you a free pass to swing on whatever guy you want without fear of retribution.

    don’t wanna be hit? don’t start fights with men

  19. I’ve been all for Jones getting a 2nd chance, but it amazes me that he still hasnt learned ! He is a MILLIONAIRE NFL player. Why even put yourself in a situation like this ? Some of these players need to come work real jobs for a few months, maybe they will then fully appreciate being an NFL player.

  20. It’s true that a man should never hit a woman.

    However, a female who tries to hit me or any other man with a beer bottle or pour beer on me or someone else is not a woman. She is an assailant. Just as neither the beer nor the bottle have a gender, an assailant has no gender, and I reserve the right to stop him/her/it by any means necessary.

  21. Should have walked away, sure. But, i’m kinda sick of the Women Get a Free Pass in Any Physical Confrontation rule. Anyone who hits deserves to get hit.

  22. It looked like he was taunting the women for a good time and was escalating things. I could never hit a woman but by reading the comments it looks like a lot of people would! smh

  23. If she hit him, she got what was coming. Women can’t just be hitting dudes and not expect reprisal. There us a saying, if you gonna be woman enough to hit man, damn well better be woman enough to get hit by a man.

  24. We are equal, treat us the same! Except…..I can hit you, but you cannot hit me.

    I don’t advocate hitting anyone, but the illogical notion that a woman can initiate violence and expect nonviolence in return is ludicrous.

  25. if someone spits on you, thats considered assault. So why isnt she being charged? one could easily surmise by her pouring a beer on him its tantamount to spitting on him. I think both are wrong here, and she needs to be charged as well.

  26. This idiot should be thrown out of the League. How many chances do you get to show you’ve learned nothing. And why do we always hear of these athletes hitting women. Do you have to show your posse how tough you are by hitting a woman. He needed to walk away now he needs to walk his ass out of the NFL

  27. I’m a woman, and if I hit a man in the face with a beer bottle, even if what I was intending to do was dump my beer on him, I’d expect to get clocked. From the video, it does appear that she connected with the bottle, I cant really blame him for retaliating.

  28. He may have kept himself out of the media recently, but don’t confuse that with straightening himself out.
    It’s been my experience that stupid can’t be fixed.
    It can sometimes go into remission, but it’s always there, looking for a way to surface.

  29. It is a shame that a woman can assault a man and not be held accountable for her actions. If that was a man throwing the beer it would be a different story. Is anyone really surprised Casey Anthony got away with it?

  30. Women need to understand that they are not untouchable and not free to do as they please under protection of this “don’t touch a woman” unwritten rule. It is equally as wrong for a woman to hit or attack a man as it is a man to a woman…

  31. darkarchranger says:
    Jun 10, 2013 8:21 PM
    It is a shame that a woman can assault a man and not be held accountable for her actions. If that was a man throwing the beer it would be a different story. Is anyone really surprised Casey Anthony got away with it?

    You are missing the point if a woman assaults the man that’s assault period. Pacman could have gone to the police station and filed a police report so the woman would be held “accountable”. But to wind up and clock a woman like that? That’s shameless.

  32. If alcohol impairs judgement should people with poor judgement not be permitted to consume alcohol?

  33. The question is what did he do to her for her to pour a drink on him?


    Looking at the video, he didn’t touch her.

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